Monday, February 28, 2011

Just call me Scrubbing Bubbles

Finally got all of the laundry done (would have been done sooner but I kept taking naps!) and now I am on to the "fun" part of moving- cleaning! I have to scrub both of the bathrooms today (only bad part of two bathrooms- two tubs. two toilets, two trashes! two everything!) and that means a lot of time on my hands and knees and a bucket with a wash cloth.

I don't even own a bucket. I own a bowl though, so that will do.

I have the bathrooms to do, the kitchen to do, and then we just have to vacuum all the rooms. So that wont be too hard!

I have been throwing a lot of stuff away, which is great. It feels good to just let go.

We were at the grocery store and Brian noticed that I am looking a lot better lately and I hope that it is true. He said my tummy was smaller! And we both agreed that my butt, was indeed, firmer.

I haven't even touched the Shred. I have, however, tracked 5 days consequetively and now I am on to my last two for the week! Hurray! Let's do all 7!

I am so tired but there is still lots to do. I really wish I could nap the days away but the more I get done now the less I have to do!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sales, Vacuum Bags, and WW Meals

I have been selling some of my things on eBay and they finally sold, bringing in a cool $450! Of course, after paying eBay fees and since I offered free shipping, well the take-home isn't nearly that much, but that's okay. Some is better than none.

We got some of those as-seen-on-tv vacuum storage bags. You know, the ones you pack all your clothes in, hook up a vacuum hose to and it sucks out all the air and you "triple your storage space" let me just say the brand we picked up (made in Peru, Indiana) works AMAZING! I thought for a while it wasn't working then wooosh suddenly everything is a lot flatter.

It was really neat. We have 3 more bags we can fill up with stuff too, clothes and bedding.

I havent felt like cooking much lately, mostly because I've been working on getting every thing cleaned. So I pretty much have been living off of WW meals and cereal. I love WW meals! Yesterday, I had the chicken and cheese quesadillas- yum!- and today I had salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese. I also have turkey medallions and mashed potatoes. mmm.

Tonight we are having sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, and I am making it completely from scratch. I got chicken and rice, peas and carrots, eggs, corn, onion, green pepper, and Kikkoman sweet and sour marinade. I think I am going to grill the chicken on the George Foreman and then toss it in a little sauce and have the rest on the side for Brian.

We got about half of the clothes packed away and sorted, the other half still need washed and sorted. The ones I am not keeping are going to my Aunt Kate.

We plan on finishing up the laundry tonight and then getting another closet sorted through. We've already thrown quite a few trash bags full of items away that we dont want to bother moving.The biggest issue has been with computer parts/electronics that are out of date and barely functional. Brian wants to keep them all "just in case" and I have to remind him that we haven't used them in over 3 years, so there isnt a "just in case" any more. I told him it's like an episode of Clean House! Except there's no yard sale, no money, and no renovations, and certainly no Niecy Nash gifting awesome dining room sets or bedroom suites.

So its not like Clean House at all.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day as well, I have to turn in our new lease, go to the post office and mail out my packages, and come home and start packing up the other things. Hopefully we get the keys to the new apartment on Tuesday and we can start moving our stuff over.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signed and Sealed

The new lease has been signed. Had to get a new one since we are going to a new building. Luckily the landlords are pretty nice (they like our dog- we have an 'in'!) and they kept our rent the same, even though the new building is about $30 a month more, so come September, well, we will be paying that. We also got our transfer fee waived, too. I got all the important things switched over: internet and electric. That will happen on the 5th so we have to be moved in completely by that day. Which isn't a problem. Also set up a change of address form online for the USPS- how freaking easy is that? You plug in your current addy, the new addy, and whether its for an individual or a family, and then set the date! They forward all the mail to the new address then.

Awesome. Also- it costs $1.
To transfer the cable, it costs us $25.
Nothing for the electric, and nothing for the apartment. So far, it's only cost us $26 to move.

We got free boxes from Brian's work.

Oh I take that back, I spent $30 on laundry detergent and some moving/cleaning supplies. All in all, its only cost a little bit of money. I will have to pay for new carpet though, which could be as much as $200 and as little as $100 so I've decided to sell a few things on eBay.

Hoping people buy it! I got a lot of watchers so I hope someone comes in last minute and snipes it! Or a bidding war. That would be most awesome.

On the cleaning front- I only did a few loads of laundry yesterday (probably what most households do in one day) and then I got a horrible migraine and had to lay down. I slept a few hours, but it still didn't go away. So I popped some asprin, and went back to sleep. Woke up feeling nauseous and the migraine moved behind my eyes, so it was impossible to turn on lights or look at my phone, or do anything. I just lay there and sobbed a while. Finally it went away. I am pretty sure it was a caffeine headache/food headache. I hadn't really eaten yesterday since I was so busy. But I had some tea and ate WW 3-cheese ziti marinara, and all was right in the world.

Brian's been recruited to work today but only for a few hours. Then we are going through the closets and throwing away everything that we dont want. I'm determined to have a smooth move with as little as possible. Just pretend I am on an episode of Clean House, only without the yardsale. Mayhem and foolishness! Everything that can go, will.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving Madness, Day 2

It's super crazy today, friends. I spent all of yesterday running around getting things ready for our move. Our move in 8 short days. We didn't get much of a notice, but I didn't want to let the opportunity pass us by. If I had said "Eh... thats a little short notice" we probably would have missed the chance to have a new apartment.

So now we deal with it.

Got a few friends to help out and my dad is going to come up and haul some stuff for us. I did 5 loads of laundry and sorted through it. Went to the store got more laundry detergent and then some vacuum bags. You know the kind you see on Tv where you put your clothes in suck the air out and you have a flat bag? Yeah that's what we are going to use to help move some of our clothes and bedding.

We arent moving very far, just on the other side of the complex, but I still have to contact the utilities, the USPS, the banks, creditors etc. Spent a lot of time on the phone and on hold. Not getting anywhere.

Haven't even started cleaning.

Better get on it.

Scale says: 222.2 (-1.4)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movers, Inc!

My biggest problem with this apartment we live in hasn't been the location. It's great. It hasn't been the rent- it's reasonable. It's been the neighbors we are sandwiched between. 

Two old German ladies, who despise each other and every one else. One lives across the hall from us and the other in the next building (we share a wall with her). 

In the past 3 years, we have been verbally abused by both of these women. Harassed, harangued, you name it. One of them actually threatened to black mail us. I don't know what she thought she had to black mail us with, but it was over a parking spot. The other has told everyone that I plan to kill her, because I didn't say hi to her while she was in her car with tinted windows. Sorry lady, I don't care enough about you to even say hello, so why would I exert effort in trying to kill you? I honestly can't make this up.

Crazy German Neighbor, as she is known on Facebook and to family and friends, yells about everything. She complained about the road being too small then when they expanded it, she complained about that too. She complained that she broke her feet and then complained that the medical company wanted her to pay for her foot braces. She's complained about every neighbor we have in the building to my face, so I know she complains about me too. 

This last month was heaven though, she had gone away to Florida for a whole month. While she was gone, everyone was friendly. We all chatted and laughed, and the world was a little brighter. Brian and I caught ourselves saying "why did we want to move, again?" 

But one dark, rainy night, she came back. She immediately began to yell and scream (this time at her husband,  for not hobbling fast enough with her luggage) and then spent the rest of the night cleaning the carpets in the building. I am not making this shit up.

