Friday, July 31, 2009

Tonights Dinner

For dinner tonight we are having

Baked Chicken and Pasta
Specifically stick mac n cheese. From Kraft.

Here's the recipe:

Preheat oven to 425 F

In a 11x7 casserole dish:
Dump two boxes of macaroni
2 cups of water
4 TB butter (optional)
1/4 C Milk

In a medium size bowl mix:
The two powdered cheese packets
1 10.75 oz can of Cream of Chicken condensed soup.
It will be thick and orange colored.

Then mix this into the dish, incorporating noodles.

Bake 20 minutes uncovered.

In a food processor:
8 saltine crackers
1/2 tsp Oregano
3 TBP season all
Dash pepper
1/2 tsp minced garlic

Obliterate until its the consistency of bread crumbs. Or use bread crumbs if they are handy.

Pull out the dish, lay your chicken breasts on top and season with pepper. Sprinkle couple handfuls of shredded cheese on top and top with breadcrumbs.

Pop back in the oven, covered with aluminum foil (shiny side down) for 20 minutes or until chicken is done and juices run clear.

Mine's still cooking, so I have no idea how its going to turn out. Should almost be done though!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The other day I wrote about donating blood.
Couldn't wait to donate blood.

Hubby and I ran errands today,
We got his license changed and his new bank card on the way.
We went to the cake/candy decorating store so I could pick up some fondant and stuff for a friend's birthday party this weekend.

We went to the mall to goof around.
Inside Barnes and Noble I looked for books on Prohibition. Sadly disappointed I suggested on a whim we should go to our college we graduated from and see our favorite instructor.

We pull up and

the Blood Mobile was there.

My god. There it was. I had just thought about donating on Monday. I had no idea they would be there. I wasn't even thinking of going to school til the minute it popped out of my mouth.

I must have a little ESP.
PS Yes I donated and so did hubby, after much pestering.

He has Type O- blood, the kind preferred for accident victims and babies needing transfusions. He can donate to everyone, but only receive O-.
I'm the exact opposite, being AB+, I can only donate to those who have AB+ but receive any type of blood.

All in all it was fun, we even impressed some of the nurses who thought it was great that a husband and wife both donated, and that he took my last name :)

And they were all over him for his blood type. You can be sure I will make him donate again lol

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Best I've Heard

I like to donate blood.
I've given it twice since I was 17.
The first, I was all pumped up. I ate tuna for a week straight so I would have enough iron in my blood.
I filled up my bag rather quickly.

The second was in college
We were on the American Red Cross Bloodmobile.
The woman set me all up, but something was wrong.
I dont know what happened, it may have been too cold, or my body may have freaked out.
The needle clogged up, my blood coagulated and the nurses began to blood let me.

It was a scary experience, seeing your blood tumble out of your arm. In the end, we got it taken care of, and they filled up my bag.
I still have a small scar.

Then I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. A form of the HPV virus, it caused cells in my cervix to become abnormal. Nothing too serious, the tissue was removed and the virus went into remission.

I worried I wouldn't be able to give blood anymore, or that I had already donated infected blood.

I got a bug up my butt today and looked it up and apparently, I can still donate blood. It's the best news I've heard in a long time, and it almost made me cry.

Now, I need to convince the hubby to donate as well, he has "pure blood" the only kind that can be given to newborns.


Our lease for our current apartment comes up soon, August 22nd is when we will get the papers asking if we want to re-sign.

Pros and Cons time, kids!

We already live here. No moving required.
It has an awesomely huge pool.
Our neighbors don't bother us, they are all old retired folks.
It's close to the outdoor mall and the interstate.
2 Bedroom, 2 full bath- 998 sq ft.
Washer/dryer in unit

New management took over.
Rent was raised $30/month for our pets.
Rent will raise at least an additional $30/mo under the new owners
Water heater, washer/dryer, and heater are in 3 different rooms.
Stackable washer/dryer
Pantry, dishwasher, oven collide
Washer pipe connected by a zip tie....

