Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do The Cry Baby

So I checked my calendar today. No wonder I am angry, emotional and stuffed my face with donuts this morning (hey- I tracked them, can I get points for that?)

It's my lady time. 

I absolutely hate this time of the month as I get so stupid irrational. 

I have to fight with myself not to just go ape shit. I think very carefully about what I am going to say before I say it, because I definitely have that "snarky" tone today. I'm also feeling a little passive-aggressive. I'm not really that way. 

So I watched that little video there and it made me laugh. Just hope that it lasts. I'm off to go see Brian at work and spend some time with him on his lunch break. 

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck xo

Lip Service

I constantly suffer from chapped lips. I think it's because I pretty much chew on them all day long and they never get any better.

I am also constantly buying chap stick and Carmex and trying every new thing on the market to heal my lips, only to end up washing it in the laundry.

I recently rediscovered my first love. No this isn't about Facebook stalking exes, I mean I discovered my first beauty product I fell in love with all over again.

It's Burt's Bees and I fell in love sometime circa 7th grade. I love this stuff! 100% all natural lip care and it smells great. It works fantastic! Back then, it was pretty rare to see something made "all natural" so of course it was kind of expensive. Actually, it still is, maybe I just have more spending money?

Anyway at $3 a tube of lip balm, it better work, right? It does, and beautifully so. I got the Burt's Bees honey lip balm.

The ingredient list is fairly short, and easy to read. It is all natural of course.

Beeswax, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, lanolin, flavor, honey, tocopherol, rosemary leaf extract, soybean oil, canola oil.

I had no idea what "tocopherol" was and I was pretty sure that this was a case of "one of these things doesn't belong" so I Googled it on the spot. I know, I am a genius. Thank god for smart phones!

It's vitamin E. More specifically, its a series of chemicals in organic compounds... blah blah blah, okay it's natural, I get it.

After slathering it on my face while I was at the ATM waiting for the person in front of me to finish their bid-ness, I could tell that this was going to be my new best friend. After all, who doesn't want more kisses from their sexy husband!

The smell lasts a long time too. And it smells like summer. Like sunflowers, coconuts, honey and rosemary. (Gee, I wonder why?)

I even convinced Brian to try it on and he said that "it smelled good" and he liked "how it felt." If that is not compelling evidence, I don't know what is haha!

I love this stuff. Maybe if I email them and ask really nicely they might hand me out some more products to review! What do you think, Burt? ;)

What about you? What's your favorite skin/lip care product?

*I honestly wish I could say I was paid or endorsed to write this review, unfortunately I had to use my own $3 therefore all of the opinions in my blog are mine and mine alone. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All Of Us

I have mentioned before that Brian is a graphic designer who does a lot of free lance work.

My grandma has been bugging us for years to all get together and do a family photo. But we arent really professional photo kind of people, so my mom asked Brian to draw us together and this is what he came up with

From left to right
Riley the dog, Amanda, Anthony, Liz, Uncle Shane,
Max the dog, Brian, me, Gramma
Mom Dad and Goober the dog

Since my mom posted that on her blog, he's gotten a few commissions and here are some others that he has done. I have more I'd like to post, but I was forbidden from putting them on line hehe

He also did the artwork for Kyle's banner at Getting Better and Better.

Kyle's banner is awesome!

If you would like Brian to do a caricature of yourself or friends/family/pets, you may do so! It is $15 per person/animal, and backgrounds are included in the price.

You can email him at befarrar85 AT gmail dot com and place in the subject line "art" so he knows it's for you!

You may also check out his other artwork and if you would like to commission anything else (such as a portrait of Marilyn Monroe!) you can see examples on his portfolio here and contact him.

I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the people who have already requested a commission. You have no idea how rewarding it is to be paid doing what you love and I know that he is over the moon about this :) A happy husband = happy me so thank you all so much!


ABC's of Me

It's a well known fact that I am a sucker for surveys and quizzes of any type. 

The ABC's of Me:

Age of first gray hair: 23... At least I *think* it's grey hair. I found one on my head and one someplace a little more private...

Bed size: Queen. I love it

Chore I hate: Laundry, dishes, vacuuming... I hate it all

Dogs: Maxwell! I've always had a dog! whether it was Bobo the Yorkie, Barney the dalmatian, Goober the golden, or Maxwell the lab mix, I love dogs!!

Essential start of my day: An extra hour of sleep

Favorite color: Teal. It looks really good on me.

Gold or silver: I love both.

Height: 5'4" Shortest adult in the family.

Instruments I play: I used to 'play' the clarinet.

Job title: Customer care professional... but looking to change that very soon

Kids: No thanks. Not right now at least. Not even in the next 5 years.

Languages: English

Memory (favorite childhood): Swimming in the pool with my best friend and my parents. We would make waves and almost drown each other.

Never tried: Most fruit.

One Do-Over (if I could have just one): No regrets here!

Pet peeve: Grammar used to be a big one for me, but now it's mostly when people are passive-aggressive.

Quote from a movie: "Wee-ooo weee-ooo-wee-oooo" From Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. It cracks me up every time

Recurring Dream: That I am back in school and not married to Brian, but we are dating, and I can't get ahold of him and then finally he shows up and I ask him where he's been and he tells me that I shouldn't care because we arent together anymore... Usually only happens when I am stressed out about money. My other recurring dream is all my teeth fall out. Also when I am stressed. If I am not stressed, no recurring dreams.

Sisters: Nope. No brothers either. Unless you count my in-laws. Then, 2

TV Shows: I don't watch TV, but I love Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is on my list... you know that list of celebs you would totally have sex with and it would be ok?

TV Shows I Have Never Watched - Lost or anything similar

Unable to stop: Digging in Minecraft! Damn you therapeutic digging!

Vegetable I dislike: all of them

Weirdest food I've eaten: Vegetables. Ha! No, it's seitan, which is delicious.

X-Files: Scares the crap out of me.

Yummy Food I make: Lasagna! It's everyone's favorite!

Zoo animal favorite: Ducks. I know that is more of a farm animal... but shush.

Taking a Break

I took a break today. I did absolutely nothing productive, aside from cooking my man breakfast... for dinner. Pancakes and turkey bacon!

I survived the day on sugar toast and tortillas, warmed up in the microwave. I also lounged around in front of the computer for 9 hours

I was not feeling my friendly, chipper self and I needed a break from me, I guess. But no worries, I am feeling really good today and now I am going to do my P90X shoulder work out and push the run back to Thursday, so I won't miss it this week. I may go back to week 1 of C25K and do that over again. I don't know if I can do 90 seconds of jogging.

We will see Thursday. Today its supposed to be near-50 degrees and beautifully sunny out. I think I will take Maxwell on a walk. He needs some of his energy let out.

Early this morning (2 am) I boiled up some chicken breasts and shredded them. I mixed some chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder together and tossed with the chicken. Then I made some instant brown rice, and mixed together with the chicken. I dumped in some salsa (Pace picante) and stirred. Now I have a ready made mixture to slap on some tortillas. I also got refried frijoles negros (black beans) and reduced fat "Mexican blend" cheese.