She also hates dogs. Ever since we brought Max home, she's glared, grimaced, and slammed doors in our face. If she's on her way to leave and she sees Max coming up the stairs, she runs back in her apartment, slamming the door. I caught her doing it more than once. Batty old lady.

But today she took it one step further. She called the office today and told them my dog was tracking in feces everywhere. We were in direct violation of our pet policy, but we had 24 hours to contest the complaint. And I contested. I told the owner that, no, there was not dog poo all over the hallway. There was mud from when the snow melted, and that got tracked all over, but I couldn't really do anything about that. I told her that I picked up his poo diligently and that Brian did, too. And once she heard my case, she remembered. "Oh you are the couple with that sweet lab puppy. Yeah we know you wouldn't do that. The complaint is removed from your file and we will send a cleaning lady to clean the hall for you"

I then told her how relieved I was, and I knew who it was who complained, she didn't have to worry about that. I told her how much trouble we have had with this particular neighbor and that she just drives us crazy. How she swore up and down I wanted to kill her, how she reads the notices left on the doors, how she snoops in everyones windows and digs through the trash. I said that we were happy she was gone on vacation but now we were miserable again. 

And then something miraculous happened. They offered to move us to a different building. And I accepted. We are moving the first week of March, a few buildings over. Hurray!!

Hallelujah!! Huzzah!! 

Hopefully we wont have any more trouble with our new neighbors! I have spent the most of the morning getting information on the new apartment, calling friends and family to force them to help us move, and spent some time figuring out how to transfer our utilities with minimum interruptions. I also have been doing laundry and sorting through clothes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh In

150 days.


Anyway, I'm up 4.8 lbs from last week (which is better than it was yesterday, I was up 6.2 lbs eek) that's what I deserve, not tracking and eating a lot of pizza and pasta. I was on a serious carb-bender there.

The past is history. Cant do anything about it today, just need to move on. Feeling surprisingly well, even though I back tracked into the 220s again... but you know what? It's a journey. Sometimes you get off on the wrong exit, and have to loop back around. (That's quoted straight from the WW site on the article of gaining weight) so I know that I am going to be ok.

Expecting my new jeans and bras today! Hurray! They just shipped them out yesterday and I got an update saying they were out for delivery today!

Finished my scarf completely, even put the roses on it. Starting on a hat for Brian now in a lovely sweet pea green color. About to hit the Shred and get it done today. I had my usual coffee this morning (2P+) and we had left over sloppy joe mix from last night, so just barely enough for one sandwich for me (8P+) It's the start of a new week here in HTMLN land so its time to get focused. Its now or never people! I can earn 42 AP easily this week. I can track all of my food this week. And I can also stay under my dailies and stay away from my weeklies. I did it before. It just takes a little exercise in will power and a lot of water.

Daily goal: Track all my food. Do the Shred. Get one more bottle of water in (16 oz) and then smile

If I am diligent and work out hard, eat better, and uhmmm TRACK EVERYTHING I am sure that I will see a big drop next week. I've talked the talk, now its time to walk the walk. Or shred the shred. You know what I mean.

Achievement Unlocked

I just really discovered that you get "achievements" on Weight Watchers! Now, I am a gamer. That means uh yeah, I will do some crazy shit to boost my gamer score. Don't get me wrong, I won't try and unlock every single achievement on a game but I will try my hardest to get most of them. I don't know why- my gamer score isn't something I can put on a resume or anything. ("Holy shit Jim! We have to hire this girl- her gamer score is over 9000!") But it really feels like, well, an achievement when I unlock these things. I know, it's silly. But I really like achievements and I feel like I won something every time I unlock one.

And now that I noticed WW has them, it means I am going to try and unlock them again and again. The easiest, of course, is the Daily Achiever award, which is unlocked by tracking food, activity, and checking off the Healthy Checks. You don't have to do everything though, just an item of each. So theoretically, you could unlock it by tracking your bagel, taking the dog for a 10 minute walk, and then having a glass of water and checking it off in the Healthy Checks.

But no matter what, the goal here is to accomplish something. And I definitely got a DA award yesterday. I tracked everything I ate and came in at 33 DPs, I did the Shred for 6 APs and I checked off my activity, water, dairy, and healthy oils for the day. Go me! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow too. Weigh in day! Who's excited? Not me... that's for sure! I think I drank more water today than a desert survivor haha

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday is My Bitch

Today is sooo my bitch. I mean, I have the pimp hand and everything!

I got up, and weighed in on the scale. I usually weigh every day but hadn't this week because I was on a week long pizza and pasta bender. I was up to 223.6 (from 217.8) and I hadn't worked out at all, so I know it's not muscle. I guzzled Smirnoffs and Mountain Dew. Today, it stops. Of course, I'm out of Smirnoffs and Mountain Dew, but that's not the point. I had my coffee (2 cups of coffee with 3 packets of splenda, 2 Tbl of sugar free creamer) and made my breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs with 2 oz of lean ham and 1 slice of fat free cheddar cheese, 1 cup fat free cottage cheese, and 1 slice of whole wheat toast, plain. 13 points. Didn't like the plain toast, so after two bites, I gave it to the dog. He didn't eat it either. I didn't feel very hungry and didn't finish my cottage cheese, taking about 4 bites out of it, and split the rest between the dog and saving it for a snack later and put it in the fridge. Max really likes cottage cheese and I usually give him some once a week on top of his dog food.

Then we got dressed. Or I did, Max watched. I put on my Enell bra, tshirt, and jeans and took the dog out to potty, then came in, and changed to workout capris, popped in the Shred and just hit it.

I stopped making excuses for myself. Yes my joints hurt- they always hurt. Yes my arm is really sore, guess what? It's always really sore. Once I stopped making the excuses, cranked up the tunes (Hey Jealousy, anyone?) and focused on what was at hand, I realized I was super-impressed with myself. I am capable of doing 2 minutes of cardio (jump rope... not so much.) I am capable of the whole 3 minutes of strength. I am capable of doing push ups and butterfly crunches.

I am capable of doing it all. And doing it well. And that is what I did.

I stopped making excuses and I got results- who would have thought? I drank my water, made a solid breakfast, and got in my exercise for the day. I pushed myself and found it rewarding.

Now my everything is sore, which is good. It's nice to feel my muscles working again. As I mentioned earlier, I have a wedding in 4 months that I am in so I definitely need to get my shit together.

The Year of the Christie continues in full force. On the 3rd, I am going to the dentist. It's been about 4 years since I have gone and one of my teeth really hurts. It is easily aggravated by sugar and is cold-sensitive. I mentioned this the last time I went to the dentist, but they said nothing was wrong. Now I noticed that part of my tooth is turning an ugly grey/black color around one of the edges. Uh oh... decay? I have been really fortunate with my teeth. I have really thick enamel (the dentist always freaks at my teeth, since the enamel is so thick) and I don't get cavities very often. I've had a total of 3 my entire life, and two of them were in baby teeth. I am mostly at risk from gingivitis and other gum diseases, but still. This tooth is driving me nuts. I don't know how they are going to get to it, my teeth are pretty tightly packed together. They make sardines look like slackers, that's all I'm saying!
After my trip to the dentist, I am going to be going to the doctor and seeing if I need to be put on medicine for ADD. I don't know if you noticed, but I have a hard time finishing one thing and always starting another. After all.... its not like my blog posts are organized and on one thought the whole time! ;) I took a few  adult ADD tests online and scored scarily high. One of them was a 90% chance I had adult ADD! Brian took the same test and scored a 20%. Maybe with medication I can finally be able to finish things before starting new projects. Maybe it will help me focus better.... Or maybe not. I don't know.

