Sunday, October 31, 2010

Correction: 48 pts

I'd like to note what a buffoon I was: 4 Bob Evans sausage links are not 28 points. They are 5. With that being said, I was at 23.5 points for the day and I have 20 weekly remaining. Good thing I did my research!

Tonight's dinner was sloppy joes (6 pts with bun, or 3 without) and mac and cheese (5 pts)  I had two glasses of Arnold Palmer "teamonade" for 3 points, and two glasses of water today. Also had a turkey sandwich for 6 pts (damn you tasty cheese!) and a small "order" of homemade cheese fries (3 oz fries with 2 Tbl cheese sauce) for 4 pts.

All in all, a good day for food eating. Brian had some of my cheese fries and decided they were delicious and proceeded to make his own, which used up all of the fries, and half of the sauce LOL I think I converted him!

So, yeah, aside from the dumb blonde moment, everything is back to normal. Except for the fact I'm out of fries, dangit!


Congratulations to my best friend, in the whole wide world! Miss Kayla got engaged the other day to a very sweet, wonderful man and I couldn't be happier! In bonus news- I was not only invited to the wedding, but I also get to be a bridesmaid! Hurray! Talk about exciting!

July 16 is the nuptial date (pending) so that's a little over 7 months to get as fit as I can! I can't wait to see my little sister all dolled up for her "I do"s.

I'm already crying like a ninny. It's so great. I am so happy for her. I think I am happier for her than I was at my own wedding! (Sorry Brian... lol)

I've been planning with her all afternoon and I have to say I'm liking a lot of what she's come up with. Truly a beautiful, wonderful woman. I am so lucky to call her my friend.

Where are the tissues??

48 Points

Yesterday Brian and I went to my parents to go visit. I love visiting, because we can play some games together and enjoy a meal or two.

We had french toast and sausage links for lunch. I had one and a half pieces of french toast and 4 sausage links. Four links is 28.5 points- I didn't know this until I ate them! I get 28 points a day.

For dinner we had cheese burgers and chips- I had a 3 oz burger on a piece of bread, folded over in half to make a bun. 1 oz of chips.

After it was all said and done, I had 48 points yesterday. 48! That was all my daily, and all of my weekly that I had left too.

But it was worth it.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheese Fries

I know, another post about cheese fries! Get over it, I hear you scream. But it falls on deaf ears. I will not give up my cheese fries! I have simply found a way to make them *better* mwahahaha

Take 3 oz Ore-Ida shoestrings (3 pts) bake in the oven for 10 minutes until crispy, golden and delicious.
Take 2 Tbl stadium cheddar cheese sauce product (1 pt) and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Combine. Yeah, 4 pts. 8 if you double the fries and cheese, but you really don't need that much cheese. Compared to my favorite restaurant that saves me any where for 6-10 points, depending on how gluttonous I am feeling.

Squeal! Oh, and its cheaper too. I can have 10 servings of cheese fries for $6 or I could have 1.5 servings at the restaurant. WIN!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Best Advice My Mother Gave Me

I'd like to tell you about the best advice my mom ever gave me. I was in high school, and probably worrying about how I was not popular enough, or maybe some boy made fun of me. I can't remember, but I know I was very upset with school at the time. My mom sat there, looking at me and said

"In a few years, highschool won't even matter. It's not important. It's nothing like the real world."

At the time, of course, I didn't believe her. I asked all sorts of questions. What was the real world really like? Was high school hard for you? and some others, I'm sure.

Sure, I still had bad days at school. And no, I wasn't magically popular, or date a lot of boys. But I did remember what she said, and it's true- high school doesn't matter anymore, and it is nothing like the real world.

I still remember this advice, because it applies to so many things. Like the blogging world, for instance. It's basically high school again. There are some really popular blogs, and then there are the rest of us. There are some really fake people and then there are really genuine people. There's nice people, mean people, fat people, ugly people, pretty people, skinny people.

There's been a lot of drama lately about a certain magazine "attacking" the blogger world. A lot of people are upset that this would even happen. And some of the names being said are not exactly.... well, proper.

But what I think people tend to forget is- HELLO! You've put your life out on the internet- not everyone is going to love you. Also, if they say something bad about you- guess what! you can ignore it. It isn't like real life when someone walks up to you and asks you if you're pregnant. It isn't like real life when a bunch of frat guys call you a fattie. It isn't like REAL LIFE AT ALL because it isn't. It's more like highschool.

If you're going to blog your life- no matter what it is, you are bound to annoy someone who doesn't share the same ideals as you. The best thing you can do is - shock- let it go.

Let's be sensible for a moment. A fashion magazine- these are people whos concerns are about what to wear during the day and at night, for goodness sakes- said that bloggers were self-destructive. Isnt that the pot calling the kettle black? And fashion magazines aren't too concerned with women's health, lets be honest. They want you to look like a ho and give you great sex advice (which is always a variation on foreplay and cow girl) but they tear apart someone's eating habits or exercise habits. Who freaking cares? Why bother getting upset over a magazine? Arent there more important things in REAL LIFE worth caring about? Like your family, your friends, your own battles?

Once again, like high school, you should be focusing on what really matters. In high school, it was your grades and your GPA. In the real world, its your family, your bills, your life that matters. Not some magazine. What would they know about you- other than you pay $2.95 for them to berate you?- that's right. Nothing. And like those people in high school who were all about being popular and mean and everything- you will see that they just dont matter in the long run.

I read the article, and I didn't find anything offensive about it. They had some random doctor who had never seen these people in REAL LIFE and make judgements about them from their blogs. Oh she works out to much she only eats 500 calories a day from her blog pics.... uhm.... hello?? what does that have to do with anything? Maybe she's over 40 and needs to work out a little harder. Maybe she didn't include that box of cookies she ate in secret! Or maybe its none of your damn business how much she eats or how much she doesn't.

The article doesn't bother me. Its the violent reaction it stirred with in the blogging community. How upset everyone is. You know this thing would just GO AWAY if we werent hyperlinking to it.

Move on, and go back to your regularly scheduled blogging, peeps.

Thoughts on Groceries, and food in general

I figured out why we go through groceries so fast. It seems that no matter how much I buy or spend on groceries, we consume them at the same rate. And its a case of "eyes are bigger than the stomach"

I mean, take the last month for example. We would spend $90 on groceries, which is supposed to last two weeks at least, and it would be gone in a week. We were eating seconds and in my husbands case, sometimes thirds. The food was so good. He would take leftovers to work too, and then suddenly... well we are out of food and there's still a week to go. No money, because we spent it all on catching up on bills. So we are hungry for a week, living on once-a-day ramen noodles.

This happened twice, for both pay periods. Although I did get a little more creative, it still ended up that we didn't have a lot leftover, both in food and in money.