I will be in heaven for the next 3 or so days. I absolutely love anything in a tortilla. Whether its a taco, a burrito or an enchilada, I am in love with it!

Such a funny conversation I was having with Brian earlier. We were at the store and I told him I needed cheese and he said "we just bought a bunch of groceries. What do we need cheese for?"

"Because we are out of cheese and it makes me feel like we have nothing in the house. Like we are poor."

"THAT'S your indicator? If we have cheese we are doing alright, but if there is no cheese then we aren't?"

"Well even if I make a shitty meal, drowning it in cheese makes it taste better... so yeah."

"Alright, lets get cheese."

I'd like to point out we only went into the store for dog food but we ended up getting dog food, deodorant for him, tortillas, black beans, and cheese for me, ground turkey and sloppy joe mix.

I'm just happy we have cheese, and he's just happy we didn't end up getting anything else.

See you all later, I need to be comatose now. It's 4AM and I haven't slept.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Is A Runner?

I look at a lot of blogs and most of my current blogs I read are all about running and it makes me wonder if I am indeed a runner, and what a runner actually is.

I have decided on one simple criteria.

If you move faster than you walk, you are a runner.

I guess, theoretically, you could break it down to joggers/sprinters/runners if you feel like it. But to me, its all the same at this stage in the game.

I am a sprinter, and always have been. Sprinting was the one thing I was good at in school PE class. I sucked at running the mile though, finishing in just under 14 minutes (an F for that event, in case you were wondering.)

I was good at short bursts of all out running as fast as I could, but beyond 10-15 seconds I was spent.

I wonder if I would ever be a real runner and after a few lousy runs the last couple of days my self esteem has been shot.

I do wonder if I had 'beginner's luck' or if I was just not feeling it the last couple of days. I started to question if I could ever even run on the treadmill (I gave it a go and it was a fail. I didn't fall off or anything but I had a super hard time finding a pace that let me jog/run consistently)

So I thought about it some yesterday while I was feeling a little blue and I decided that I am still new to this and my confidence is wavering precariously between being awesome and feeling like a failure, it's so new I'm fragile.

And then I decided to suck it up. As long as I am not suffering physical effects from running (my ankle hurting, for example, or my knee giving out) I will keep running on the elliptical. If I never make it past the elliptical to the treadmill to the road... that's alright.

It doesn't matter to my body what I do to run. It thinks it's doing the same work anyway. It gets my heart rate up, it tones muscles, and it leaves me feeling good about myself... even on the bad days.

So, yeah. I think I can call myself a runner.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Running Motivation

I am delaying going running today. I can tell, because its 6 pm and I am usually on my way to the fitness center to hit the elliptical by now. I think it has to do with the fact it's FREEZING outside, I don't like the music on my play lists any more and I had a crappier-than-usual run the other day. I just am not feeling it.

But I cannot delay much longer. The fitness center is closed at 9 and I don't want to be there alone after dark, as that is bad news. So I am going to grab a quick shower, and go run and hopefully pull myself out of this funk before it becomes even funkier... and not in a good way.

Also- My washer just finished, so that is good. :)

Monday: Weigh In!

It's Monday, which is weigh in day! Hurray!

My new system is working like a charm for me! Here is what I did for the week! 

* I ran! Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, clocking in over 11 miles for the week! 
* I did P90X Arms & Shoulders for a whole hour
* I cooked a lot this week! We had stir fry, *burgers* and pancakes! Haha!
* I did P90X Ab Ripper X (and very nearly died, that one is super hard!)

What does that mean? It means I lost 1.8 lbs! Hurray! That's 3.8 lbs in 2 weeks. I like this pace very much, thank you!

That "Goal" line is getting closer....

I ate 27 weekly and earned 26 Activity

All in all, I feel pretty awesome. I have to do a run today, hopefully better than last time. See you all later.

PS I am awesome!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Hunger and Exercise

Despite yesterday's slow run - I won't call it a 'bad' run, simply because at this stage in the game, any run is a good run and something I would have never done two weeks ago- I have been feeling really good about myself. I see the changes in my body already. I can feel my legs being stronger. I see less fat on my back. I can see my bum getting a little firmer, and higher up.

Here were my last measurements from the 30 Day Shred (which I failed to complete)

Weight 220.8
Bust 41
Waist 36
Abs 40
Hips 47 
R Arm 14
R Thigh 27
R Calf 16.5 

I decided that I would only measure one side of my body so I picked the right. Anyway, I took my measurements on Friday and I am going to take them every Friday. I want to be consistent. I know that you are supposed to take them once a month, but I don't follow the rules. 

Bust 43
Waist 36
Abs 42
Hips 47
R Arm 13
R Thigh 25
R Calf 17.5

My thigh is a little smaller and so is my arm, but really every thing else was bigger, which I think of course was due to inconsistency. Especially in the bust, I was wearing a different bra I think. Stupid padding. I was also wearing clothes. I tend to weigh and measure naked, so I don't get crazy differences in results, but I have a special "measurement" outfit now. It will all be the same. I'll update you all with those numbers every Friday. So on Mondays, we have Weigh in and C25K, Tuesday is p90x, Wednesday is c25K, Thursday is whatever, Friday's are measurements, Saturday's are C25K, Sunday's are p90x... busy week! :)

The last few days have been crazy for me hunger wise. Yesterday, I was hungry all day. I stayed under my points (barely) but it wasn't easy. The day before, I didn't do so well. I went over. The day before that, I could barely make myself eat. I just was not hungry all day long. The thought of food was revolting. Today, I am facing the same issue. I woke up hungry, but I had to take the dog out and then got distracted and by the time I finally got around to remembering that I should probably eat something, I wasn't hungry anymore. Nothing looked appetizing. And here I am 4 hours later, and I have only had water. 

I am definitely going to have to eat something, anything! I don't want today to lead to a binge tomorrow. It's weird though. Normally I can't get enough food! Is that a good thing?

Anyone else just lose all motivation to eat some days? I'm not depressed or anything- I'm in a fantastic mood. I'm not bloated or full from yesterday either. I have physical hunger- but only barely. 

I guess I will go make some pancakes and see if I am hungry by the time they are done cooking up. 

I have P90X Ab Ripper X to do today. 15 minutes only, so I hope that it is a) worth it and 2) not so hard I can't complete it. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pictures and C25K Recap

First, C25K

Today was the first day of the new week for my program. Week 2 Day 1 was extremely challenging. I don't know if it was because I ate before I went (something I havent done before) or if it was because I was running longer spurts, but I was so slow over all. I averaged an 8:15 mile, and before? 7:23, so that is almost a whole minute more per mile. But that's okay. I only did 3.03 miles as well, as the machine reset on me at the 22 minute mark, something it's never done before, so I had to start it back up again, losing time, momentum, and patience. 

But! Brian went with me so it made it all worth it. 

Now, pictures!

From Disney on Ice

Me in my big fur coat

Me and Carissa

The only pic of the show haha
That castle was an amazing piece of architecture! It rotated and was 8 completely different princess castles/settings. 