It's hard to believe that its almost March. And since the start of the year, I have gotten new glasses, a great fitting sports bra, lost 12 inches off of my body, and managed to fix my knee! Now I just need to go get my teeth looked at, and talk to my doctor. After that, I'm pretty much set for the health department and can focus on other things that make me happy, like buying new clothes and paying off my debt, so I can move out of this apartment and closer to family. Hurray!

My goal for today is to have 6 more glasses of water and to continue tracking for the rest of the day, staying under my points target.

Reeling It In

 I bought a few new bras and a pair of jeans through, mainly because they were having a huge sale!! I needed new jeans, and I definitely would love bras that fit properly. I spent a few hours (not even kidding) measuring out everything and double and triple checking sizes online before settling on a pair of 18 petite jeans in their "right fit" style and a few bras. According to the size charts, I am a 16 in the waist, and an 18 in the hips. Makes sense, because a pair of the jeans I have are 16Ws and they don't fit so well. They are a little snug. I can get them on, buttoned, zipped, and my hands in the pockets, but they arent really comfy to move around in. I am hoping the 18Ps will fit perfectly- at least for a little while. The Petite inseam measures to 27.5 inches and mine is 25". Damn you short stubby legs! I'm seriously a ball with stubby arms and legs. Like if you take a medical glove and blow into it, how the palm area swells up and the finger areas are little sticks? That's me.

Women's clothes are so tricky. Men have a bit of an easier time when it comes to clothes shopping though I know they have measurement discrepancies too .

March 10th, which is a Thursday, I am going to see Disney on Ice with my friend! We are going to see the Princess Collection show, or whatever it is called. It will have Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine in it. I am so excited! Belle has always been my favorite! I made us "princess headbands" that we can wear to the show! We also got pretty good seats for only $11.50! Not a bad deal at all. And since its on a Thursday, there won't be a lot of people there (or children!)

I also have to start shopping around for my bridesmaid dress this upcoming month. BFF wants me to have it purchased by mid-April, in case any alterations need done. I'm sure there will be some needed because I am going to lose weight. I don't want to be the "fat friend stuffed in a taffeta* dress" for her wedding. Her other two bridesmaids are thin (of course) so even if I do lose 20+ lbs for her wedding, I will still be the heaviest by at least 40 lbs. I'm already going to feel self conscious, so I might as well give it my best effort. What do I have to lose? But I don't want to say " I want to lose 20 pounds by July 8th" because that is only setting me up for failure. I want to say "I am going to lose pounds and inches by July 8th" but that is the easy route. I would only have to lose 2 lbs and 2 inches for that goal to be successfully met. Also- I only have about... 4 months! Talk about pressure. If I could just lose a lb a week, I would be 16 lbs lighter. God that would be awesome.

*Side note: she is actually not making us wear taffeta. It's open ended. It has to be a certain color (lapis- which, oddly enough, is a dark purple, instead of blue like the name implies) and it can't be satin. So I have to do some thinking.

Well that is pretty much it! Resolve 4.0 in effect. Lets hope I don't need to update my firmware for a while

Monday, February 21, 2011

Why do you ask?

No- I haven't been tracking.
No- I haven't been doing the Shred
No- I haven't been eating responsibly.
No- I haven't gotten dressed.
No- I'm not going outside today
No- I am not in the mood for friends today
No- I am not depressed so quit asking
No- why do you keep asking me that
No- I am not crying over a commerical
No- I am not crying at the Fifth Element
No- I don't need a tissue
NO!- I said I am fine DAMMIT

No I am not going to stay up any more I am going to bed.

....Yes, it is snowing. And sleeting. I do have winter blues, why do you ask?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 13-Measurements

I know I was supposed to measure on Day 15, but I need my measurements today for another project I got going on, so I have to take them today.

Anyway, my weight has been fluctuating like crazy, I got as low as 215 then today I am 221, so I am not sure wtf is going on there, maybe too much salt, or food in general. I am doing pretty good on tracking. Doesn't matter- Wednesday I am joining WW meetings. I don't want to change my weigh in date, or I guess I could. I don't know. Either way, I'm joining WW meetings this week.

And here are my stats:

Day 1

Weight 220 lbs
Bust 42
Waist 39
Abs 43
Hips 49
L Arm 14.5
R Arm 14
L Thigh 28
R Thigh 27
L Calf 16.5
R Calf 16.5

Day 7 

Weight 217.8 (-2.2 lbs)
Bust 40 (-2)
Waist 37 (-2)
Abs 40 (-3)
Hips 47 (-2)
L arm 13.5 (-1)
R arm 13.5 (-.5)
L thigh 25 (-3)
R thigh 26 (-1)
L calf 16 (-.5)
R calf 16.25 (-.25)

Day 13

Weight 220.8 (+3)
Bust 41 (+1)
Waist 36 (-1)
Abs 40 (0)
Hips 47 (0)
L Arm 14.5 (+1)
R Arm 14 (+.5)
L Thigh 26 (+1)
R Thigh 27 (+1)
L Calf 16 (0)
R Calf 16.5 (+.25)

Totals: 3 lbs gained, +3.25 inches
Net loss/gain: +.8 lbs, -12 inches

So while this week wasn't as fantastic as last week, there are some things to be happy about. First off, I am still doing the challenge. Even though I skipped 2 days, I am still going strong. Secondly, I still lost where I consider it to be the most important: on my waist! My low abs also saw no change, which I think is great. The difference between my waist and low abs is a measly 4 inches, which I will be able to close the gap if I continue to do the Shred (and eat right, for once)

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed. I am a little bit. But still looking at my net loss, I think I am doing fantastic. 12 inches in 13 days is pretty damn good in my opinion. Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Enell Bra is amazing. I love it so much! It's strange- I hang my bra up immediately after I take it off. Probably because being a $64 bra, its the most expensive item of clothing I own and I have a very aggressive chewer for a dog. I'd be heartbroken if he got a hold of it. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11- The Serious and Official Graduation to Level 2

Today was day 11 and therefore the first day of my next 10 on level 2. It is HARD omg... I don't know how to do a plank-anything and there are lots of planks/pushups. I feel like I am no where ready to be doing this level but you know what? Can't get better at it if I back down.

I am so sweaty. Every pore is just pouring out sweat. I am so hot, out of breath, and shaky. I am expecting a lot of pain later in the day as well as tomorrow, just because I could feel my muscles aching as I was doing this. My poor legs are protesting so bad.

The plank twists in the last minute of Ab work is brutal; I can effectively do 3 of them. And I think I hurt something as I heard it *crunch*! Eep.

I also went on a 45 minute walk with the dog today and we got really muddy. So I earned 9 Aps today! The most in a single day, ever, I think!! Maxwell also got a bath and that is my next stop, a shower for me. I smell like dog, sweat, and mud. Sexy.

I can't believe any one can do this. But I guess I am doing it, right? Disbelief. Empowerment. Courage. Strength. I feel so much stronger. I am seriously at that moment where I am so amazed with myself I might actually start crying.