But I have recognized the problem and have since started to correct it, starting with groceries this week. This week, my budget was $40 but I spent $70 (heh) Clearly I need to get in a better habit of shopping. I only bought everything on my list, however, and I only bought items on sale.

I also bought a few staples too, to stock up my pantry.

Anyway, what I am saying is.... I am working on portion control in my diet I also need to work on it in my budget and groceries too. For instance, I bought a package of chicken breasts. It was $1.99/lb but 2.55 lbs. Three breasts. In the past, I would have cooked them just like that. One for me, one for Brian, and one for his leftover lunch. Turns out..... That's a lot of chicken. 2.5 lbs over 3 breasts? That's insane! Considering the average weight was 12 oz of each breast- that means there were 4 servings! I was eating four servings of chicken at a time. Goes to show you why I wasn't losing weight! I thought- a chicken breast, that's 140 calories a serving. one breast= one serving. NOOO WRONG.

I weighed each breast on my handy dandy electronic scale and then cut each piece into 4ths. I got 12 servings out of 3 breasts- which makes me feel better that I paid $5 for it. I then wrapped each piece individually in wax paper and put it in a freezer bag. Ta-da! I bet Brian will freak when I show him how small a serving actually is.

I also bought a block of extra-sharp cheddar cheese (12 oz) and cut it in half. 6 oz got put into a freezer bag, and the other 6 is going to be shredded, probably tonight. That will go in a baggie too, and stay in the fridge.

Gallons of milk were on sale too, cheaper than a half gallon. We usually go through a gallon every two weeks, so I just grabbed one of those. I had rinsed out the half gallon jug and filled it up from the gallon. I stuck that in the freezer. Yeah, you can freeze milk. It's exciting.

I got my own veggies to make my own V8 (though its really V2- spinach and cauliflower, with tomatoes) and I am going to freeze that as well, in ice cube trays. I totally need a bigger freezer.

I am also going to make my own bread-products, like biscuits, pizza crust, and bread. Yeah I'll have to be careful with the bread, but really, I don't *crave* bread. I *crave* cheese. So I will be ok as long as I don't make cheddar biscuits. Plus, how spoiled would Brian be if he got to take his sandwich to work made with homemade bread?!

I'm starting to seriously consider looking into getting a farm. Just think how many pounds of beef you can get from one cow? How many fresh eggs you could have from a couple of chickens! And a little garden too. Gosh, I better start pinching my pennies now because I am not going to do all that work alone. I'll need a farm hand or something. And our Corgis could herd the cattle. Squeal!

That's it. That is my ultimate dream. A small farm with a couple chickens, a couple cows, a small garden, and Corgis. Wow. I had no idea that I would end up figuring out my ultimate dream in a blog. Weird. I'm not in any rush to buy a farm or work on one, but I will be saving up for one. Haha.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weight Watchers- Week 4 Weigh in!

Week 4! Yay First month of WW online completed! I logged every thing. Every bite, every drink, it's all been logged. Diligently.

Soooo how does my first month wrap up?!?!

I've lost 12 lbs total for the month!

I lost 2.4 lbs this week 

I hit 10 lbs lost AND my 5% lost (11.5 lbs) in the same week!

I wear a size 16 now 

And I can wear a shirt that hasn't fit for two years. 

That's a lot to celebrate today!

I'll get some better pictures when Brian gets home... I was too lazy and slept in while he was getting ready for work. Poor guy has been making his own lunch and everything :(

YAY 12 lost in a month! only 43 to go! I sooo got this.

I'm going from fat ass to bad ass PDQ (that's pretty darn quick, in case you didnt know)

My next goal is 10% which will put me at 207. That number looks incredibly small and I am already salivating. I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Non-Scale Victories! (major)

Well well well. About time for a non scale victory that falls into the "major" category. The first tangible piece of evidence that I am losing weight (aside from the scale numbers)

I had on my size 18 jeans yesterday. I noticed that they are a bit baggy, particularly around the bum area. They don't really stay up well on my hips anymore, either. I was joking to hubby, soon they will be falling off of me!

then it occurred to me....

Maybe they could fall off of me now! I gave them a tug, and whooop! down to my knees they went, buttoned and all. I ran into the other room where Brian was and said "Look what I can do!" And tugged them off again.

We laughed we hugged we jumped up and down (with my pants around my ankles, no less) and we both remarked about how wonderful I was (even with pants around my ankles)

Those pants are officially too big. Victory 1

But, I don't have a lot of jeans in the 16 range because well I skipped over that size entirely when I got fat I went from a size 14 to a size 20 almost immediately. (gaining 60 lbs in a year will do that to you)

I did but a pair of size 16s not too long ago though. Goal pants. I decided to try them on and not be upset if they didn't fit, because, after all, they might not. Clothes suck, all the varying sizes.

Anyway, I tried them on, up the calves, up the thighs- no resistance- around my large, ample bottom (still no resistance) buttoned and zipped! I could still breathe even! I could touch my toes! I could cross my legs! My stomach is still a little too big and hangs over, so I won't be wearing them until I get rid of that. Probably another 10 lbs or so.

Tomorrow is weigh in day! Are you excited?! I'm excited! I'm doing my measurements and pictures, so stay tuned!

Arnold Palmer- or as Kirstie Allie calls it- Teamonade

In an effort to be more frugal, and also to try something new, I made the executive decision of no more soda in the house.

As usual, this got protests from Brian.

"But what will we drink?"
"But what about caffeine?"

The obvious solution was anything but soda- coffee, tea, juice, etc.
If he wanted caffeine, that leaves coffee and tea.

"I hate coffee" So do I.

"I like iced tea, with lemon in it." Ehhhh I'm not big on tea myself.

I asked if he would mind cutting it with lemonade or something equally tasty, until I got used to the taste of tea and then we could slowly phase it out and just drink tea. All tea, all the time!

We got some instant tea mix (made with real sugar and no artificial ingredients and real lemons!) and we got some instant lemonade mix (made with real sugar and no artificial ingredients and real lemons!) and I made a batch. Half lemonade and half tea.

An Arnold Palmer.

Brian's dad is notorious for this drink- he always gets it whenever we go out. I think its funny now that we are doing the same thing.

I am still going to get a bag of frozen raspberries and puree the heck out of them to add a little more flavor and fruit to my drink.

If you follow Kirstie Allie (which I recommend you should- she's a total nutcase) on Twitter, she just posted tonight about how we should call this "teamonade" instead of an Arnold Palmer.