My bridesmaid dress came in! So excited!! Why?? Well, since I ordered it, I've lost almost 5 lbs. and now it is too big (just like I thought it would be!) it also needs hemmed. It's supposed to hit above my knee but it sits right below it (barely)

Yes, it has pockets

My back has a lot less fat on it. But a lot more red. 

Maybe someday my boobs will be bigger than my gut

I told the bride I was going to make this face in every picture. She didn't find that funny
For comparison purposes, here is the last time I was in a sleeveless dress... Don't you think I look better now?

:) Brian just came in here and said "You look amazing! You look almost completely different!" Keep in mind I am 18 lbs lighter than when I got married, nearly 2 years ago. I have had a slow rate of weight loss, to say the least, but I am super proud of my progress. I think I look loads thinner (face especially) 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness: P90X Shoulders and Arms

It's my very first P90X video! hurray!

I only have 3 lb weights at the moment so every thing is done with those until I can work up to the heavier ones, which I will be using in the apartment's fitness centre.

So how did I do? Did I died? No, I did not died. I did pretty well actually. I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and in my biceps, hope to feel it in my tri's too. I even made it to the special bonus round.

I kept up fairly well with Tony and 'the kids' as he calls them. I had to slow down on a few of the exercises- mainly the chair dips- and I really concentrated on good form. After all, it was my first day in P90X-school so I wanted to be a straight A student.

I like that Tony doesn't scream. I like that he encourages breaks. I like that he encourages you to drop down the weights if it's too tough. I like that he lets you go as hard as you want or as easy.

He's really adamant about writing things down too! So I just scribbled some abbreviations for the moves- I have no idea what they mean, but that's ok. I wrote down all of my reps for both sets. I found I improved on the second set in most cases.

I'm only going to be doing this exercise video every Tuesday for the next 16 weeks until the wedding.

I earned 6 APs

Workout Schedule & Sleepless

Due to my work schedule I was up past 4am this morning and I had to be up at 8 because hubby had a Dr's appt. And by law of marriage, I'm required to go with him lol but I don't mind. Nothing serious- he was just having anxiety attacks. Now that he knows he isn't dying or having a heart attack or what have you, he will be fine! So hurray!

I have to say that I really enjoy running on the elliptical. I thought I would hate it, that it would be really hard, and boring, and I would dread it. And while not every run has be ZOMG-AWESOME!, I powered through and felt great after.

I'm a little sore in the legs today so no running for me. Also my lower back hurts and looking it up online, it's probably due to my form or shoes. So will have to try straightening out my form first, then look into the shoe problem. I have another pair of shoes that are in very good condition so I will switch to those and see if it makes a difference

Today I decided that I needed a work out schedule. I am one of those people who have to be told what to do when to come in etc. I do the best with a strict set of rules or time frames. If left up to me, I don't do anything. At all.

So here is my work out schedule (ironically written on a Wendy's napkin- don't worry, I only had a small chili for 4P+)

Saturday- Week 2 Day 1 of C25K - approximately 30 minutes
Sunday- P90X Ab Ripper - 15 minutes of high intensity omg you are killing me ab fun
Monday- W2D2 Run - 30 minutes
Tuesday- P90X Arms and Shoulders. This one is the one I 'need' the most. And this is also an hour long. Wish me luck.
Wednesday- W2D3 Run- 30 minutes
Thursday & Friday- Rest days

Today I am going to be doing the Arms and Shoulders. I watched most of the DVD to see if there was any cardio in there. I really just want to strength train on my days off running, so that means no Jillian for a while. The arms and shoulders I want to work on the most, simply because that bridesmaid dress is strapless, so the less bat wings, the better.

I am so tired but I am at the point now where its all... 'meh'

I'm going to catch some ZZZ's, then do the shoulders and arms video. I hope I can make it through the hour, but I am going to do at least 20 minutes of it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fitness: C25K Week 1 Day 3

Well I completed my last run for this week in C25K. My new week starts on Saturday, so I am graduating from 60 second jogging/90 second walking to 90 second jogging/120 second walking. Keep in mind that I am running on an elliptical, which means when I finally am brave enough to hit the pavement, my numbers will be slower.

This run was AWESOME for lack of a better word, or a more descriptive.

I had my fastest mile yet, here it is in real time on Facebook, it looked a little something like this:

It's really hard to type while you are running, fyi.

The other two miles looked like this:

Not only did I break my personal record for a mile, but I also had my longest distance to date. I shattered my previous pace. I rocked it!!

My overall pace ended being 7:23, which shaved 21 seconds off of my pace since my last run!! THREE huge achievements! My pace for just the 5K (3.1 miles) ended up being a whopping 7 minutes and 8 seconds per mile!!

Aren't I awesome??

Now I get it. I get why people run. You see results so quickly. I was the sweatiest I had ever been, ever. I also noticed I did not have to recover my breathing quite as long and my lungs/chest do not burn as much as they did the first time. In fact, I'm breathing normally now. Last time it took me a while to calm down.

I am very tired though.

No audio on the video this time, there were people in the gym with me. I felt a little silly as it was, so I hope you forgive me hehe ;) Do you guys like these stupid videos? Should I keep making them?

Wednesday's Shenanigans

Boy do I have a lot on my plate today!

I'm going around town to do some errands and I will be sure to check into FourSquare every step of the way!

I'm pretty much going to be driving from one end of the city to the other, thank goodness for a full tank of gas!

I need to get my last run in for the week.

I need to tan.

I talked to my best friend (the Bride) yesterday and I told her about my runs- she is so proud and said that she can barely do a mile anymore (she used to do cross country in middle school and high school with a 6.5 minute mile)

She also told me that a woman she works with was having trouble losing weight until she started running, which boosted her weight loss, and I have to say, that is really encouraging. Also, I was hardly hungry yesterday at all and I was down another lb on the scale, but we will see what next Monday brings.

Stay well friends!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy Spring Day

It's 42 degrees and rainy.

Good thing I got my run in yesterday (how weird does that look? I RAN YESTERDAY)

Today I am sore and burnt. I went tanning and even though I haven't increased my time in the bed, I was in a different bed, and I got really burnt.

I tan naked, so uhm...everything got burnt. Luckily nothing hurts. My back got it the worst, and I had Brian rub some lotion on me so my skin doesn't sob in agony. My stomach looks funny, its like a big red apple :)

I am a little sore today. I have been running with my inserts in my shoes and it makes my right arch hurt really bad. I'm almost - but not quite- hobbled today. I think I will not run with them in next time, and see how that goes.

I definitely need to stretch some more :)

I'm still reeling that I have logged 6.89 miles since Saturday. I am so proud of me :) I even texted my best friend (the Bride to be) and told her of my accomplishments. She was super impressed and said that I was doing more than she could now. Which really made me beam- she ran cross country in middle school and high school and I was always so proud of her for doing what I thought I couldn't

She's still my inspiration. When I feel tired, and I don't want to finish that last minute, I keep thinking of how I will look in my bridesmaid dress. I keep picturing how I will look in all of those pictures. I keep remembering how proud I was of her when she told me about her first race.