Just two more days until I take my measurements and pictures!! I am so excited!! I have a spine again! And a small of my back!! I can feel my collar bones wanting to make an appearance, its almost like wisdom teeth coming in, I cant stop running my fingers over them, just wanting them to break through the layer of fat hiding them. Someone rub some rum over them haha

"Can you stay strong? Can you go on? Kristy, are you doing okay?" -the Offspring, Kristy are you doing okay


I got my special Enell bra in the mail yesterday and I plugged in 30 Day Shred, turned it on mute, and powered up my iPod on my iPhone and listened to good, heart pounding music. I have never squatted deeper, jumped higher, pumped harder, or did so many push ups. I have never pushed myself quite as hard as I did today. I have never felt the sweat rolling down the small of my back (because, lets face it, I haven't had a small of my back for a while!) I have never looked in the mirror after a hard work out and smiled as broadly as I have.

I know I burned so many calories today! I am very pleased with my new bra, it kept my girls in place and did a great job :) I will be buying a few more when I have a lot of free money. I absolutely love it, even if it looks like a cross between a Madonna bra, and I Dream of Jeanie wear when its unhooked lol

I am so happy!! Pumped. Still going from my workout high.

I finally get it. Shame I am moving on to level 2 tomorrow. But I am ready. Ready as I will ever be. I feel like I am finally stronger. I look in the mirror and see what I am doing. I see that I am stronger. That I have biceps (hey, small ones still count!) My 3 lbs weights are getting to be manageable which means I will be needing some 5 lbs ones!!

Any one want to buy them for me? :D No? Ah, well. Tried.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

YAY! Another small loss this week (.4 lb) but I know I would have probably lost a little more if I had not eaten into my activity points. Yep, I ate all of my dailies, my weeklies, and a few of my activity points.

I tracked 4/7 days. I didn't track Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday.
I did Shred every day except Sunday and Tuesday.
I ate pizza. Twice. Well, actually 4 times because we had leftovers from each time.

But I will take .4 lb gladly

I'm sure I am still losing inches and still gaining muscle. Those 3 lb weights aren't getting any easier haha :)

Saturday is my Serious and Official measurement day!

I also have a NSV! Ready for it??
Brian and I came back from the store, there was only 1 parking spot near our building and it was a tight fit.
He pulled in anyway after my encouragement.

The space between the car and the truck next to it on my side was really small. Brian asked if I would be able to get out. I said I would manage and just hold my breath
I had some trouble getting out of the car (low to the ground + ice - balance = awkward) after that though I was able to walk between the cars without turning sideways! My hips fit!! With room to spare!!

Anyone who has had to turn sideways moving past a chair, table, car, etc, knows how big of a deal this is!! I was completely blown away!! Thanks, Jillian Michaels.

My Enell is out for delivery right now so when I get it, I am going to do the 30 Day Shred and graduate to Level 2! Wish me luck! I'll need it...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cinnamon-Sugar Fail Balls

I was going to bitch about a rude phone call I got today, but the post was just making me angry all over again. So I decided I would talk about something else.

I was so in the mood for cinnamon-sugar pull aparts last night, but I didn't have any money to go out and get them. All the money we had was in cash, and all of that was in the possession of one responsible Brian.

I thought, hey, I have ingredients on hand, I can make them myself! I looked up recipes and decided it would be too much work to let it rise, punch the dough down, let it rise, etc etc, so I just said "meh" and winged it.

Not surprisingly, it didn't turn out very well. Firstly, I didn't have any eggs. So I used distilled white vinegar. (What? It works!) but that wasn't what caused it to fail. I just didn't measure anything and to be honest, I am not much of a baker. Thank goodness for that, or I would have a lot more weight to lose!

I rolled and floured the "dough" and put it in some cling wrap and put it in the fridge to firm up. Then after it was firm, I cut it into squares, which I rolled into balls, and put in a pan and then dumped melted butter with cinnamon-sugar mixed in and baked it for 25 minutes and it turned into a big pan of goop! Delicious! Except not.

I basically just like to make messes in the kitchen, much to the dismay of my husband.

That was also my Valentine's day gift to him. I presented him with a bowl of fail balls. I don't think he was impressed.

We ordered pizza.

I ate 4 of my 6 slices last night (major improvement from before, where I would have had a whole pizza to myself) and we had bread sticks too. (2, instead of 4 like usual) And then I felt sick to my stomach and laid down a while.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 9

Yes I am officially back on the 30 Day Shred wagon. Took a bit of a rest yesterday and that was both good and bad. Good because I recharged my batteries and bad because the Shred was BRU-TAL today. Unforgiving. It seems if I am not diligent in the cardio I find I suddenly have no endurance. More like the mind games win, but you know what I mean, right?

I ended up using my 2 lb weights and I was internally bitching to myself about how much I didn't want to do this anymore. I am officially bored with level 1. Whether or not I get my Enell bra tomorrow or Wednesday, I am doing level 2. Not that level 1 isnt challenging, but I have memorized all of the dialog.

It felt good though to get crazy sweaty again. It felt good to be out of breath, panting. I also determined the half way point through the workout which made me feel better. Seems like I give more energy in the second half than the first. Probably because by then I am all warmed up and committed.

I don't know if you all realized what day it is, but I certainly have. It's Monday. :) Which means Saturday is my new half-way point, since I took a day off. Which means!! Pictures and measurements. Yeah, I guess I will post the before-halfway pics. But you are warned: Max ate the crotch out of my only pair of workout shorts so the second set of pics will not be in the same outfit (thank god)

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I spent pretty much most of my day making these little beauties. I made 4 in total, 2 pink and 2 purple. I am finishing up the scarf that I started and I am going to buy some green yarn to do the leaves with, and attach them. In other news, it hit 40 degrees today. It was -7 all last week. Soon I won't need the scarf I am making. 

I posted this pic for two reasons: 1) the rose and 2) my thigh... its so small lol :) Ah narcissism, I missed you.

Back to the grind Monday. Gotta get on with the Shred and do another grueling week of exercises. I really enjoyed my day off. I need to plan more of these. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello, Jillian? I'm calling in today...

Due to my lackluster performance yesterday in the Shred, I decided to take the day off. From just about everything, to be honest. 

I didn't work out. I didn't count points. And I certainly did not work. I slept a lot, finished those damn slippers I have been crocheting since November and started on a scarf with roses. 

I'm so happy to finally be on another project!! I am really happy that I was able to take a day off too. 

But it's back to the grind tomorrow- Day 9 awaits! 

Taking today off was perfect- I will get my Enell bra on Wednesday, which is the first day I start level 2. So excited!! 

Also yesterday I wore a size 16 (not 16W) for the first time in almost 2 years, and they fit perfectly! Wee!! I also kept looking at my thighs and noticing how much smaller and toned they are! How exciting! 

I guess losing 15.25" really helps though, right? ;) 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 8

I'm not going to lie. I was not feeling it today. I was just not... there. I probably gave it a 50% effort. I skipped the last 3 minutes (2 mins cardio, 1 min of abs)

I just was not into it today. Tomorrow, I'm skipping to level 2. I think I am burnt out on level 1 now.

I still gotta get ready clean and start cooking. Having friends over and I am making a baked potato bar. I'm so tired already.

I know that I quit on myself today. But you know what? Even athletes take a day off occasionally. Ill be back at it tomorrow, 110%

First Week Complete

Day 7 of the Shred was every bit as brutal as days 1-6. It really doesn't get any easier, honestly. I was thinking about why that was (as I was crying in a heap on the ground) and I figured it out. While my endurance and form have drastically improved, that means I am working harder and longer in the same amount of time.