Also, weigh in day is coming up. I am doing so horribly bad with my points. I can't seem to eat consistently. I will have to figure this out. I had 2 servings of tuna noodle casserole today. For 10 pts. And thats been it.
I also wasn't feeling too well yesterday and earlier today, so maybe thats why.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I've got a small fever! two degrees above my normal temperature... yay! im kidding. i've been sucking down water like well... a water sucker!

I also am soooo pining for sweets today. I want donuts. I want chocolate. The only thing stopping me is my bank account- I'm seriously broke. Oh well.

Then I saw on WW online the "Pizza cheat sheet" I wanted pizza so bad.

I settled for 5 crossaint rolls. Yeah I went over my points. I don't care. Only by 5. Still got 24 weekly left and 4 activity.

I'm also out of cheese. Dangit. Cheese, Gromit!
I can make it. Only 4 more days til pay day. Cheese on pay day.

Weigh in Wednesday. Do hope that I can pass that 10 lb mark. It would also be cool if I could hit 5% mark too. Also you want to know something REALLY cool... I will tell you a secret. My 5% mark is just one pound away from 20 lost from my highest, all time weight, a year and a half ago. While its not the most  relevant weight, its still a nice milestone. Hehehehehe I cant wait

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Been very groggy the last few days. Not really feeling up to par.

My head is stuffed up. My eyes are puffy. My legs desperately need shaven. Starting to look like a man. All I want to do is sleep.

Oh, and eat cheese. In fact, between me and hubby, yeeeah we ate an 8 oz block of cheese yesterday. Colby jack in case you were wondering. I had 4 oz. I also been eating a lot of chicken. We got some great lunch meat, Oscar Meyer off the bone carving board. Rotisserie style. It was on sale (2/$5) and then I had a coupon for $1 off then the packages had a $1 off coupon too. So I got two of them for $2. And now they are gone.

So freaking good. We also had pigs in a blanket. Which was almost offensive to me to make, since it was so simple. But Brian really went nuts for it. We had mac and cheese too.

I've gone over on my points today and yesterday 4 pts each. Not bad. Weekends are supposed to be my "cheat" days.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frugal Living- Its a good theory...

Well... lets just say frugality is fine to read up on and some things you can put to good practice. Like using less laundry detergent and supplementing with baking soda/vinegar (or for the truly hip, making your own) Then there are a bit that are well... em... a little out there. Like washing out plastic baggies and recycling aluminum foil and vacuum cleaner bags. This last book is a little dated, its a '96 publication, but still has a lot of good tips.

I mean, this woman saved $12,500 her first year being frugal. Of course, with inflation and what not that means she saved, what? 7 cents? Ha! Okay, all kidding aside, thats a lot of cash. She is referred to as the Frugal Zealot (with good reason) and her books are the Tightwad Gazette. Her name is Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced as 'decision') 

I saw a great quote..Kin Hubburd said:

"The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and stick it in your pocket"

While it is true, its also the hardest part for me.
That may need to be printed onto a sticky note and taped to my fridge, tv, forehead (backwards so I can read it) and etc

Maybe instead of asking for cash this holiday season, I should ask for a CD hahaha 

Friday, October 22, 2010

/End Rant

I feel so much better today.
Yes I had a shit-tastic day.

But you know what? It's ok.
I just quoted a little Scarlett O'Hara and then did my best to occupy my mind.

"I'll think about it tomorrow"

It's now officially tomorrow. And I haven't thought of it much, other than like "Hmm dont go get the mail until after dark"

Today represents a whole new day of challenges and battles. I have to do a web-screening for a job I applied for. Apparently, you do need experience for a crossing guard and my application was denied. Oh well.
That won't stop me. I just need to get out of the house. And if I have a job that requires me to you know get dressed at least for a few hours a day, that would be great.

Battles won and battles lost.

A Really Bad Day

I had a crazy bad day after my last post. I mean I was all excited I was finally stickin' it to the credit card companies.... then... well lets just say it went all down hill.

First, I went to the library to pick up my books I had on hold. They were all available when I placed them on hold on line- 4 total. There were only two. When I checked out (they have a self-checkout like at a grocery store) it said I had 3. But I went and looked, there wasn't a third. Damn. Anyway. So I see my hubby and it turns out he's got a bad day going too. I won't get into it. But its annoying.

Secondly, I went to the store to pick up a few things. Mostly a gallon of filtered water. The water in my city is irradiated- no seriously, they pump it so full of chemicals and minerals to change it from nasty green to a filmy white. Yeahhhh.... I'm not buying a Brita filter either, I don't WANT that water anywhere near me.

I also happen to notice the meat counter is putting out- get this- 1 pound portions of ground beef for $1.79- saving $2.00 a pound. I grab one thinking I'm such a bad ass. I decided to get a bag of red kidney beans and 2 boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix. I also pick up a small, pie pumpkin (not pumpkin pie, don't get confused) for Brian. He likes roasted pumpkin seeds and he also like pumpkin-anything so I decided I could make muffins or something out of the rest of it.

When I got home I noticed I left the gallon of water in my cart- because it wasn't in my back seat. I decided to put the rest of my groceries away and call the store and let them know. They told me to bring my receipt and it should be no problem.

Well on the way up to my apartment I got accosted by my next door neighbor. She's 65, German, and very very mean. Always in everyone's business then bitching and complaining about it. She makes a call to the city on a daily basis demoralizing something or other. I'm not kidding. Anyway, she asked me if I was mad at her, I said no, I've just been very busy lately. She said that I have been acting like I am going to kill her and she's told her husband that she's afraid for her life. I am not shitting you. She seriously accused me of attempted murder. I asked her why she thought that, and she said that I shot her a death-look yesterday.

Apparently she must have X-ray vision because I didnt leave my house yesterday. At all. I didn't even get the mail.

She then argued this point so I said whatever, lady, I have to put away my groceries. She said she was going to call to the city and complain about something or other, and I told her good luck with that, and went inside. I was fuming!

Seriously. I can't make this shit up.

Then I call the store, hop in the car and drive back to the store. I'm low on gas. I get there- no receipt. No receipt! I lost it at this point and just boo-hooed in my car and sat there for a while then went home. I didn't even bother. Eff it. I came home and carved up my pumpkin.

Hubby gets home and then offers to go to the store. He goes and they didnt even check his receipt, but gave him the water. Nice.

For dinner, I had turkey bacon, pancake, and egg beaters with cheese for dinner for 10 points. I realized I hadnt eaten all day at this point. I still havent eaten anything else.

I roasted the pumpkin seeds too, and then I scooped out all the pumpkin ...flesh? and pureed it, so now I can add it to muffins and stuff. I need more sugar though. I'm out.

Now I've been reading the Pennypinchers Almanac by Readers Digest. I found it online for like $7 but why pay that when you can get it from the Library for free? I also have the Complete Tightwad Gazette and thats a pretty hefty book.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living Frugally- You cant be serious.