New Apartment complex we found...

Brand new buildings, just built.
All utilities are in the same room
Washer/Dryer in unit, almost full size
$150 cheaper per month
No pet rent
Huge bathroom
Bar in the kitchen
Dedicated pantry
Built in microwave, all new appliances
Fire Extinguisher included

No pool
I work at home, hubby doesn't have a job
Not listed on, so can't get the $100 reward card

We get the papers to re-sign at the end of August and we have til September 22nd to decide, and until October 1st if we decide to move.

Hopefully hubby will get a job by then.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I long for

There is a store in town.
It is a Country Kitchen SweetArt store.
Oh boy do I want to go.

A friend is having a birthday party next Saturday, and I've already told him I am going to bring a cake.

I lied.

I'm bringing cupcakes.
Lots of em.

Last year I made him a cake based off his favorite video game, Final Fantasy X.
This year I am making cupcakes based off his favorite tv show, Digimon.

Yes yes it is dorky, but you have to keep in mind we are twenty somethings that grew up on that Saturday morning stuff.

I got edible ink pens in the mail the other day and I am dying to try them
Hubby said he would help me draw out the characters and such, as he is a better artist than I am

I'll take pictures as well.
Mmmmaybe I'll upload them. Heh

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have been really busy this week
Saturday was movie with mom and gramma
Sunday was dinner with hubby's parents
Monday was brother in law's 21st huge birthday bash.
Today we were supposed to go to the local festival.

Our friend texts.
Hey, you still want to go?
Hubby: Errr can we do it tomorrow, we had a late night last night with my brother.
Friend: Yeah ok
Friend: Wanna go tomorrow?
Hubby: Can't, career fair
Friend: Thursday?
hubby: Can we talk later, i'm sleepy
Friend: sure

An hour later, he calls

Friend: Disc replay was the store that fixed scratched discs, right?
Hubby: Yeah
Friend: Wanna go after the career fair
Hubby: Sure
Friend: Were you sleeping?
Hubby: Yeah
Friend: Night.

Then we get calls from the brother and the gang from last night's bash.
Wanna come to ihop? Sure
Hey wanna go to the drive in tonight?

Another friend
Wanna see Harry Potter at midnight?

Sigh. So popular

Monday, July 13, 2009

Check please

I got a check from our phone and internet company
The amount? 66 cents.

It cost more to print the check than to keep the .66
(Cost of the paper, the ink, the envelope, the postage, and the employees involved)

I was confused why they just didn't credit it to our account
After all, we were expecting more of a refund since they completely messed up our payment last month
Surely that would be easier?

Got a receipt in the mail from them today.
Last payment due.... 35.34
Last payment received...36.00
Credit forwarded.... -.66

I paid them an extra .66

Upon closer inspection, I realize this is from the PHONE portion of the company,
Not the internet (where they owe us about $30)
We canceled our land-line a couple months ago
And I apparently over paid them

They couldn't credit it to our account because our account no longer exists.

There are also THREE websites to check your accounts at, .com, .net, and

None of them have all the information required
Or even tell you what you owe
What they owe you
And heaven forbid you do automatic payments
Because they won't access your payment acct when your bill is due, no.
But they will charge you a late fee for not paying on time.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Backing my way in...

Yesterday I frantically ran around trying to find a pair of jeans.
These are torn
Those don't fit anymore
Hmm have you seen my dark blue ones?

Finally I settled on a pair of khakis. Haven't worn them since I started working at my last company, and they barely fit then.
Will they fit?
I tried them on, apprehensive.
Sucking in, holding my breath, bum nice and tight.

Turns out, didn't need to.
They are actually a little baggy.

It was awesome.

Worked my first two hours on my new job
Went to mom's
took a Vivarin
it's like legal speed
kept me up later than i wanted
so I chugged some NyQuil

slept like a baby
dreamed of meeting the trainer in person
that my best friend was taller than me (she barely breaks 5' and I'm 5'5.5)
Work my next hour in a few minutes.