Goals for today? Taking it easy. I am not tanning today, and not running today, I think it's a sort of "lay in bed all day with coffee and a good book" kind of day

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fitness: C25K Day 2

Holy crap! That was a tough run. I was really feeling it in my thighs. I think I was still a little tight from my last run because it was tough getting going. I think I finally hit my stride during run 6 of 9, but it only lasted that minute, before I was run down again.

I did 3.42 miles in 26:30 minutes, just a little slower pace than last time but it really feels like it was a lot slower. Instead of just a little bit. (Actually, as it turns out its a little faster! Whaaat? I calculated my pace here and it came out to 7'44'" minute mile, and the first run was a 7'47" mile!!)

I hit the red zone today, which according to the elliptical is HR 180-210 and I hit and/or crossed that 180 line a few times.

Once again, I apologize for the shaky cam, but in order for your results to be displayed on this machine you have to keep pedaling. :(

I ran into a cute little terrier of some sort and his owner while I was walking over and told the guy about doggy bags and how you can attach them to his leash and he seemed happy. The terrier (which I think was a Brussel!) was so cute :D

I am so tired! Now I have to go tanning and then do the dishes and make dinner. Turkey spaghetti tonight :) With green pepper, onion, and MUSHROOMS! I will take pics, I promise!

Okay I have to get going before the tanning place closes :)

Weigh In: Experiment Results

Hey all! If you remember, last week, I decided to try out a little experiment on WW where I pretend I ate all of my activity points and weekly points to see if I could stay with in my daily limit. I am really pleased with my results.

There were a few days I dipped into them - especially last night- but I managed to only consume 13 Weekly and 0 Activity points, leaving me with 51 points I didn't touch!!!

It looks a little something like this .....

What does that mean? How did I do on the scale???

I lost 2 lbs! 

That's right! Two whole pounds!!

I am so happy I could cry.

So I finally figured out what I have to do. Track every day & try not to eat my extra points.

It's really crazy how my week looked last week, I had 84 points on Monday and 42 on Friday, because I kept adding in my activity points as 'consumed' once I earned them.

I'm off for the next couple of days from work so I have lots of time on my hands (more so than usual) and will have to find a way to keep busy so I don't get bored.

On today's agenda?

-C25K Week 1: Day 2
-Cleaning (dishes and laundry- boo)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Milestones: C25K Day 1

I just thought I would update you all on how awesome I am. I decided right after I posted the last blog that I would, indeed, stick to my original plan of going for a run today. Since Brian left for work, I decided to hit up our fitness center and get on the elliptical. I knew that no one would be there, because no one uses this fitness center.

I walked over and jumped (literally!) on the elliptical and started up Couch 2 5K (C25K) Day 1. Now I had done C25K on my bike before, but I haven't completed it on the elliptical.

I decided that today, I would. Today was going to be MY DAY. I was going to prove to myself that "my bad ankle" is a crutch I use; that I am capable of anything I want to do; that the only thing stopping me is me. I was not going to let my head games win.

I started off with the 5 minute warm up and knocked out a quarter mile. I started alternating the running and walking, following the prompts. Run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds. Repeat 8 more times. My average strides per minute while walking was 45-50, and my average while running was 90-120, so I was definitely giving it my all.

Since I was the only one there, I didn't have to worry about mouth breathing, grunting, panting, or crying out loud. I kept saying out loud "Just keep going. Just keep going." I listened to upbeat songs on the runs, and I pushed myself hard.

When I finished the last run, I topped out at 125 strides per minute, and my heart rate peaked at 176- almost in the redline zone, but not quite.

And I didn't finish the whole cool down because I wanted to snag this video of me.

You'll have to excuse the whispering, as someone was coming in the gym and I didn't want to sound like an idiot talking to myself.

But basically- it's me going "Look guys! I did it! 3.5 miles in 27 minutes! *heavy breathing* I'll see you guys later!"

Sweaty and hot. In that order.
Check out my bitchin' glutes! And I love how my Enell supported me the whole time- I actually forgot that I had boobs! If you can believe that...

Anyway! Tomorrow I am going to do some strength training and alternate every day between that and C25K come the wedding in July, I will be a BEAST

What do I do now?

Yesterday was an eventful day.

I got up (at 3 pm!) and had my awesome breakfast. I went to the library at 4 and browsed around, met Brian for lunch, got a few books, and then came home. I did the 30 Day Shred again and it felt like it did the first time I put it in a month ago- impossible to do! Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, it was getting 'easy'.

Then Brian came home and we had dinner (Stouffer's meatloaf in gravy and mac & cheese, if you are wondering) and then we started playing video games.

We went to bed at our usual time (3 am!) and laid in bed for 2 hours talking and cuddling. We could not fall asleep. There was a lot of heavy sighing and tossing and turning, it just wasn't relaxing.

We got back up and decided to stay awake as long as possible so we could 'reset' our internal clocks. We finally admitted we were tired at 8 am. So we went to bed and I got woken up 6 different times, all before noon. And that is not to mention family calling, but no worries. They can call whenever they want :)

FINALLY got out of bed at 2pm. Decided to stay awake as long as possible this afternoon/evening until we can go to bed at a normal time (3 am!)

We were going to go on a run today but it's just not that nice out. I mean, it's low 50's which is great but really chilly considering the other day we had 70 degree weather. It's sunny. Which is fantastic, I have no complaints. Ok, I lied, its a nice day, I am just not in the mood. I might go to the fitness center though and hop on the elliptical and do C25K there, because its lower impact.

Failing that, there is always Tae Bo I can do or Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I also have a couple of other work out dvd's I've got to try. *coughp90xcough*

Actually the more I think about running, the more I like the idea. I mean, I did promise that I would do the River Rat race in September, so I better start now, right? And I do think that I will get better at it, maybe even enjoy it, if I keep trying.

I'm going to go get ready to hit the gym.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fiber-full Breakfast

I had a huge breakfast this morning. Worth 16 points, to be exact. I had 3/4 cup of Bountiful Morning cereal (aka Meijer brand "Honey Bunches of Oats") for 9 points (I suspect the reason it's so high in points is because it has slivered almonds and real honey in it.) Over that I had 1/4 cup of sliced strawberries, and 1/2 cup of milk, for an additional point. Then I had 2 slices of Healthy Goodness Bread by Aunt Millie's Bakery, here in Fort Wayne for 2 points, and then 2 Jennie-O turkey sausage breakfast links for 4 points.

Why the big breakfast? I wanted to fill up on fiber early today.

Brian and I went out to eat last night and we had such a delicious meal. But the problem with eating out is it triggers some kind of cravings in me. And that is all I can think about now. I dreamed that there was a large, gooey chocolate cake and I ate the whole thing by myself. Heaven.

When I woke up (at 3 pm!) I knew that I had to have a big breakfast, full of fiber, to off set the crazy cravings I was going to have all day. I knew I was going to want to eat all day long, so I made sure to get most of my DRA of fiber in my first meal. Which wasn't hard. The cereal, per 1/2 cup, has 9g. So I had roughly 12g in the cereal. And the toast? has 6g. That brings me up to 18g/24g for the day.

I'm doing pretty good on eating- fantastic really- I still have 'head hunger' where I am constantly searching for something to do besides eat since I am so bored.