Yay welcome to another frugality post. It's not about vinegar this time. It's actually about credit cards and debt. See I have this one card... its $1500 and the interest rate is 24.99% which means.... well it means I'm basically screwed.

I'd been reading up a lot on this sort of thing. What to do about it, who to talk to etc, and I finally plucked up the nerve to call my company based on this guy's advice The Simple Dollar Go check it out sometime.

He said that you should call up the company and ask them to lower your rate. If they wont, ask why. And if they still wont budge, casually mention you're getting other offers to transfer your purchases at a lower apr. Well I had collected 5 or 6 offer this week in the mail and picked the lowest interest rate for balance transfers. Then, armed with my loaded pistol, I called up my current bank and spoke with a very nice lady. I told her that I was not happy with the interest rate and could we do something about that please I'd like to keep my business with you. She then told me I had the lowest rate available.


Really? You're going to tell me that TWENTY FIVE percent is the lowest???? I don't think so. So I told her that I hardly believed that 25% was the lowest and she kept insisting that it was and that they couldnt do anything about it. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said okay but she wont be able to help you. That sort of irked me. So I just said thanks anyway and hung up.

Then I promptly logged online to my new card offer and signed up for it. 0% for two years on balance transfers and 14% after that. With a 3% transfer fee. I was approved and able to move all but about $200 over. Which I will promptly be paying on the 15th when I get paid again.

So- moral of the story is..... you cant seriously expect me to keep paying you a QUARTER of my balance in interest every month. Sorry. Not happening. I am sure someone somewhere else wants my hard earned money a little more and are willing to negotiate.

Now, I have no interest for 2 years and one card all but paid off so now I can focus on tackling the bigger buck items and then I will be freee..... oh so freeee... The avalance is coming. Make sure you're ready. Its going to be a long, long winter.


The Change

I can feel it already. I am going through "the Change".

I had a lot of my daily points left today. I was busy working and while I work I don't eat. I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter. 4 points. I get 29 a day.

The rest of the day was spent sucking down diet Cherry Pepsi and water, alternating. I was hungry when B got home so I was like- hey, lets go out to eat. We have some extra cash-ola, and we havent done so in a while.

I am not going to lie. I was totally thinking "cheese fries and a burger." I know what you're thinking- god that girl never gives up on the cheese fries. So I goog'd my favorite joint and here's the damage.

Big mistake
Calories: 610
Fat grams: 34
Fiber: 6

I rarely got the large fry usually just the regular. And when I was only counting calories, that wasnt so bad. Especially if thats all you were having for that meal. But you have to take into consideration the fat and fiber in it.

Weight Watchers says its 14 points. FOURTEEN!

It's actually better for you to get the deep fried chicken sandwich, at this local burger joint. We will not being going there anymore, simply because now I have made the connection that it is not worth it to spend the points, even if I had them.

My attitude about my points is starting to change. Is it worth it to eat that piece of garlic bread that is 4 points? Or if I am still hungry, I can have 5 cups of popcorn for 1 pt?

So instead, we went to Wendy's. I got the Ultimate Grill Chicken sandwich (7 pts) and a large chili (6 pts) for the same "price."

It was shocking though, looking at the nutrition information. Things that weren't high in calories necessarily, were high in fat. Like the same amount of chili at the local joint was 12 pts but Wendys was 6!
Proof that you can't just pay attention to the calories, but you have to take in the fat and the fiber too 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weight Watchers- Week 3 Weigh In

I'm a loser, baby! I'm down another 1.2 lbs this week! YAY! That puts me at total weight change of 9.6 lbs! I am so so close to losing 10 lbs. Next week is my week! I am also really close to my 5% goal, which is 11.5 lbs! I'm 1.9 away! I should have this in the bag soon!

So here we go. Let's take a look-see at my weekly tracker and my weight tracker. 

On this, I highlighted the days I went over.

No need for highlights on this- that downward slope says it all!

Yay! How exciting! Wednesdays are really a great weigh in for me. I think it helps that its in the middle of the week, so it sort of helps if I have a big weekend (like Sunday, when my family came over)

I'd also like to point out that I could not have done this without Weight Watchers. In only 3 weeks, I lost 9.6 lbs (that's an average of 3.2 a week!!!) I struggled for a year to get below 225 on the scale. Up down up down up down.... the same few pounds over and over again.

I thought I was broken. How could I not do this on my own? I see everyone else on Blogworld doing it just fine and here's me, forever fat and frump (thats a good blog name) and I just felt despair. I thought I was "resorting" to Weight Watchers when I joined. Like how some people "resort" to Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem/etc

It's not that way anymore. That's not how I feel. At first I was dreading it. But then I remembered, long ago, I joined WW with my mom and in not trying, I lost 15 lbs. Without! Trying! Imagine how much I can lose this time?? Exciting to think about!!

I know my problem is portion distortion. I know that's what it is because I don't eat a lot of unhealthy things. I've entirely cut pizza out of my diet. I rarely have thoughts of cheese fries (at 13 pts a serving? no thanks) and I eat more chicken than I did before. That's saying a lot. I don't eat all my fruits and veggies but I'm working on that. Without Weight Watchers, I wouldn't have known what a portion was. Sure I can't just eyeball it all now, and I don't want to. I bought a cool kitchen scale and I intend on using it as much as possible.

Yay me!

My name is Christie, and I'm a recovering foodie. I've been on the plan for three weeks and I am seeing positive results.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reeling it in

I have been feeling very very hungry lately. Like I can't stay satisfied. I was bragging last Wednesday about how I rarely dip into my weekly points. Not this week. This week, I obliterated them. I ate 22 of them between Wednesday and Thursday. I think it was partly because we were broke for so long had no food, then we went grocery shopping and I had a case of my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

I felt bloated. Ugly. Horrible. Disgusting. Then I realized what I was doing. I was overeating. Like before. Sure I was "tracking it all" and the points are "there to spend"

But you know what? The scale hasn't been moving much. (I know, I shouldn't weigh everyday. Shh) Its been about the same, actually. That kind of sucks.

The rest of the week though, I haven't dipped into my remaining weekly and slowly, surely, the scale is heading down again. Whew, scary.

It's also my third week on plan. And the first two weeks, you lose a lot of weight. By the third week, it kind of slows down as your body is adjusting to its new routine. If I even lose a little bit, I'll be happy. Average is 1-2 lbs a week. I would love to be average.

Tomorrow is weigh in day so we will see what the damage is. I'm also taking my measurements again as its been 2 weeks since the last time

Christie's Tricksy Lasagna!