The thing that still gets me is the jumping jacks, but you know what? Who likes those anyway. I know that I am going to always struggle with them (where is my Enell bra???) Tuesday is my transition day, I will be graduating to level 2. I'm scared. Hold me.

But you know what? No matter how many times I complete the level 1 work out, I can always add heavier weights. I am using 3 lbs now, but I can do 5 lbs and still be a good muscle building workout. In fact, after seeing my crazy results this week, it is definitely going to be a staple for me.

I didn't mention this yesterday, but I thought I would mention it now. I am 64" tall (5ft4) and I lost 15.25" around my body. That is almost 25% of my height in inches lost in a week. 23.8% to be exact. I lost that much in a week? Makes me wonder what will happen over the next three weeks! Just 8 more days until I am half way done (and taking another round of photos). When I complete the challenge I will post the before, halfway, and afters. I am kind of nervous about them but since you've already seen me at my fat-assiest, then there is nothing to worry about, right??

I can't believe I honestly made it a week. I have been on par with tracking too. I even ate half a pizza the other night and tracked it all. Also I don't really eat all day since I do the Shred, and that pretty much destroys my appetite.

This weekend I am going to eat a peach and a plum as part of my "don't be afraid of fruit, you pussy!" personal challenge. Last week found me with bananas. This week I have a fragrant peach, and a tree ripe plum.

What fruits are your favorites?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Crime fighters, Batman! (7 day check in)

It's been 7 challenging days since I started the 30 Day Shred.

I honestly didn't think I would get past day 3 but I also knew I could finish the whole thing, you know what I am saying? Every day I do it, I am one day closer to completing it, which makes giving up seem silly.

Okay, so remember my stats from the first day? Let's compare, shall we?

Day 1

Weight 220 lbs
Bust 42
Waist 39
Abs 43
Hips 49
L Arm 14.5
R Arm 14
L Thigh 28
R Thigh 27
L Calf 16.5
R Calf 16.5

Day 7 

Weight 217.8 (-2.2 lbs)
Bust 40 (-2)
Waist 37 (-2)
Abs 40 (-3)
Hips 47 (-2)
L arm 13.5 (-1)
R arm 13.5 (-.5)
L thigh 25 (-3)
R thigh 26 (-1)
L calf 16 (-.5)
R calf 16.25 (-.25)

ARE YOU SEEING THESE NUMBERS???? Let me add them up for you. In SEVEN days, I have lost exactly 15.25" off of my body. FIFTEEN inches. In 7 freakin' DAYS. That is some Biggest Loser shit right there, isn't it?! Areas that saw the most loss include my abs (naturally) and my left thigh, with 3" each. Other areas, like arms and calfs, and my bust, didn't lose very much but that is okay. The point here, I am loosing the fat from where it is stored first. I wonder how many inches I will be down in 8 more days when I hit the halfway point? Because this is ridiculous (in a good way) I am only down 2.2 lbs, but as we all know 2 lbs a week is safe, healthy loss. I am gaining muscle, and that is what really matters. Overall- ECSTATIC about my progress. I will stop internet-shouting at you all now. Yippee!!

I also broke down and bought a high-impact sports bra for bigger bewbies. I had $80 to spend on myself and  while I could really use new clothes, I am tired of slapping myself in the chin with my own boobs. My chest hurts really bad and I do these retarded jumping jacks where I am holding my boobs as I jump (attractive, I know) Reading a little bit into it, you can really stretch the ligaments in your breasts and then they sag forever. Wow. That would suck, to be skinny with big ol saggy tits. That's ...not the look I am going for. Considering I will already have sag due to size, let's not eff up my ladies just because I have to get fit. I think that would actually be worse than losing them! 

Anyway, I was looking into Enell and Shockabsorber for bras, and I was originally leaning toward Shockabsorber, but the more I looked at it, the more I wasn't impressed. Sure they have a flashy animation (NSFW) but you still have to pull the bra over the head (stretching it out) and the Enell bras fit multiple sizes. Meaning, as your boobies shrink, I'd would have to purchase more Shockabsorbers. So I went with Enell, which was $75 with UPS Ground Shipping. (It was $74 for the shock absorber brand, if you wanted to know)
I'm pretty excited about when it gets here and I will definitely be eager to put it through the paces of the 30 Day Shred. I just looked at the tracking information and it should be here on Wednesday, the 16th!!! I wish it would come sooner, my chest is really sore :(  

If you haven't been over to Trisha's blog, you really should get on over there. Tell her hi and that I sent you. She started the 30 Day Shred too!! Go cheer her on and tell her how awesome she is. Anyone who does more than 2 days straight of the Shred is awesome in my books! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the 6th Day of Shred.

You guys are so awesome. Thanks for all of your incredibly sweet, helpful, encouraging comments. I didn't mean to inspire a blog-wide 30 Day Shred-fest, but I am so glad you are doing it!! It makes me feel great knowing others are trying it too. I don't feel so alone now, and even more motivated to complete it! Go TEAM!! We can do it! 

Day 6 which means I have made it almost an entire WEEK through the 30 Day Shred. Which means only have to do it 4 more times. I am 20% done!!

Day 6 was not any easier than Days 1-5. In fact, it was probably harder today than it should have been because I was eager to try level 2. Never again. I have noticed some new things though: I can complete about a minute and a half each circuit of cardio, better than I have previously. I can also do more bicycle crunches, I completed the whole set of them today. Still cried in agony when I was doing it though. My lower abs are burning now, but I think that is a good thing. Those are definitely my weakest abs, because my belly fat hangs out there. I definitely have noticed that my belly is shrinking a little from all of the cardio and crunches! 

Paula mentioned her daughter does level 1, level 2 AND level 3, back to back!! Wow, that is some serious dedication.

Wednesday was awesome eating wise. I had 33 points, earned 6 points. 

I wasn't very hungry. And also I was feeling very lazy. I didn't really want to prepare anything to eat. I couldn't be bothered to wash a spoon, so I poured 2 cups of Honey Nut Cheerios into a cup and munched on them, for 8 points. Then after the Shred, I was hungry but even more unwilling to wash a spoon or prepare anything, so I had two more cups of Cheerios, for 7 more points. (15 total) 

I took a nap and slept off the soreness and when I got up, Brian was home and doing dishes. I'm such a bad housewife. But then I made dinner, so all was forgiven. We had Turkey Skillet which is sort of like Hamburger Helper, except without all the fat, preservatives, and ground beef. :P

Bacon Turkey Burger Skillet | Serves 4 generous portions | 12 PointsPlus per serving

~20 oz raw ground turkey, 93/7 at least. 
~4 oz Barilla Plus elbow macaroni pasta
~8 oz tomato sauce
~16 oz Swanson chicken broth
~1 cup Bacon Bits
~1/2 c each green bell pepper and onion, chopped
~1 cup fat free shredded cheddar. 
~Various seasonings. I used garlic, red pepper flakes, Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder, and chili powder


In a big skillet, brown the turkey on medium heat and add in onion and green bell pepper, crumbling the turkey as it browns. After the meat is browned and the veggies soft, add in the tomato sauce, seasonings, broth, and pasta. Let it come to a boil on medium heat and then turn the heat down to medium-low, and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. After the noodles are tender, turn on low, put cheese and bacon on top and cover, until cheese is melted. 