Brian and I were talking last night and he finally said "it must be really hard to lose weight" and I told him, yes, it is. I told him while I didn't think I had an addiction to food per se, I really enjoyed eating, I enjoy cooking, and I am good at it, so it makes it hard not to eat all the time. I told him its kind of like a recovering alcoholic working in a bar. It just isn't going to be easy.

He then expressed his thoughts on my progress and what I needed to do next. He totally backed me up on WW and said that I wasn't allowed to quit (as if I wanted to?) and that he would like to start running/jogging with me because he has really been wanting to. He was worried about my ankle though, bless him. I told him my ankle is fine and I know my limits, but I will run with him if he wants me to. We are going to go out tomorrow for our first run as a couple, and also going to start up C25K together.

I'm scared to death about this run but I think that it will be grueling  an experience.

Any tips for running or for tunes? I like 90's music and pop/rock/alt. You know, Train, the Wallflowers, Live, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Nine Inch Nails, the Offspring, Lady Gaga, Pink, you know that kind of stuff....

I got to get going friends, I have to go to Brian's work. I promised I would visit on his lunch break :) Maybe he will buy me a diet soda! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So the last few days, my left shoulder blade/slightly lower area on my back tingles from time to time. Almost like it's 'fallen asleep' but not quite. It's not painful, just tingly, and it happens sporadically.

My first thoughts were "OMG I am so fat that my back falls asleep WTF"
My second thoughts were "OMG I am so fat that my bra is cutting into me!" (the Enell one, which is supposed to be really tight, but not restrictive)

I went bra-less most of the day yesterday (my boobies were all 'HURRAY!') but that didnt seem to fix it. I had Brian check it out and he said the area is a little swollen.

I took some ibuprofen and alternated heating and icing the area, to reduce swelling/encourage circulation and it felt better. I also got a lovely back massage from Brian.

It's still wigging out on me today, acting kind of sporadic. First its tingly, then its not. Then it is again, and so on so forth.

I'm pretty sure now that I have looked it up, I either slept wrong (most common) or I 'pulled' a muscle doing something. I distinctly remember twisting to crack my back and a loud pop! So that might have been it. Also I remember waking up in a retarded sleeping position. That might be it also. For now, I am just going to alternate my ice and heat, take my ibuprofen and not worry about it too much. I'll do some back stretches too and see if that doesn't help. If it doesn't, its off to the chiro.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It's been so hard this week trying to stay within my daily points. It really forces me to be creative. The trouble is, I am not hungry. I'm bored. I have a lot of time on my hands suddenly and now I don't know what to do with myself.

So far, since Monday, I have lost 1.6 lbs by staying in my points range. And that's really good news. I am not going to sabotage that just because I am bored and I want to eat.

I've done dishes, and laundry. I cleaned up. I went on a long (55 minute) walk with Max. I joined a tanning salon. I worked on my resume. I've slept more in the last few days than I have all last week. I went to the library and browsed DVDs and almost rented "Sweating to the Oldies". I organized the DVDs in the library. I opened up Photoshop for the first time in years and I actually removed some red eye from my photos. I made a hat pattern. I played with the dog. I listened to music. I watched YouTube videos. I have been organizing files on the computer. And today is only Wednesday. I am bored. 

I've been earning activity points and immediately pretending I've used them, that way I am not tempted to eat them all. I did the same thing with my weekly points too, and that is going really well for me.

How do you keep your mind busy when your hands are already busy? Am I just doing things that are mindless and don't require a lot of thought? Do I need to solve complex mathematical formulas so I am not bored??

Brian says "play a video game" but I don't want to. I do and I don't. I just want... to .... eat!!! I am not hungry though. I space my meals out pretty regularly, eating a big breakfast, having a snack, eating lunch, EATING FRUIT, and then having a decent sized dinner.

I'm not complaining. Don't get me wrong. I am just saying- how can I be bored when I did all that shit!? I am so exhausted from all my running around today, so I think I will go take a nap. Might as well, right?

What do you do when you are bored?


Oh so I tried to dye my hair blonde yesterday and that pretty much failed. I left it on for 25 minutes like the box said- and that was the maximum time- and my hair was a dark blonde that matched the picture on the box before, but my hair turned out kind of... no really... orange!


I was going to freak out about my hair, since it was so reminiscent of the color it turned when I got a perm, but you know what? It's just hair. I didn't freak, but I needed to change the color, pronto.

No seriously... my scalp is just orange

Like fluorescent!

So staying this color just wasn't an option. I decided that maybe, just maybe, I am not a blonde anymore. Since I never can get the right color at home and I don't feel like paying big bucks to go to a salon every 8 weeks or so.

I just bought some dark brown hair dye and slapped it on top. My roots/scalp area is still really light brownish reddish, but hardly noticeable...I think?

I think I will just stay a brunette for a while.

I only took one pic for you guys of what it looked like before, tell me what you think.

Not my color, right?

Photo credit

But don't worry, I look a lot better today :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Meh Day? Change to a ME Day!

The weather always makes me feel a little 'meh' especially when it is doing like it is today: Raining, bouncing around the lower 30's threatening to turn into freezing rain, cold, and uhm generally gross outside.

I had a few errands to do today and I did them. I also decided while I was out and about I would go tanning. Now, I am extremely pale. Years of sitting sedentary in front of screens has rendered my skin porcelain like.

I used to be so tan and tan so easily, but now, its a bit of a chore to get my skin to brown up. There was a great deal at our local tanning salon so I went for it. I get 2 weeks of unlimited (whatever that means?) tannin for $25 in any bed. Considering the regular beds are $9/pop, that's quite a deal.

I got in a 12 minute bed today (one of the super expensive ones- $12/pop) and I did 8 minutes, since I am a little see-thru, I figured that would be best.

Kayla's wedding is in July and her other bridesmaids are tanned thin goddesses who tower over roly poly me, so I figured its the least I can do to get a bit of a base color between now and then.

Also- This tanning bed had mirrors on the top of the bed, so when you were laying down you could look at yourself (Narcissism?) and it was the first time that I had ever seen myself naked, laying down. And you know what? I look pretty darn good, considering.

I definitely can finally tell that I am not who I was two years ago.

Need another example? For a snack, I am having sugar free jello with STRAWBERRIES. I know! I never eat fruit! What is going on!!

I feel so much happier with that 8 minutes of fake sunshine beaming down on me while I listened to tunes from the 90's. I need to go 2 more times to make it worth what I paid, but I have a feeling if the weather keeps up, I'll be going a lot more

Full Fridge, Full Tummy, Hair Dye

So I got paid! Yippee! I love it when I get paid. Especially when I am a broke ass ho.

We went to the store and stocked up on all sorts of goodies. I got some WW treats and meals, natch. I also got stuff to make sweet and sour pork medallions. I got rice, I got noodles and pasta sauce. I got fruit, both fresh AND frozen.

I got healthy cereal- 100% all natural granola & oats with honey & slivered almonds! OMG to die for... except its 6 points for a 1/2 cup haha... I suspect its those almonds. But it has 20% of DRV of fiber in 1 serving, so that more than makes up for it. I will eat the 6 points.