Before we get into how awesome of a cook I am, let me show you how awesome I am.
Do you like my babydoll/cardigan combo?
This is me down 8.4 lbs!
Don't I look sexy? Also my dress is a bit too big already. It could be because its actually a 1X rather than an XL, but I'd love to think its because I'm 8.4 lbs lighter than I was when I ordered it!

My parents and grandma came over for lunch and to hang out so I made my famous lasagna. Being on weight watchers though, I decided to improve my already awesome recipe.

Normally it looks like this

*1 lb ground beef
* 9 lasagna noodles
* 1 jar spaghetti sauce (Prego)
* 2 bags of shredded cheese
* 2 cups 4% milkfat cottage cheese
* diced onion and garlic

But not this time. Noooo. It looked like this

* 1/2 lb ground beef
* 1/2 lb ground turkey
* 9 lasagna noodles
* 2 cups of V8 veggie juice
* 1/2 cup diced onion
* 1/2 cup diced green pepper
* 1 16 oz can of petite diced tomatos with garlic and olive oil
* 1/2 cup of pureed spinach
* 3/4 cup fat free cheddar
* 3/4 cup fat free cottage cheese

And guess what? EVERYONE agreed it was the best lasagna ever. I also have some piccies too. Soon as I find my camera cord. I'm going to go on a hunt for it now. *grabs a gun* Be vewwy vewwy quiet I'm hunting wabb-- er camewa cowds!

First we brown the meat- beef and turkey
 I also sauteed some onion and green pepper in too.

Let's add in some tomatoes!

Let's add some spinach!

V8 to the rescue!

Mixed all together

Simmering... looks so good....

The rest of the cast. I actually didnt use that other mexican cheese
Making brownies! These also have spinach in them! Shhhhh

My new kitchen scale!

It likes me! It really likes me!
 I didn't take any pics of my lasagna done or my brownies. We were all too hungry by the time it was done. And some stupid woman decided she needed to take pics for her blog. ;)

It was delicious, there wasnt any leftovers. The brownies went over very well too! My parents took half home of them, and the other half was devoured by my hungry husband. He kept exclaiming "I can't believe these have spinach in them!" It's true. They did.

So there you go, picture overload. Now that I have found my cord, I have no excuse not to use my camera more often.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chicken Stock

I bought a 4.5 pound whole chicken for $3.85 at the store. I decided I was going to cook up the meat and use the bones for chicken stock.

Partially because I am lazy and partially because I am not wild about touching raw chicken, I decided to plop the whole bird in my stock pot and boil it rather than cutting off the meat and freezing it. I figured since I use chopped/diced chicken more often than not, this would save me some time down the road. Spend time on the front, shave it off the back!

I boiled all the chicken up and then pulled it out of the water and put it in the fridge until it was cold enough to handle. I picked off all the skin and all the meat, throwing the skin away, the meat in one bowl, and the bones in another. After I got all the meat off, I cut it all up into bite sized pieces and portioned it into 1 cup servings and put it in the freezer.

The bones went back into the stock pot along with half a bag of "stew veggies" (potatoes, carrots, celery, pearl onions) and a bag of "Parisian style" veggies (mushrooms, carrots, green beans and broccoli) and let this boil for an hour.

I then strained out all the veggies and threw them away along with the chicken carcass. But there was still a lot of fat floating on the top of my broth and I was too lazy to let my broth cool in the fridge and I didn't have a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. So I improvised. I layered a few paper towels in my colander and put that over a bowl. I scooped a cup at a time and strained the broth again. It worked perfectly, the fat wasn't able to go through the paper towels and I caught any little tidbits of chicken/veggies that were left over. This acted like silt, and furthered the filtration process.

Sometimes I am just so smart. I am often amazed at myself.

Then I got out my ice cube trays and sprayed them with some no stick spray and filled them all up and put them in the freezer. When they're frozen I'll put them in baggies and then just take what I need as I need it for recipes.

I'm really enjoying this being frugal thing. Its pretty darn nifty.

In other news, I really got into my Weekly points this week. Since Thursday, I've dipped into them every night. I only have 12 left. I am so bloated and uncomfy. Too much food. But I logged every bite (and even over estimated too, just in case) so I could be accountable.

Also: I highly recommend Fiber One yoplait yogurt. 4- 4 oz cups of delicious creamy yogurt with 50 calories and 5 grams of fiber per serving! YAY I got the key lime pie flavor! Yummmmmm.... so good. Zero points per serving too. Unless you eat all four in one sitting. Like some bloggers named Christie, then its 3 pts. But not bad for 200 calories, 20 grams of fiber. Yay!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

I got this message from my mom

"Your dad wants to know if Brian will go to the monster truck rally with him tomorrow"
"noon to 5"
"I told him I think you work"

(ok, I lied, she always sends me multiple messages)

Anyway so I ask my husband if he will go. I think its great that my dad likes him so much (but honestly, who couldn't?) and its equally great that Brian likes my dad so much (but honestly, who couldn't?)
I may be a tad biased.

Brian said he would go and my dad said he would pay his way! YAY double bonus! Male bonding and free tickets! I went to one with my dad a few years ago and it was great. But, lets face it, senseless destruction and nachos are always great!

So thats whats going on today. I'm stuck at home and my two favorite guys are out having a blast. I know it says Sunday but its today. Like the old commercials.

I texted him a little bit ago and asked if he was having fun and I didn't get a reply right away and I got a short and sweet "Yeah"

Now that doesn't seem to me that he is having fun, but since I know my husband rarely answers if he is having a good time, and if he does answer, its very short and probably only one word, I know that he is in fact having a good time :)

Tomorrow my parents and grandma are coming over for lasagna and brownies. Next weekend, my dad is going to help Brian change the oil. More male bonding! YAY!

The strange thing is... Thursday, hubby and I were talking and saying how we should learn to change the oil. And I suggested well we can always ask my dad, he's changed my oil loads of times and can tell you how to do it plus it would make him feel all important. Hubby said that he was looking for a buddy too haha

So its all very cute.

Friday, October 15, 2010


They say if you write a grocery list and stick to it you will save money.
They also say you should calculate what you are spending as you go, if you're on a budget.

I've done one better: My local store has a "shopping list" feature where you can add all the groceries you like to it and how many of each item you would like. It tells you how many items are on your list and the estimated cost* of your whole cart. How freaking awesome is that?

Note: Estimated cost means "before taxes and discounts" 

I also spent the day looking at my favorite brands of groceries and necessities and printing off coupons directly from the manufacturer.

We never finished our grocery shopping from the other night- we werent able to get any meat because something either happened to the refrigerated shelves or they were cleaning them, but when we got there there wasn't any meat. AT ALL. The guy was packing it all away. Sad. :(

Its been a few days so we are headed back tonight to pick up the rest of our meats.