I wonder how I will do not doped up on speed

Nothing was grown on my farm, save for some bananas, so I decided I would blog.

Aren't I sweet

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally!!! Weee

I did it
I finally got a job
Its an internet job
But I love it already

It feels like it was destiny

I finally get to do what I always wanted
Work from home and make lots of money

Now all we need is for hubby to get a job.

There is a career fair at our college
And the place he wanted to get in at is hiring
They will be there this Wednesday

So let's all cross our fingers and pray
Shake those money trees too

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something Rotten...

While I was getting ready to go swimming
I caught a whiff
A whiff of cat box.

Hunny, I called, you really need to clean the cat box.
I will, he said, later.

It's bed time now.
We bring our lap tops in our room
So he can paint and I can play farmville

Again, I get a whiff.

Kiwi is on the bed, sniffing at something.
I nudge her away and grab the blanket
And a fistful of poo.

Cat poo.
A huge pile of it.

I retch, run into the bathroom and scrub
Hubby thinks it was on the cat.

When I explain he jumps up and cleans out their litter box
I clean the mess up and throw the blanket (which barely fits) into our washer.

We decide to lock the cats into the spare bedroom tonight, where their litter box is
We moved their food and water in there too

Last night,
They broke my potpourri bowl in the guest bathroom
Glass was everywhere
On the counter
On the floor
In the toilet

The night before they scratched at the door and carpet and howled.
Imagine a cat in heat.
And then one dying.

When we lost our jobs
the cats didn't pay any attention to us
Now that we are home all the time
It seems like they need constant entertaining
Or they become destructive.

And, apparently, we need to clean the litterbox on a daily basis.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I recently discovered just how OCD I am
I mean, I like books organized
By Author and Title, or by Series

Who doesn't do this?

I like my DVDs in alphabetical order
My games too

I search recipe websites
Scouring the internet on how to make things "homemade"

But recently, my OCD has gone to a new level

I play farmville on Facebook.
I tried really hard to make my farm look natural
But I failed

I complained to my mom
It would look more natural if I could rotate the animals

I like my ducks sitting near water
Cows near the hay

All the same species trees together

But it annoys me I can't rotate the animals.

I count each plot of land as I plow, plant, or harvest it.
I have 100 exactly.

It wasn't intentional (consciously, anyway)
But not surprising, I don't like odd numbers

I wrote this blog while waiting for my crops to grow
You see my strawberries are only 67% done

Sweet Summer Sun

Glorious day!
Our pool is open finally at our apartment complex!

It opened Friday July 3
No one said anything

It's been dead every day
No one knows it's open, see

I'm not about to tell them
Been soaking up sun
Treading water
Trying to swim

Our pool is 9 ft deep
I can barely touch bottom at 5
I need to do laps
Learn to hold my breath better

We have one guy who comes every day
His skin is so tan it's like leather
He sits in the lounge chairs and reads
And drinks something from his bag
It's labeled "Capt Morgan Parrot Bay"

Then he leaves.

We have life guards too
bunch of skinny 16 year olds.
They think they will just be saving kids
What will they do when they need to pull my fat ass out of the water?


Thursday, July 2, 2009

(Wo)Man vs Wild

When I was growing up, Mom gave me this advice:

"If you get lost, hug a tree and scream"

I've been watching Man vs Wild, and my mom asked why.

"So I can survive if I get lost," I said.

She laughed, "I'd be hugging a tree and screaming, and you'd be building a signal fire!"

It's kinda gross watching Bear Grylls eat grubs, spiders, scorpions, and various other things... but then I compare it to the people who got lost in the Andes and ate their own friends and family to survive.

Then, its not so bad. Yeah, I probably wouldn't like to eat a spider whole... but I know it's more tolerable than eating someone's brain.

I find it all fascinating, but I'd likely get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of traveling, with out any supplies. Like a parachute, knife, flint, or anything else useful.

In the end, I'd be hugging a tree and screaming too.