Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Food Log

Monday I had

a chicken quesadilla and hard taco
chocolate ice cream cone
lots of water
prenatal vitamins... do they count?? lol

I got in 1 serving of veggies from the spaghetti (I made the sauce from scratch) and lots of fiber from the whole wheat noodles.

I didn't track calories yesterday, but that's alright. I didn't eat a lot. I was actually pretty much not hungry. I didn't even suggest the ice cream- that was Brian's idea! I wanted a water, and he wanted to get ice cream after we went for a nice 20 minute walk. I had to sit down through the walk part way, I was getting really fatigued and hot. I guess it was because it was nearly 70 degrees today and I got sunburnt! My face, arms, and legs got it. Whoops. Sunscreen next time.

A pretty good day. I'm checking out your suggestions and hope I'll find one I like soon.

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