My parents and grandma are coming up on Sunday so I need to make sure I have everything ready for lasagna and the house clean. I don't want them to think I'm messy. Hahahahaha

I'm making my "world famous" lasagna, with garlic bread, and chocolate brownies with vanilla frosting for dessert. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to make these items a bit healthier and I am going to need all the help I can get! My super picky dad wont know what hit him (until he's complemented me on the meal and then I tell him that he ACTUALLY ate veggies) mwahahahaha

Dont feel bad for him though. I've been tricking him into eating things he's said he's hated for years. And he always likes it.

I'm thinking I will frost my brownie like this: obliterate blueberries in the magic bullet and mix with the vanilla frosting so I can sneak in some fruit too. I wonder if I should do that for all the brownies... hmmm.... decisions.

Haven't heard back from my prospective employer yet, but it is a city job and it is friday, so I doubt they even glanced at it. I will have to follow up with an email and a phone call some time next week.

I can't imagine you need a lot of experience to be a crossing guard! Arent the requirements like... stand there and hold a sign? Blow your whistle? pick up the book/glove/comic book a kid drops?

I am pretty sure I can do all of that. Pick me! I'll do it! Its been posted since February so I am hoping that I get it hehe :)

Mamma needs a new corgi

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Corgi is the Dog For Me

So its official.

We're getting a Corgi. Probably in the spring.

I am obsessed with the idea now. I've spent hours looking at videos online.

And this one

And my all time favorite

I've emailed every breeder within 4 hours drive from my house.
I've checked out every book in the library about Corgis.
I follow corgi blogs.

I d'aww every time I see one.

Its official.

That dog is mine. I've even gone so far as to apply for a second job to save up for and pay for a Corgi.

That's right. I've applied to be a crossing guard for school children. 7.25 hours a week. It pays really well for such short hours and would bring home an extra couple hundred bucks a month to line my puppy-fund with.

If I get it and work through April, I'll have a pretty significant amount saved up for either a 10 week old puppy or maybe a retired dog looking for a forever home.
Dog classes, costumes, and lots of cuddles are in my future.

The Best Day of My Life

Yesterday is currently classified as "The Best Day of My Life"

Let's review

1. I got paid and got to fill my pantry (and my belly!) yesterday
2. I lost 8.4 lbs in two weeks on plan!
3. I signed up for a 5k! My first ever!
4. One of my fitness/Weight Watchers success stories, Cristina Williams, started following not only my Twitter but my blog! Hi Cristina! (Cristina lost over 110 lbs on Weight Watchers, she's a superstar!)
5. My road that was under construction since May finished 2 weeks early, and opens TODAY!
6. I got an awesome babydoll dress and an open black cardigan from Kohl's for my birthday from my in-laws! YAY! Also, my order shipped with a pair of boy's Nike athletic shoes that I neither ordered nor paid for haha ;) So I will have to return them to the store.

What a great day! Now I am watching Biggest Loser from Tuesday, so no spoilers!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a quickie... My first 5k!

So... I don't run. I am not much of a runner. At all. Anyway.

October 30th is a 5k Walk/Run for Diabetes and registration is $12/each.

I'm going.

I don't know about you, but I know people who have diabetes. I know that I am at risk for it too. So why don't I promote awareness and health at the same time! I'm walking it! Come rain, sleet, or snow (It IS October) I am GOING. I might even run a bit of it too. haha.

Wish me luck!

PS one of my friends pointed out that losing 8.4 lbs is the weight of an average baby. I am a baby loser now :)

Weight Watchers- Week 2 Weigh in

Here's a snapshot of my tracker for the week. As you will no doubt notice a few things 1) I very rarely went over my weekly points. 2) I earned no activity points this week, basically because I was Gimpy McGee for the week and 3) there were a few days I didn't eat all of my daily points either. Not by choice! I'm broke!

My daily points are 29.  I stayed under for the most part. I didn't even get to use my weekly points, boo.

I am really excited about this upcoming week- my knee is all better, so I will be able to go to Zumba again! YAY!

Ok, I'm sure you're tired of me blabbering...

Without further ado.....

the results are in!

Even I was shocked!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we have a downward slope!

Which means! I lost again! I am almost out of the 220's, even. I'm at 221.6! that is 8.4 lbs lost in TWO WEEKS

EIGHT POINT FOUR pounds. 8.4! Gone just fwooosh out the window, down the toilet, off my gut weee goodbye thanks for visiting thank god they're gone goodbye

I am soooo close to my 5% goal (11.5 lbs) I can smell it! It smells like victory, a milestone, and a corner stone! It smells like hope, pride, determination, and excellence! It smells like teen spirit me!

What I hope to accomplish this week:

Working out
Journaling again (all 7 days)
Not spending on any food, other than my weekly grocery trip (which is tonight! Yay!)
Eating more fruit/veg. V8 helps a lot (both the veggie juice and fruit juice options) but they are a tad expensive.

In other news: I got my new dress and cardigan from Kohls! Yay! its a white and grey babydoll dress with a long, black open front carigan. It looks great (I'm sure that EIGHT POUNDS helps too)

But when I opened the package, I found a pair of Nike boy's youth size 7 shoes in my order! I wasn't billed for them and it wasn't on my packing slip, and there was no extra slip. But I get to take it back to the store and tell them it was accidentally shipped with my order. Very peculiar!

I have all of the bills paid! YAY! I still have money left over too! I had to pay double on a couple of them to catch back up... but thats ok. I'm all caught up with a bit of savings, everything is coming up daisies here!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Gold Star and Goals

Lately, I've been pretty obsessed with finances, and I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck. With no food. A grumbly tummy will do that to you.

I even made out a huge grocery list last week, adding everything I could think of to it. My bill would have been astronomical! I've since pared it down.

Anyway, I was talking to dearest hubby about how much extra money we spend and he asked how do we spend so much, if we don't really do anything? I told him it was all food, and soda, and video games. The only things we do do. He seemed a little skeptical- because really, who spends all their money on food?

We do. I printed out last month's bank statement (Aug 15-Sep 15) and took a marker to everything that wasn't a monthly bill or gas. The numbers were shocking. We spent very nearly $700 on food/extras
I don't know how we spent that much, or why, or even where we got all that money! We certainly don't have that much money free after all the bills are paid.
Truthfully though, I don't pay all the bills on time, or sometimes at all. It depends. I'm never more than a month late though. I try really hard to pay them but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

I've adopted a new system and a new view on life. Keep it simple, stupid. Since I am too stupid or lazy (depends on the day) to manage my finances extensively, I've decided to do this:

1. Make a calendar in Google Calendars of all our bills, how much they are, on the day they are due.
2. Also on calendar, put dates that we get paid
3. I took all our expenses and divided them by 4, to find out what we owe weekly in bills. I took the yearly ones (like car ins) and divided that by 52 (weeks per year) and noted the total at the beginning of each week.
4. As we get paid, I will pay the bills right away.
5. As I pay the bills, I will physically write on the calendar how much money is left in our account. That way, if the company doesnt take the money out right away, I won't be fooled into thinking I've got more.
6. After the bills are paid- a GOLD STAR on the calendar!