Serve immediately. But don't burn your tongue, like I always do. 

Mine was extremely spicy, which I loved, but of course there are so many more options. If I was so inclined, this would have served 6, and the points would have been a little lower. But I was hungry, so I had a 4th of it. With 2 slices of whole wheat bread and a Tbl of butter, for 18 points total. 

Just 24 more days to go until I am shredded! What other recipes would you guys like to see? 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 5 (Level 2)

I said I was going to try out level 2 of 30 Day Shred today. I also promised my friend Alexia that I would recount every excruciating detail of this work out. Alexia- This one is for you!

1:00 pm: Woke up because Maxwell demanded that I not sleep in today. This dog is killer.
2:00 pm: Really think about how I should do the 30 Day Shred, but remembered I am supposed to do Level 2. Consider chickening out. Watch the Level 2 workout and cry on the inside
3:00- 5:00 pm: Do a couple of hours of work
5:00-5:30 pm: Eat 2 cups of dry Honey Nut Cheerios while I watch Level 3, thinking maybe level 2 isn't that bad. This tactic does not work.
6:00 pm: Search for clean clothes to work out in. Can't find my bra, and my boobs still hurt from the last few days of jumping around. Look up high impact sports bras for big women and find a few but no one takes Paypal online, and that pisses me off.
6:30 pm: Back to the bra search. Finally settle on two regular bras and a flimsy sports bra. My boobs are smooshed up to my chin, but they aren't going anywhere. Do some jumping jacks. Pleased with self, even if I feel a little ridiculous.
6:45 pm: Hook up the laptop to the TV, and the phone to the laptop and load up Shred. Blast it.
6:47-7:17 pm: Do the Shred. And die.

The second level is much much harder than the first. I thought the first seemed to go on forever, luckily level 2 is a lot quicker paced, but the exercises are much harder. There are jumping oblique twists, plank jacks, and a bunch more plank moves. I have such a hard time with planks. I can hold it maybe 2 seconds, but I think as I get more flexible/stronger I will be able to do them longer.

The last 2 minutes of cardio killed me. I was unable to complete that part of the circuit. I lay down like a wounded bear and just huffed and puffed. The last minute of abs were oblique plank twists, which combined two things I struggle with: balance and planks! So that was also very difficult and challenging, to put it positively.

The strength training is Buh-Roo-TAL. It is insane. My arms and my legs are so shaky. I feel like I am going to die as I type this. I don't know if I will be able to walk down stairs to take my dog out. I am not even joking, that is how bad I hurt.

I was sweating in just a few minutes and it hasn't stopped yet. At least my deodorant is working, I smell like flowers instead of onions and unwashed feet.

I do have to say that I did better than I thought I was going to, and that I have a new appreciation for level 1, which I will be returning to tomorrow. I might start up level 2 again on day 11. But thats only 6 short days away and I am already crying. I don't know if I will ever make it to level three but that is not going to stop me from trying it at least once.

Day 5 of 30 completed, 17% complete.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go sob until I fall asleep and then repeat for tomorrow.

Weigh in Day!

I'm really starting to look forward to these weigh ins, good or bad. It's nice to have a routine! Also, I think having it in the middle of the week is a huge bonus.

How is everyone's week going? Mine has been effin' awesome! For starters, let's look at my overview of the week.

Here we see that I ate all of my weekly points and I earned 24 activity points!! Which is to say, amazing. And not only that, but if you look at how many days I tracked what I ate, we come up with 5 whole days! Which is to say, double amazing. What does it mean??!  It means that I am doin' it right.


And if you haven't noticed, I uh, started doing the 30 Day Shred this week! So go check out those posts and revel in my agony, if you like.

Starting Weight: 237.5 lbs
WW Weight: 230
Last Week: 218.0
This Week: 218.2
Change: +.2
WW Change: 11.8
Total Change: 19.3

I gained just a fraction of a pound this week, but you know what? No big deal. I weighed myself when I started the Shred and I was back at 220 again. It's also my lady time and my weight (and cravings) have been all over the place. I actually saw 223 on the scale. So seeing just a small, smidgeon, barely there of a gain this week, I am okay will. Especially considering I ate through all of my dailies, weeklies, and part of my activity points yesterday.

I also ate Taco Bell for dinner! I KNOW! I am just ridiculous! I was totally in the mood for candy or cookies after but I kept saying to myself  "No your weigh in is tomorrow, don't f&ck it up!"

I'm happy to say I did not eff it up! Holla!!

But wait, that is not all that happened this week. Thanks to my friend, the Shred, I have noticed a few things.

*I have more energy!

*I sleep better at night

*I have less back fat. I have a half-hearted roll. It just is barely hanging in there.

*I can feel my rib cage! This one is huge because I can actually feel my breastbone and individual ribs. The fat layer that was right under my breasts is quite literally melting away, because I didn't have a rib cage 4 days ago!!

*My butt is tighter! My husband checked and double checked that one to be sure haha

*I feel completely amazing. I have not been so happy in, oh I don't know, a while. I mean, I'm generally happy, but I am probably approaching annoying levels of perkiness.

I know this post doesn't cover day 5 of the shred (in which I attempt to do level 2) and that is because I have not done it yet. So I am going to say good bye my friends, until we meet again. And I am going to go do Level 2. If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 4 of the Shred and River Rat Race

Woke up with sore shoulders and slightly achy abs, but otherwise, very little stiffness/soreness. What others have told me, about Day 2 being the worst, was definitely true.

Day 4:

Suuuuuuucked. Sucked so bad. I could *not* seem to get into it today. The cardio was just not in me. I just jogged in place and did the cardio boxing... but I can now do 10 bicycle crunches, whereas Day 1 I only managed 4 complete ones. So there is a major improvement!

After I finish 30 Day Shred (note I said "after" not "if") I am officially going to start my training program for C25K. By then it will be spring and there fore I can start running outside (with dog in tow.) I am going to say screw the treadmill and just get out there and pound the pavement like a pro. (Secret confession time: I really don't like going to the fitness center because it's dark, its dank, and the people there are all "omg we are all going to stand in line for the treadmill even though there are other machines!") The River Rat Race is September 24th and since I have never run a whole mile in my life (save for that one time on the elliptical) I will have to start training soon! And by soon, I mean like... 26 days since that is when I am done with the Shred.

Exciting news: I took "before" pics on my camera for the Shred, and I have to say I can't wait to see how much progress I have made. I know I won't look like Jillian when I am done but I know that I am going to lose inches, gain muscle, and feel a lot better about myself because I will have accomplished something worthwhile. 

If you haven't, you should totally look up 30 Day Shred before and after photos. You will seriously be impressed.

Now off to shower, do my hair and makeup and get some work done. :)

Day 4 of 30 completed! 13% done!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Shred- Day 3

Wow thanks to so many great responses, both on here and on Twitter! I've made some new friends over the past few days! 

Day 3 of the Shred:

Woke up this morning sore, kind of wanted to stay in bed all day until I had to work as is my norm, but I eventually got up. Max has taken it upon himself to be my personal cheerleader, and he does his job annoyingly well. He jumps on the bed and pushes his face into mine, sniffing at my ear and licking my face. When I respond by pulling the covers over my head he uses his paw to pull them off. Damn dog is too smart! I tell him "Mommy wants to sleep in!" But he just cocks his head at me and slaps me in the face with his paw. I tell him "That hurts Mommy, ow!" but of course, he isn't buying it, because it doesn't really hurt and I thought I was being clever and trying to trick him. He slaps me again and paces back and forth on the bed until I wake up.