I also got strawberries (those are the fresh fruit) and slivered up some of those and put it in my cereal, which is HUGE for me. I never eat strawberries plain. But it paired so well with it, I couldn't help but enjoy myself.

I decided it was time to dye my hair again. It's been at least 8 weeks and I really need to get in the habit of touching it up every 6-8 weeks. I tend to forget though, because thats a long way out!

I was in the middle of putting together the recipe post last night and had unloaded most of the pics off of my camera, but my battery DIED while connected to the computer, and the USB doesn't charge it, so now I have to find my charger and charge the battery, just so I can unload the pics.

OR I can slide my SD card into Brian's PC and off load the pics there, and transfer them to my computer. Either way, its a lot of work for only 3 more pics. But one of them is so perfect, I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I'm done shouting now. I gotta go wash my head out of all these chemicals to die it different colors.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments lately regarding WW and/or games. You guys seriously rock. 

84 Points

So as you all know I added all of my weekly points to my menu today. I just quick added them in and dubbed it "the weekly experiment" and it brought my total up for the day to be 84 points.

Today was the first day I ate all of my daily points and STOPPED because I have no weeklies left. Today is the first day I have felt hungry... in a while.

Luckily my day is almost over and I am able to go to bed soon.

Also: Married in Minecraft, episode 02 is now up on YouTube. Please go look :)

Tomorrow you get a blog recipe about our delicious dinner we had tonight (YES!! I took pics!!)

I had a really mentally exhausting day and I am ready for bed.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday: The Weigh In

A conversation with my mom...

Me: I changed my weigh in day to Monday since I tend to over eat on the weekends.
Her: That's a good idea
Me: I'm also going to pretend I ate all my weeklies, so I won't be tempted.
Her: That's a good idea
Me: I'll do that with my activities too, 'spending' them the same day I earn them.
Her: That's a good idea
Me: Don't you think that's a good idea? ;)

Any weigh (see what I did there? That's called a pun) on to the good stuff!

This week, I weighed in at... *drumroll please* 223.0 which is a slight gain from last week's weight of 222.6 lbs.

It brings my total loss to 7 lbs since I started WW twenty four weeks ago... that's incredibly... slow... It factors out to be about .3 lost per week. It's okay though... at least I am losing/maintaining rather than what would be happening. If I had given up all the times I thought about it, I would very easily be 300 lbs.

How did I do last week? Here's a look at my tracker...

Tracked! 6.5 days!

*I tracked 6.5 days straight! I only count Thursday as half, since I know I ate on Thursday hehe :)

This morning I opted for toast and peanut butter on it instead of my scrambled eggs with melted provolone cheese because I was too lazy to cook. Which means, most likely, eggs are for lunch. I use the terms breakfast and lunch lightly because it is 4 pm and I just woke up!

Shhhhh. Don't judge.

I have one other, awesome little announcement! Brian and I started a YouTube series called Married in Minecraft!

Minecraft is a PC game in which you are plopped into a randomly-generated world and you are given the task to collect resources and to make items to defend yourself from monsters. It's a great little game that the creator made on a whim and it EXPLODED! into this huge phenomenon! If you want to read more about it, you can do so here, and if you'd like to watch our exploits, you can do so here. I'm ecstatic because I came up with the idea and thought it would be fantastic and funny, but it wouldn't generate any response. I was wrong!! In less than 24 hours, we got 15 new subscribers/followers on YouTube and the video itself got 140+ views which is to say, awesome for us nobody's! We also got a few of the 'big time' Minecraft Youtubers to subscribe and repost our videos, calling us "fresh" and "entertaining" Ha! I'm blushing... no seriously...

We show both our screens at the same time, and of course, we have commentary. Lots and lots of commentary. Am I this eloquent in real life? Am I this funny? Do you want to hear my sexy husband's voice as he screams like a little girl? Now you can!

You can subscribe to my Twitter, Brian's Twitter, and Brian's YouTube

Thanks for putting up with my shameless plugging. And yes, episode 2 is uploaded now!! Go look!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Fine Day

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Today is another *great* day for me. I seriously think the last few blah days I had were due to PMS. I have marked it on my phone calendar on what days I would start to feel blue so I can look at that and go "ah, I see.." and not freak out about anything.

I have just been so happy today and hyper! I caught back up on sleep, too. I went to bed at 4 am (my usual time) and slept until 3 pm! The day before I only got 5 hours so between yesterday and today I averaged at my usual 8.

I have not stepped on the scale today. I am just not ready for that torture. I will weigh tomorrow, even though it has not been a full week. I fully expect to see a gain, and not a loss, but that is okay. It will be my first full week on the new weigh in day and action plan tomorrow, so I am looking forward to it.

It will go like this...

* Wake up and weigh.
* Enter weight on WW. Then 'spend' all of my weeklies.
* Have breakfast! << Scrambled eggs with cheese, and high fiber toast.
* Work out! << I am hoping to do a JM dvd but may also do Tae bo... so many decisions!
* Pass out!
* Make lunch << Probably going to have soup. I love soup!
* Do some laundry and take more pics of the new place.
*Crochet << Gotta finish this hat I am working on... before it gets too warm to wear it.
* Make dinner for Brian.
* Sleep!

Did I tell you all that I ate okra the other day? I know, I was surprised too. I had a can of chicken gumbo Campbell's soup and it had rice, tomatoes, chicken and of course, okra, in it. Since it was canned soup, and not freshly made, it meant that pretty much every thing was soggy. And that was okay, because there were some big chunks of okra in there. They were so mushy though. I don't know that I would have it again, but I might make it some time. I really only like tomato soup in a can and I usually have that with grilled cheese. I know, I am perpetually 5 years old.

My goals for the rest of the day are simple. Get in a 20 minute bicycle ride (Stella, I am looking at you...) and drink some more water.

It seems like dearest hubby is coming down with something... he is overly sensitive to cold, heat, and touch today. It could be lack of sleep on his part- he had to work this morning- but it could also be a cold or flu, since everyone at his work was ill last week. Praying that it is just lack of sleep.

I started looking through the grocery ads for this coming week and I am so excited, because frozen fruits are on sale (2/$5) and frozen veggies are too (5/$5) not to mention that there are quite a few other good deals, like chicken breasts, and pork loins, and of course, pastas! I love pasta! Even dog toys are on sale! I absolutely love grocery shopping! (Doesn't every food addict?)

Tonight's dinner is going to be chicken alfredo over bow ties (its the only pasta I got) and roasted red potatoes, corn and high fiber wheat toast. Doesn't that sound good? Sounds good to me!

I've got so much energy today it is really hard to sit still. What gets ants in your pants?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ramblings of a Caffeine Addict

Hello bloggy friends!

I am feeling fantastic today! I don't know why. I am sleep deprived and jacked up on caffeine but hey- that's almost my regular routine!

I am also TOM-ing and that means I ate all most of my points for the day at 4 am this morning. I woke up to the scale reporting 226!! But I know that is not true. I have been craving salty foods like no other. I have a bit of a food baby still. I have been alternating coffee with water and I feel so good now that I am well hydrated.