I figure seeing a month filled of gold stars will fuel my sense of accomplishment and likely keep me on track. I'm tracking what goes in my mouth, so I should track what comes out of my pocket with such vigilance too!

I also made short-, mid-, and long-term financial goals with my husband yesterday. We talked about things we wanted (new XBOX slim, new drawing tablet, a puppy) and things that would be helpful (vacation fund, emergency fund, savings) and appropriate dollar amounts for each.

This is hanging on the fridge. Why? Most of our money goes to food. It's like hanging a picture of you in your skinny jeans on the fridge to help you remember what you're working for and not to eat that extra helping of left over spaghetti.

We also get a weekly allowance! YAY! My husband is really excited about this one, for whatever reason! Depending on what we can afford, it will be approximately $10-15 each, per week. If he wants a new game, he can save for it. Like he was a little kid again! If I want to go to Zumba for a month, I have to save for it. Same thing with clothes. Also having a limited amount each week will help me be thrifty, at least I hope. I'll be scouring the clearance racks!

Having goals that are easy to reach yet challenging enough is very important. I want to see success immediately, that way I don't feel like it's overwhelming, or that I am drowning in despair. I've been failing so many months at weight loss and finances because I've been setting unrealistic goals and not following through. It's time to buckle down and do some good for myself.

Woof, Woof!

Last night as my dear hubby and I were laying in bed
I couldn't shut my mind off.
I was yammering on about all the cool things you can do with vinegar
And how much I wanted to try them

Hubby was falling asleep and all of a sudden he said "Woof woof!"
"What did you say?"
Hubby, giggles "woof woof..."

"I was half asleep and had a dream sorta... there were a bunch of those dogs that look like poodles, but arent..."

"Bichon Frises?"

"Yeah them. Anyway they were all in a room and barking. It was driving me crazy."

Long pause.......

"Okay, I'll shut up now" I said and turned over. I can take a hint. When your husband starts daydreaming of yapping dogs while you are talking, it means you are talking too much.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Frugal Living

I spent today looking at our budget. Our spending, our debt, and our income. This fueled me to not only become thrifty, but frugal.

We can make ends meet now- but only just. What happens if an "if" happens, like the car breaking down.
What will we do? We certainly don't have a savings! And we can't really budget for one with our current circumstances.

So frugality is my option. Sure we could work more. We already do. We jump at every opportunity to put a little extra cash in our pockets.

Studies have also shown that being physically healthy is linked to being financially healthy. You can also guess whether or not you will keep your weight off, based on your credit report. If you're credits a mess, you can almost guarantee that you're going to be one yourself. 

The Game Plan looks a little something like this:

1. Call all creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate. I have one thats 25%!!! Eek...
2. Print out coupons. Use them at the store.
3. Only shop on sale days. I found my store's weekly circular on-line and can see if there's a sale going on in my store the day I want to go shopping or not.
4. When I go shopping, use said coupons. Whatever it says I saved- I am writing a check for that amount and putting it in my savings account. Because, I figure, I'd spend the money anyway, and this will help pad my savings account. Which is thread-bare at the moment.
5. Use the library more. Not only can you get books, but you can get movies too.
6. We canceled our cable sometime ago, and have gone back to Netflix. At $9 and some change a month, I get unlimited instant viewing and 1 dvd, traded out as many times as I like. This is down from $90 for cable/internet.
7. Canceling my Curves membership. I don't go. I do incur a cancellation fee, but it's an extra $34 I'd be saving a month. One month of Curves=Two months of Weight Watchers online. I think I know which I prefer!
8. Any extra income after our "base amount" ie bonus, overtime, etc, will immediately be put to use to pay down our debt. Sure it sucks... but its better than living week to week.
9. Hubby has a habit of wanting every new video game (let's face it, I like them too) but it's expensive. Especially if you want two  or three a month and you only play through them once. The solution for this is Gamefly. Gamefly is a lot like Netflix, but for games. Its different than say, Blockbuster, because there are never any late fees. And you can buy the games discounted through their website. But there's also places like for that.
10. You can make your own cleaning supplies, as well as laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets using- what else? Vinegar and baking soda! (as well as a few other things mentioned here
11. Sweepstakes! Hey, most cost nothing more than a minute to enter, and you can win lots of really cool things- anywhere from gift cards to phones, skis to houses! The possibilities are endless. And yes, I know most are legit on Online Sweepstakes because my mom's won gift cards, a phone, and some skis, as well as a few things. I haven't won anything yet :( She's really lucky though lol

Hey, if I can barely take care of me and hubby, what happens when puppy becomes 3? I need to get this under control now, so its not a problem later!

Did you know that you can freeze eggs? Milk? Cheese? Bread? How about tortillas? Here's a list of other things you can freeze.

I will try this for a month and let you all know how it goes. I plan on doing a spread sheet too, for comparison reasons. Yay! Let the frugality begin!

Post any other tips or suggestions you have, and we can all help each other out :)

And Then I Found Five Dollars

My best friend, whenever she tells a story and doesn't get the response she wanted, adds on "...and then I found $5" and that usually makes it pretty funny

However I do not have a lame story (for once) and it turns out my story is actually just that: I found $5. I scrounged up a few bucks and went out to the store and bought some ground beef. I had whole wheat spaghetti noodles and some V8 juice.

I also got a loaf of bread, too.

I was able to make up a batch of healthier spaghetti and fill up both me and my husbands tummies up for more than one meal :) He wanted Wendy's hahah silly fool. No, Wendy's will not fill us up until we get paid. Spaghetti will.

I feel happy now that Ive had a good, hearty meal. And toast.

I actually used all of my points today. I haven't done that all week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grumble grumble... says my tummy

Weight loss is easy! What are you talking about?

All you have to be is so broke that you can't afford food!

Lucky me, I get paid soon. But until then,

I have to make songs out of my tummy grumbling.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Its no secret that I love questionnaires. And its no secret that I will spend hours at a time answering questions.

Hubby and I have been thinking on getting a dog, but we don't want one until the spring. Walking a pup in the snow does not sound like fun.

Anyway, hubby has his heart set on a Corgi. And if you've never seen these dogs, well...

