Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The One About Thanksgiving

Hi dearies! I am sure you all had forgotten about me, that's okay, I forgot about this place too. Things have been a little hectic lately and I sort of like it like that, so bear with me.

I have been working a lot and while there are days I could probably go on a stabbing spree, I am loving the extra money from it. So there's that. Also I feel less like a sack of lard when I am working more. I mean I just work and work and work so I am not doing much else, but at least it's productive.

Brian is battling bronchitis right now. I used to think that bronchitis was some super serious thing, like pneumonia. It's not, it's a chest cold. It just means that the bronchial tubes are inflamed. It's when it doesn't get better on its own that you need to go to a doctor. So that's good, I guess. Last year, Drake got it and he was pretty bad for a while. We ended up going to the doctor and he had a cough for a solid month. They gave us some stuff for it, but it didn't really help much. Now I am hoping that Brian doesn't pass it on to Drake this year- however- since it is a cold and they are extremely contagious I am not holding out any hope. In fact, the last two nights, Drake has woken up coughing pretty hard. It's starting.

I keep doping Brian up on cough medicine and vitamin c. Take it! I said take it. It's actually way easier to get Drake to take medicine than it is to get Brian to take it. I have to remind him every 4 hours and basically watch him take it. But I am the same way. I have to set alarms on my phone for my medication and it's medication I have to take every day. I just forget. Note: a side effect of my meds is forgetfulness, and it clearly is a side effect I suffer from.

Thanksgiving was lovely for us. We spent it in Valparaiso with Brian's family. Drake refused to eat and threw a temper tantrum but that was okay. He and I went into the other room for a Conversation. I don't know if you've had a Conversation with a 2 year old, but it goes like this.

"Drake Alexander, you listen to me. I don't care if you eat with us or not. You don't have to. However, you are not going to throw a temper tantrum in front of your grandparents. You can go play in the other room with your toys. Is that understood?"

His response? Limp noodle.

Fair enough, kid.

After dinner though, he was fine. I just think he couldn't stand the idea of sitting at a table for over an hour and wondering why everyone was still eating when he wasn't hungry at all.

Holidays are always really busy for us, I mean they are busy for everyone- but especially for us. In addition to Christmas and New Year's, my parents both have birthdays during the holiday season. My mom's was actually yesterday, and my dad's is on New Year's Day. Brian's dad's birthday is in January too, and so is Drake's. Last year, we had three family Christmases. This year it's looking like we are only doing one or two. Lucky us! :) I'm not complaining. It's just hectic.

Brian's work is slammed during this time period. I mean, slammed. So we are having a holiday party with our friends AFTER the new year, since no one will be able to get together before then. It's interesting, because I am hosting it and I chose to host it on Drake's birthday. I love punishment.
It's okay though. It's going to be a white elephant party so nothing terribly fancy. I already have the menu planned out because I obsess over things like this.

I got my Christmas present early from Brian. It is a Nintendo 3DS. We were sharing one previously but he didn't like me hogging it all the time haha so I just went ahead and bought my own this week and told him he bought it for me for Christmas. I play a lot of Animal Crossing on it. I am obsessed with the game. It's easy to pick up and put down while Drake is running around and I can tune out while he is watching his cartoons.

Brian and I had a date night the other week where we saw Catching Fire and I am in love. I was floored by the movie. I thought it was so much better than the first one. I absolutely loved the books and was crushed by how the first movie was portrayed. I think, though, that for me, the books will always have some weird emotional connection that the movies will never be able to capture. I was pretty deep in my PPD when I read the stories and it left me pretty fragile after reading them. I can't go back and read them yet, because of the flood of emotions that are tied with it. I am trying to get Brian to read them though, I really shouldn't. I know he won't feel the same emotional connection I did, and I am only setting myself up for disappointment there. Also WTF- Mockingjay being 2 parts?! I can't handle this. It's like Harry Potter all over again.

I probably won't update for a while again, simply because I've really lost interest in blogging since I have nothing to say really. Hope that this tides you all over for a few months. Happy holidays.