Then its coffee and a light snack of string cheese for 4 points total. Outside with the dog for number twosies, and then time to turn on Shred.

I am not feeling it today, and Maxwell will not let me skip today. He looks at me with disapproving, big brown eyes and seems to say "It's your challenge..."

I turn it on and get it started. I grab the 3 lb weights. As I do the warm up and the jumping jacks, I see he is laying down near me, not close enough to get hit or stepped on, but close enough to let me know he is there. I look at him and he looks up, wags his tail, and does his doggy smile. I tell him next time he is doing the jumping jacks for me. He doesn't think so.

As we move into circuit one and it's time to hit the floor for abs, he stands up and comes over to where I am laying on the floor and pushes his face into mine. He gives me encouraging licks across the face, as I come up for each crunch. His tail is wagging. I can't help but smile, even though my abs are crying.

Circuit two is where I really get my "first wind" because this is where I start doing everything correctly. I concentrate on form, on breathing, and on squeezing the muscles. I start repeating the little mantras Jillian says.

"I want every second of this workout to count!"
"You are strong, you are capable of working out, and you are capable of working out hard!"

Circuit three though, this is where I really push myself. Here Jillian says "we do not get to the finish line and quit, we finish stronger than we started" and other such encouraging things.

I actually give it my all. I blast my heart rate up with the cardio, I do all of the strength training movements as much as I can, and I can almost- but not quite- finish all of the bicycle crunches.

After the cool down and guzzling as much water as possible, Max lets me know I did a good job by licking my face one more time and giving me a high five! He lets me catch my breath for a moment and then lets me know it's time to go out. He has to pee.

We go outside and I just wear a light jacket, despite the fact that it is February and there are 12" of snow still on the ground. I grab my gloves and we run and play in the snow as a cool down. Yeah, I wouldn't have believed it either a few days ago!

I'm left in better shape today than I was yesterday and I am kind of excited about tomorrow. I have never done 4 days in a row before, so this is the furthest I have gone. Tomorrow, I am officially pushing myself farther than I have ever before, which is exciting in and of itself!!

Last night was really great eating wise, I had 35 points for my meals and then Brian and I went out to get cookies. I had half of them (5 in case you are wondering) and it was 27 points. Which, of course, I ate greedily. In my haste, I had ripped off the nutritional information on the label so I had no idea how many points they were until I looked it up. I was going to guesstimate at 7 pts per, but it was actually 5 points per, unless you eat 5 in a row, then it is 27. Which made me happy because I still have 8 WPs left! Weee!!

Meals: 35 points
Snacks: 27 points
Total: 53 points
Weekly remaining: 8
Activity earned, prior to today: 12
Activity remaining: 12

Yay look at me! I'm such a bad ass!! Just two more days until Weigh in! I'm 10% done with the Shred, and I am going to continue to push myself just a little bit each day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Day Shred, Day 2

After working out and a shower, Brian and I took a nap. I woke up so sore. My thighs were killing me and my arms were shaky still. I went to sleep early too, I was completely worn out. I ate exactly 32 points. And that brings me to today...

Day 2:

Woke up extremely sore. Had to work for a couple of hours, then proceeded to do 30DS immediately. I was not looking forward to it. I switched from the 3 lb hand weights to the 2 lbs, so I could give myself a little bit of an easier work out. Turns out, doesn't really matter. It still sucked.

I did all of the cardio again, save for the butt kicks. I was too out of breath to kick my own ass, so I marched in place. I took a few sips of water, here and there, but mostly sweated and groaned.

The bicycle crunches are still the worst.

After it was over, I lay on the floor, breathing heavy like a cow in labor. I tried to get up, but my abs hurt too bad. I lay there, eyes closed, and whimpered. Brian came over to give me a hand, and told me how impressed he was that I completed day 2. He said that he is insanely sore, so he can only imagine how I feel.

I am secretly thrilled. Though its not much of a secret now, is it? 

Eating is on plan!

Breakfast: Smoothie, for 6 pts (3 servings of fruit, yay!)
Lunch: Double JR Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's - 12 points. I wanted the Asiago Chicken Club but that was 21 points. No thanks.
Snack: I also got a Wendy's Small Chili, but saved it for later. 4 points.
Dinner: 7.5 ounces of chicken breast*, 3/4 cup of Green Giant Corn Niblets, and Green Giant Potatoes and Green Beans in Rosemary Butter sauce, for 13 points total (Pre-tracking for the *win*!)

*Note: That is the frozen weight. I'm sure the cooked weight will be a little less. 

Looked in the mirror today and liked what I saw. I can tell that I am definitely working those muscles and I hope to see some definition at the end of this 30 Days.

2 down, 28 to go! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Issued a Challenge

I had a sudden realization the other day: In 5 short months, I am going to be in my best friend's wedding as one of her bridesmaids. And my dress is both short and strapless. While it goes up to size 26, I'd really like to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a 14.

This led to a little mild panic on my part. Definitely need to do some strength training on my arms.

I also need to do some cardio. And I got to thinking... What if I did the 30 Day Shred for 30 consecutive days?

Do I even have it in me?

I tried to think of the last time that I did something for 30 days straight and it was then and there I decided I not only *could* do it, that I *would* do it.

So, today was Day 1 and that meant that there were measurements to be taken.

February 5, 2011

Bust 42
Waist 39
Abs 43
Hips 49
L Arm 14.5
R Arm 14
L Thigh 28
R Thigh 27
L Calf 16.5
R Calf 16.5

I will measure again at Day 15 (February 20th) and again at Day 30 (March 7th)

Brian even did Day 1 with me! It made me feel good that he actually did it with me and that it was just as hard for him as it was for me. He lifts things all day long and he was still having trouble! We were both panting and sweating, but neither of us gave up. I actually did the jumping jacks, the jump rope, and the butt kicks! If I do it by myself I usually don't do that part.

Will Brian always do the Shred with me? No. Will I do it anyway with out him? Yes. I can do this. The only thing stopping me, is me.

I took a nice, hot shower. Apparently, 20 minutes of circuit training (with aerobics) is 5 Activity Points. That's an easy way to earn points! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I keep trying...

August 2007

Met the love of my life, Brian. We first started dating August 14th.
Pretty much became inseparable after I hit a deer coming home from one of our dates. I think he realized at that point, he had to be with me just so I could get around without killing myself or helpless creatures. (Side note: The deer was fine! He/she ran off, and I was left a shaking, quivering mess.)
So happy, so young, so thin.... 

April 2008

When I moved out of my parents', it was to start my first 'real' job. I had been offered a 9-5 position with a major company and it paid extremely well. I was still going to college full time, and I moved in with Brian and his two roommates

I had no idea how the real world functioned. I remember crying to my mom one time that I don't know what I would do if I got my own place, because when would they pick up the trash? How would I know this? What if my neighbors don't like me? At this point she laughed and said "like our neighbors like us now? psssht!"

It was very stressful moving, though I was excited by it. I got to live with roommates! I got to have my own place! I was on my own, with bills, school, and a job...wait... that's not exciting at all!!

