Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Challenge: Brought to You By Alexia

It's my first official group challenge! I know, I am crazy! I've been in the blogging "biz" for a few years now (and still haven't lost all my weight?! ha! patience, grasshopper)

The Summer Lovin' Challenge is in 2 parts, which is neat. 2 months of shenanigans!

The first phase starts on Wednesday, so I thought I would start listing some of the things I wanted to accomplish in 4 weeks.

Goal 1: Lose 3 lbs in 4 weeks. This is in accordance with my wedding goal: to lose 3/4 a lb every week.

*Mini goal A) To track 5/7 days a week
*Mini goal B) To eat no more than 20% my weeklies/activity points that I earn. That is 9 weekly points and 6 activity points. See below

Goal 2: To earn 28 activity points a week.
*Mini goal A) To run 3x a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes each on the elliptical. (8pts per 30 minutes= 24 points)
*Mini goal B) To walk my dog for an hour a week. (4 AP)

Goal 3: To drink 64 oz of water a day.

*Mini goal A) cut back on the salt.
*Mini goal B) drink water before anything else coffee

Goal 4: To cook at home every day.

*Mini goal A): No eating out
*Mini goal B): Make it from scratch!

The mini goals are going to be daily goals to help keep me on track of what I said I would do. Its another way to keep accountable. I also promised Alexia that I would take pictures and post them on the blog/get them to her, so this is another fun thing I will do.

Day 1 starts Wednesday and runs through May 13th! Do you know what happens on May 15th? UHM that's my wedding anniversary, fools! May 14th-June 14th will officially kick off the summer shenanigans in the good ol' Midwest and by early June I should be sunbathing/swimming on a daily basis. I'll be nice and toasty tan for the wedding. Maybe in a bikini  new one piece!

What you can expect to see on Wednesday:

A weigh in- even though my official weigh in will be on Mondays still, the challenge states on Wednesday, so in order to get along with everyone, I will be playing by the rules.

Re-stating my daily goals.


I am also going to continue to post my measurements on Fridays.

Now that I look over my challenges, I realize a lot of them I am trying to do already, but it will be fun to give it my all with some of the fantastic people joining in the challenge. If you feel like you want to join, please stop by Alexia's blog and let her know I sent ya!


  1. I'm doing the Challenge, too! Can't wait to beat some progress out of myself. Love your blog! I'm from Indiana too and so happy the weather is finally starting to warm up so I can get outside.

  2. Go get 'em!
    Those goals are far too mathmatically minded for me. lol I'm more of a "do xyz every day" or "three times a week" or something like that. It's a HUGE thing that I've logged my food everyday for over a 45 days now! :) (So glad there's an app for that! lol)

  3. hahaha, a one piece is hot, too! I'm so happy you're involved in this, Christie!


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