Maybe I am still on a high from Disney on Ice and finding the perfect bridesmaid dress! I assure you, I don't look like the model in the picture but it's damn close (hahaha)

I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since I decided to change my weigh in to Mondays, which is odd, because the way it's looking, I will have another gain! But I am okay with that, since I changed in the middle of a week. I also feel so proud of myself, knowing that I am going to take care of those pesky weeklies.

And perhaps most importantly, I will get to stock up my fridge soon with lots of good-for-you foods. As of late, money is a little tight (when isn't it? Uhm payday, for about 5 minutes) We've been living off of frozen foods and cereals and its just not very healthy. For instance, I found these *fantastic* frozen meatballs at Meijer. At $2.99 per lb, that is a steal! You can't even make turkey meatballs for that price! And they were sooo delicious!! I loved them... then I did the points calculation and a serving size is 6 meatballs (decent sized) and it was 7 points! It had TWENTY grams of fat. Way too much for me! As a comparison, 1 cup of Stouffers Italiano lasagna (thats the one with the meat) is 7 PP. So not only do you get meat, you also get cheese noodles and sauce for the SAME amount of points. Guess what I will be buying more of?

 I know I was going to focus on just eating right and I will continue to track and be vigilant about that, but I honestly *miss* doing the Shred. It's a good, tough work out and I am going absolutely bonkers lately about the scale, about the wedding, and finishing up the move. I need some stress relief! Maybe I will do some Billy Blanks or JM's Yoga Meltdown. I don't know but spring needs to hurry up and *get here* I am going absolutely bonkers and eating everything in sight! Maybe I need to burn off some of this cabin fever!

I just finished chugging my second thing of water. I think each one is 16 ounces. I have no idea. I just aim for 4 a day..

I have been eating reduced calorie-high fiber bread and I love it! Not only did I get a great deal on it (buy 1 get 2 free) but it is so light and airy and fluffy. I love soft, fluffy bread. Mmm I am having some now, 2 slicees with a Tbl of peanut butter (for 6 PP) I now officially have 3 left until midnight and it is 4 pm. Me thinks I am going to dip into some of my weeklies to sustain me. Just enough to offset the WW chicken fettucini I had last night. All two of them.

On the dinner menu is hamburger turkey helper with more high fiber bread. I love that bread!! Seriously!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I picked out my awesome bridesmaid dress today from David's Bridal.

The stipulations set by Kayla, the bride, were 1) it has to be knee length 2) it has to be Lapis 3) It cannot be satin.

I met all three, thank you! And here is the dress!

And it is a size 20. But its already a little loose (the 18 didn't quite fit) and I will have to get it altered. I'm ordering it next week. I don't mind that it is a size 20 really because I looked FANTASTIC in it and I can definitely have it altered. I mean, whether or not I lose any weight by the wedding (which I *will*) this is a piece I definitely want in my closet. Anddd I love the color!!

Bonus: I get a $20 discount because I am buying it under Kayla's account.

Disney on Ice and Bridesmaids

Disney on ice was AMAZING! My friend Carissa and I were the only grown people there without children but HEY it was awesome!

Let's just say if you are a fan of the Little Mermaid you would have loved that segment. Actually all of the segments were really cool. Cinderella got half the show to herself, which was disappointing, and Beauty and the Beast got really shafted (my absolute favorite!) but it's ok. It was still awesome, I would go again tonight if I could, and yes I really am 5 years old.

I have no pictures of the actual show- I can't find my camera, and Carissa's wouldn't work properly, but we do have a few of ourselves and that is all that matters, right??
I'll get those uploaded when she gets around to it. She's a lot like me, so you will probably never see them... I am just keeping it real. I'm just warning you now though! We are majorly cheesing!!

I resisted the allure of cheese sauce too, I am so proud of myself. I had a walking taco instead (Fritos corn chips, beef, lettuce, cheese and taco sauce) which to me is probably more filling. Carissa got the cheese sauce and I tried so hard to ignore it! I am glad I did.

Then we went back to hers where we watched The Lion King with our men and Max got into some paint. They were painting the kitchen a yellowish brown mustard color and Max got a little excited hehe he's got some paint on his fur and he did get a little sick from it today but no worries- he's ok. He just licked it a little I think and decided it was bad, then he ate cat food, and we all know what happened the last time he ate cat food.

I was supposed to go to Spin today with my uncle's half sister but due to a sick dog, I rain-checked. She was nice enough to let me... Sorry! Next week, I promise. ;) (I'm still scared sh*tless but I will do it... I will!)

And tonight is bridesmaid dress trying on thing a ma jig

Kayla is in town this weekend and she is insistent on me trying on dresses that most likely will look awful on me....but its her special day so its okay. Im kind of excited/simultaneously loathing it, just because it will be fun to buy all of the dresses but I have absolutely no money whatsoever so I will have to wait anyway to order it...

I was thinking since I am going to be trying on dresses anyway that I should dress up what do you guys think? I mean at least do hair and make up right? But I kind of want to do the whole dress-tights-boots thing too. I think I will.

And then of course..... I had the most amazing idea ever! Are you ready for it??

I decided that since I cannot leave my weekly points alone, I was going to essentially 'spend' them all at the beginning of the week- in theory, not in practice. I am going to say on Monday I had all 49 points even though I really *won't*. If I see my 'savings bank' is empty, perhaps that will force me to eat only within my allowance.

Does that make sense? I am not really going to eat all the points on Monday- I am just going to say I did, that way I am not tempted to eat 10 weeklies every night. Its like real life! I only have this much 'money'- 35 points- to spend every day. (To be honest, I wish I had $35 to spend every day- that would be awesome!)

What do you think? I can do that with out depriving myself of anything. I can have a WW dessert every day if I wanted. I'm not worried about that. I am worried about getting out of control and maybe seeing that my 'savings bank' is empty, I won't be tempted to dip into it. Unlike real life where I have no savings at all.

Also- I know why I have been eating like a pig and just feeling super blah, and guilty over everything! Hello, Aunt Flow! I always forget. I am going to make a note on my calender right now, that in 28 days, I will be like this again. I might go 21 days out so I can see- "Oh yeah, my crazy week is here" Now that I have started, things will go back to normal emotionally and hopefully I wont be dipping into the jar of peanut butter again!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello, My Name is Christie

Hello, my name is Christie, and I am recovering from a binge last night.

I have no idea how many points/calories I had but to be honest, it was a lotttt.

I tracked all of my 35 dailies and then I just... stopped tracking but kept on eating.

Some of the highlights:

-Chicken alfredo
-Pretzel sticks and peanut butter
-More chicken
-Spoonfuls of peanut butter as I ran out of pretzels
-Jello (sugar free of course- got to keep my trim figure!)
-Lots of coffee with lots of chocolate creamer which I realized was actually Swiss Miss hot chocolate in a different container.

I have no idea why I did that to myself. But the sad thing? I did not even get disgustingly full like I used to. I ate way more than usual and somehow, it wasn't enough.