Part of the reason I gained so much weight was the fact that I was living with three men. The other part of the reason was that I was literally making quadruple what I was before. I went from making $7.25/hr 20 hrs a week getting paid biweekly to making $14.50/hr, 40 hours a week getting paid every week. Which meant I could eat out at all of my favorite restaurants a lot more often.

And that is what we did. We ate out at lunch. We ate out for dinner. I grabbed some fast food on the way to class. I got milkshakes for when I did my homework.

I was a pig. And it showed. Very very quickly (in like, oh a month or two) I started gaining weight, rapidly! I was a size 14 and I weighed 175 lbs. Next thing I knew I was a size god only knows stuffed into a size 14 weighing 220 lbs.

August 2008

My weight steadily climbed, because 4 short months after moving out, I got engaged. Now I had a stressful job, college, and a wedding to plan all at once.

We quickly realized that our roommates were not right for us. For one, they HATED me. They despised Brian's decision to propose and told him so on a daily basis. One of them even went so far as to say "just because you have sex with her, doesn't mean you love her." But that is neither here nor there. We decided we needed our own apartment. Preferably closer to work, and further away from the room mates.

Let's fast forward to December 2008.

I graduate from college. I tried to locate my graduation photo but it seems to be MIA, which I don't blame it. I know its around here somewhere. I am pretty sure I didn't throw it away. Or maybe I did. It was a really really bad photo.

I had no idea this is how I actually looked. I didn't own a scale. I knew my clothes weren't fitting properly, I knew I was uncomfortable in the chairs at school and at the graduation, I knew that I was 'a little more out of shape than I used to be.' But Brian still loved me and never said a word about my weight. My family was asking me constantly if I was depressed or something, which pissed me off, because I was obviously in LOOOOVE why couldn't they see that??

January 2009

We get laid off from said job. Panic ensues. We had not saved even a nickel from our jobs, and somehow we incurred all this credit card debt, despite the fact that we were making $900 a week and our bills (at that time) were only $900 a month.

March 2009

Still jobless, but getting lots of money from unemployment and going to McDonald's 3 times a day.
Decided at this point to get married in 6 weeks. Drop this news on family and friends, with varying responses from "YAY!" to "OMG your life is ruined"

Decided also to lose a little weight. Picked a goal of 20 lbs in 6 weeks.

May 2009

Married! These are our wedding pics.

May 14th, 2009. Yikes. I was sooo uncomfortable.
Saying our vows

The kiss!

The venue. The Courthouse. It's such a beautiful building.
Yes I am really that pale
And yes, I do have my purse
And yes... I was aware of how awful I looked

Remember feeling hateful towards myself that I couldn't even lose any weight before I got married, not even a single pound. Tipped the scales at my heaviest, of 237.5 lbs.

Also remember that Brian kept asking where my purse was, and being surprised that it was on my shoulder. My arms were so fat they could hide (and probably still do) my Coach bag.

Somehow squeezed into size 16 jeans that I still can't wear, even though I've lost 20 lbs!

Got put on Xanax for anxiety medication, and also got put on Meridia to try and lose weight. Lost 23 lbs in a month by not eating and popping my medication.

Gained it all back by July.

Fast forward to January 2010

Became a Resolutionary. Joined Curves at 230. Went 3 times.

September 2010

Became overly depressed about life and decided I needed something more than just calorie counting. "Resorted" to Weight Watchers again. I had joined briefly when I was 18 with my mom and even though I didn't really follow the plan 100%, I lost some weight. I figured I would "never be able to do this on my own" so I considered it my birthday gift from my parents', since they gave me money. I was 230 lbs.

Where I Am Now

My goal was to stick it out for three months online and see how I did. If I decided that I needed to go to meetings instead, I would. If I didn't lose anything, then I would try something else. It's been 4 months and some change. And I do see a lot of change. Even if I only lost 12 lbs since I joined, I have lost 12 pounds!! I have also lost almost 20 lbs from my highest, and that is nothing to turn my nose up at!

I think I will go to a WW meeting and see how I like it. Maybe join up there. I saw something online how if you have a meeting membership, online is free? So I will have to think about that some. I definitely don't want to lose my online. I really like the recipes and etc.

My goals in relation to weight loss are still the same: I want to hit my 10% first (207), then under 200, and then finally, 175. This is 30 lbs above the recommended weight for my height, but I was a size 14 at 175 and I had a flat stomach. That is where I want to be again. I am currently a size 16W and weigh 218 lbs so who knows what will happen?

I often look back at the last almost two years and see how little progress I have made, and I start to get upset. Then I stop and think about the quality of my life now compared to back then and I am so much happier, so much more alive. Sure I lost 20 lbs in a year and a half, but it's still 20 lbs I lost, rather than 40 or 60 I gained.

I am happy with where I am headed, but I never intend to give up completely. Some days I may only give 10%, but a lot of 10%'s add up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh in- A Loss!!

YES!! A small loss but I will take it!! I have my greedy little hands all over this loss.

Starting weight: 237.5
Last week: 218.4
This week: 218.0
Loss: .4 lbs
Total on WW: 12
Total to date: 19.5!!

Closely approaching that 20 lb mark again. Hello again old friend!!

While I didn't track every day, I tracked most days.


So, it seems this whole "track it fool!" thing is working.

Gonna do it again this week and this time really keep control of my eating. It's hard since I have been eating so much more than I was, now it seems like I am depriving myself when I am really not.

We had a blizzard yesterday! 15 inches of snow and ice. Thankfully though, we didn't lose power. We lost internet for a few hours, which was annoying, but I just went back to bed. We had a level 1 snow emergency- for those of you who don't have snow or don't know, a level 1 means unless you are an emergency vehicle, you are forbidden to be on the road. If you're caught out (god only knows why you would want to be out!) you can get a ticket and your car impounded. A friend of ours who lives in another county is under a level Code Black which is the absolute worst road conditions.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Round-Up

It's the end of January. It's time to reflect on the month at hand and see what changed, what didn't and what I need to focus on for the next month.

*I gained 1.2 lbs this month.
*I started exercising again (even some is better than none!)
*I can wear a size L in shirts pretty consistently.
*I got a dog who keeps me active and happy
*I cut off all of my hair and I got new glasses
*We upgraded our iPhones to the 3GS

Aside from the whole "keep gaining weight" thing, January had a great outlook for me.

Here's what February has in store for me!

*Tax return, in which I will be able to pay off two of our credit cards.
*Knocking out an additional $300 worth of bills out of our budget! ($500 total)
*Selling our old iPhones for some extra cash, which will of course, be used towards either the rest of our debt, or into a savings account
*Valentine's day!

What I want to work on most now though is my weight loss. I need to make myself more accountable. I need to get back on track. Which leads me to this...

I'm not going to blog as much. I know, you are all heart-broken because you enjoy my multiple posts a day, but I really need to focus on me right now. I need to push myself hard and not worry about fodder for my blog (more like mechanically processed blog fodder). I promise, however, to continue to do my weekly weigh ins on Wednesdays, and anything else exciting in my life, probably on Sundays.

I am not going to stop blogging (believe me, I'm addicted!) In fact, I am going to be working on my new design, which comes with many new elements for the site and it will have some great weekly articles too. [Hint: It involves cooking!]

I will still be updating The Max Experience and He Took Away My Debit Card as well, so be sure to subscribe if you haven't!

See you all tomorrow (Wednesday) for my weigh in. Don't be sad.