I'm pretty sure its part stress, part being upset with my weigh in. So I fix that by eating a bunch? Shh I know my logic has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

Today is a better day. A much better day. I have Disney on Ice tonight to go to. I have my Princess Headband on already. I am dressed. I have done my hair. I may even do make up too.

I had 3/4 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of milk, plus my regular coffee, with measured ingredients today. I've had 10 points for breakfast. I am ok with that.

I stepped on the scale today and shock! I am up 2 lbs again. I know that I did not eat an additional 2 lbs of food. It is 98% likely that I am retaining water since I ate all salt last night. I mean, peanut butter and pretzels? Come on.

Being accountable and admitting my mistakes. Just another reason being grown up sucks lol :) On the agenda? Lots of water.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You Know What You Need To Do

I expressed a little disdain for my gain today and a little sad that I keep doing this dance with the 220's. I want a new partner to dance with for a bit. Maybe the 210s!

Everywhere I turned to for advice, or remarks and comments that were given to me was the same piece of advice.

You know what you need to do.

And it's true. I do know what I need to do.

*I need to track it all. Weigh it, make it, and do it.
*I need to stop making complicated meals.
*I need to eat easy, convenient meals.
*I need to stop eating cereal
*I need to eat less carbs and more fiber

Basically, I need to eat right. I need a very consistent eating schedule. I need to treat myself like I do my dog, Max. He gets up at the same time every day to go to the bathroom. He eats two meals a day, goes poo like clockwork (Seriously- 2pm!) and then he has a snack of peanut butter at bed time.

I need to do the same. I need to pick a breakfast, snack, and lunch that I like enough to eat every day. I need to have an uncomplicated dinner every night. I need to pretrack and measure it all.

I need to be consistent.

I changed my weigh in day to Monday. I need to be accountable for my weekend. I need to just shut up and do it. I need to dust myself up and try again. I need to quit bitching.

I need to finish dinner. :)

Weigh In Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means a weigh in! How did I do this week?

* I ate absolutely all of my weekly points and even delved into my earned activity points.
* I completely failed at my "don't eat out for a month" challenge.
* I TRACKED IT ALL THOUGH so that makes up for it.... a little.
* I earned sooo many activity points through moving. And I know I probably earned more, but I was being modest with the points.
* I ate lots of WW meals to help combat the eating out/moving stress.
* I drank a lot of caffeine and not so much water. I had so much diet soda/coffee with chocolate creamer & stevia, it isn't funny

All in all, a good week considering. Let's see what the scale says this week. Last week, I weighed in at 220.4 lbs. This week I weighed in at 222.6 which is a gain of 2.2 lbs.

Here is my weekly tracker snapshot

Maybe I need to change in my weigh in day? I seem to sabotage myself on the weekend so Wednesday is probably not the best day to weigh in! If I change it to Monday, I might be able to say "no" to all that crappy junk I eat because I know my weigh in is around the corner.

Or I could, I don't know.... stop eating. Saturday was a lot of points. That's when I ate Pizza Hut. Tuesday was bad too, I couldn't stop snacking. But I am back on track today. I started measuring everything again and pulling out my calculator on the spot. Coupling that with pre-tracking and I got it this week.

Also in my fridge- my new secret weapon- jello! Sugar free of course ;) 1 serving of this baby? 0 points. 2 servings of this baby? 0 points. THREE servings? 1 point. 4 servings? 1 point. SF Jello is 1/2 cup per serving, so you can have 2 full cups of it (or one, regular sized box) for 1 point. Or you can space it out all day and eat it all for 0 points, I guess.

I had lime jello the other night and last night I made strawberry! I read on the box that you can put in lemon-lime carbonated soda (Sprite) so I might get some diet sprite and try that.

Am I sad that I gained this week? You bet. Am I surprised? Not at all. With moving, eating out, and not being able to weigh myself every day, it's been a real challenge.

I'm ready for next week. And I am weighing in on Monday.

I was totally going to make this a picture post but still havent uncovered my pictures from packing, so I can't scan them for you. :(

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm sure you are just sick of my moving blogs, but to be honest, that's the only thing going on in my life right now.

I noticed that when you are moving, there are certain priorities that take place. First of all- comfortable clothes. Moving boxes, furniture, cleaning etc, requires a lot of effort and you can't stop unbutton your too tight jeans while your dad and husband are dismantling your Queen sized bed.

My solution? Grey stretch sweat pants and a t-shirt, with a pull over hooded sweatshirt for when it gets a little chilly.

Problem 2: When you got to go... you got to go. Running back and forth between two destinations, its important to be well prepared should nature call. No one wants to get caught with their pants down... literally.

My solution? A roll of toilet paper in the old place, in the new place, and one in the car. Just in case I happen to misplace one ;)

Problem 3: Laundry. Laundry is a pain at the best of times and moving is an absolute nightmare. After all, you are busy moving things, do you really need to stop being productive so you can get your clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle?

My solution? Wear the same outfit for 4 days. Why? UH still moving shit! Unpacking! Why on earth would I want to do laundry when there is a mountain of boxes full of dishes, belongings, and knick-knacks that need to be put in their new homes!

Problem 4: Caffeine. You are going to need it. Lots of it.

My solution? Make a pot of coffee and drink the whole thing, by yourself, immediately. You will be beaming all day.

Problem 5: Dogs. Your dog may or may not freak out about a move. And he may or may not have been dropped off at the shelter when his last family moved and abandoned him. He is probably afraid you will do the same thing.

My solution? Have your dad come play with the puppy. If your dad is anything like my dad, it means he is a dog fanatic and will spend the day petting the dog and making up silly little nick names for him. Like "puppy wuppy woofy wuffy" and "dugal hound" Dad will also fill up your dog's Kong with peanut butter and become dog's new best friend.

Problem 6: Where to begin unpacking? You have successfully moved all your shit- I mean treasures- from point A to point B. Now what do you do? How do you begin?

My solution? Priorities. Figure out what you absolutely cannot live without for another moment. For me, it was my phone charger and a pillow. I seriously needed a nap. Then it was finding my toothbrush & etc, followed by bowls and spoons for cereal (and other bowl-meals) Today? I'm on a mission to find my hair brush. I know its somewhere around here but I have been too busy with other things to worry about the state of my hair.

I'm not worried about scaring the neighbors though. I'm not even sure we have neighbors, to be honest. I know that there are cars in the parking lot. I know that one of them has a yappy little dog. (I'm thinking Pekingese? Or something similar) And I know that some of them are smokers. I also know that they like music. But to be honest we haven't seen much of anyone. And we never see the same people twice! It's like the twilight zone. It's pretty damn awesome. I promise, pics of the new place are coming soon. I got all the pics of Alpha done. I just need to finish unpacking and then take pics of Beta. I am pretty excited to show you.

The next blog, however, (which is tomorrow, since it's weigh in day) is going to show case some now and then photos, like I promised forever ago.

I need to remember that even though I am only down 17.5 lbs from my highest weight of all time, I still look loads better.

Thursday will be the apartment comparison blog, as well as a recap of Disney on Ice

Friday is my first ever spin class. Tips? I'm sure I will die. I also have bridesmaid shopping at 4:30.