They're kind of funny lookin'. But I have been researching the breed and it turns out that they can be great apartment dogs. Also they are highly intelligent. And they are herding dogs, believe it or not. Those short stubby legs can run, jump, dance, twist, and any other number of things.  If you aren't keen on showing the dog at competitions thats ok too.

They have lots of energy too- Another reason to wait til spring, as we can walk up and down the trails that run by the apartment all day long. Theres also a few parks close by, including a new one they opened up a few years ago, with sprinklers and stuff.

I decided that I am not going to make a rushed decision about where we get this dog, or if we get this dog. Its almost a sure thing we're getting a dog though. I think we're more excited about a dog than children. Haha.

I did a little reading on the breed, what sort of congenital (hereditary) diseases they are prone to, and what other health issues they may have, whether or not they bark a lot (its a mixed review on that) and just how intelligent they are. Turns out they are VERY intelligent and easy to train. A Golden retriever ranks #4 in the smartest dog list and a Corgi is a little lower, at #11, between Australian Shepherds and Miniature Schnauzers. (A border collie is number 1, in case you wondered.)

Then I researched price, and breeder locations. I know my parents got their golden (lovingly dubbed my little brother) from a reputable breeder and Goober is very sweet (even by breed standards) so I knew I wanted to go that route.

I looked in the tri-state area (turns out, not so many Corgi breeders in the Midwest) and fired off a bunch of emails. I found a breeder that I like the most, and her prices arent that much more than the others (Shh dont tell her, she thinks she's expensive... ) and I love how well she socializes the pups. She even plays a cd of thunderstorms, children screaming and playing, and other dogs barking to get the dog desensitized so it isnt yappy. How effin' cool is that?! She also includes a book, a toy, and a crate as well. Talk about the motherload! She was one of the 7-8 breeders in my area and I fired off an email. She responded quickly and even sent a questionnaire!

How exciting!

It was the usual questions. "Why do you want a Corgi?" and "Who will take care of him?" but there was also a question about Fluffies. Fluffies are Corgis who have longer fur than others, and in the show ring and in the breed standard, its considered "bad". They suffer from a recessive gene that causes their fur to be longer and feathered. They dont have more fur, just longer fur.

Breeders will not breed any dog that is a fluffy, as they are trying to weed that trait out I guess. It's also been said that the fluffies have a tendency to be the "class clowns" and seem to know they are different. But I dont care if we have a fluffy or a standard breed. (although she offers them at a discounted price, so that may be a determining factor)

She even said that she was having a litter in December, which would make the puppies about 10 weeks old in late February/early March, depending on when they are born. How exciting!

I hope she gets back to me soon with more information.

Hubby said I could even dress him up in sweaters and such haha :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Consuming my thoughts

Since I have been on plan, its hard to ignore that feeling. You know which one I'm talking about. The one in your head that says "Can we eat now? Can we eat now? How about now?" in the tone of a little kid repeatedly saying "Are we there yet?"

I feel like the frazzled mother who eventually yells no and tells her kid to play the quiet game.

I know that, eventually, if I just stick to the plan and only eat my 29 points a day and occasionally dip into my weekly, these gnawing thoughts and psuedo-feelings of hunger will subside. My body likes to think its hungry, but I know that it is because I was easily eating twice as much as I am now and it will take time for my body to adjust. I am not very hopeful that it will be tomorrow these pains go away, but it will soon.

My husband and I were planning a day trip to Six Flags but we changed our minds when we figured out how much it would really cost us. And if you can remember, we are trying to save money and get out of debt. Also I can think of a thousand other ways I would want to spend that money, and get more out of it than a day trip. Like new clothes. Or replacing the carpet in my apartment. You know, practical things.
But, despite the allure of new carpet and clothing, we are going to save it. Like good little munchkins should.

Saving money is kind of like losing weight, I think. First off, they are definitely linked. If I worry about finances, I eat. If I don't have any money then I can't eat and then I eat a lot when we have money. So its definitely a struggle for me. But also its like weight loss because, in the beginning, it doesnt seem like its worth it. You exercise self control and put a little bit away at a time. You get frustrated that it's taking so long. You dream of the day when you can afford whatever it is you have been saving for. Some days it seems impossible; you will never save that much. Other days it seems easy "Why haven't I been doing this all along?"

Money and hunger have been on my mind a lot lately, probably because well.. I'm hungry and broke. But this month is so different. Not only am I blessed to have an extra paycheck this month that I can tuck away, I also started Weight Watchers. And I feel its finally my time.

In slightly less exciting news: I almost got one of my slippers done! It is officially too big for my foot now so I will be starting on the other one soon, then I get to stitch them together yay! I also noticed a lot of my favorite yarns are on sale so this might be a good time to stock up for Christmas gifts

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well kids just call me "bench warmer" for a few days, because I am officially sidelined! I must have twisted my knee yesterday at Zumba because today, I can hardly walk and I can barely bear weight on my right leg, as my knee refuses to do so. It hurts if its fully straightened. I don't think I tore anything or even sprained it, as I never heard a definite 'crack' like they said it does. But my knee has popped into place a few times, no more than usual.

Still, better safe than sorry, and this girl is sorry. Not that I tried Zumba or gave it 110% but that I was so afraid. I was so afraid of hurting my ankle that I put a lot of pressure on my right leg and now my knee has suffered for it. I was so afraid to hurt myself that I hurt myself lol :(

But its a good lesson, let me get a bit philosophical here for a moment. I was afraid to do something outside my comfort zone, afraid to change, and all I ended up doing was hurting myself. Sounds a lot like weight loss, right? I was afraid to put my ankle to the test as I didn't want to hurt it, so I made my good leg take the brunt of the force from jumping around and shakin' my ass. And now, my good leg is the bad leg and my bad leg has to do it all anyway. See how silly that is?

That being said, I'm not going to Zumba tomorrow. I can barely navigate to the bathroom, I don't need to be poppin' and lockin' as well. I'm icing, excedrin' and elevatin' instead.

On a side note, thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my loss- YAY! I knew I could do it. I feel so much more in control than I have for a while now (and it really was portions slowing me down- gotta get it all under control!)

I'm in the process of making dinner tonight, got all of the hard work out of the way over the last few hours so I can just slap it in the oven when hubsy gets home. We're having honey-mustard glazed chicken, with homemade-stuffing, corn, and homemade biscuits. I am making a big meal because he had to fast all day yesterday and I get the feeling he is quite ravenous. He was grouchy last night and even said "No wonder you hate dieting- you're hungry, you're bitchy, and everything just pisses you off!"

True, true. Touche' my good man. But I have to say that I havent felt that way on WW. Sure I've been hungry, I mean, I've gone from eating at least twice as much (if not more) to what I eat now. Its hard to adjust. Over all though, I haven't been angry, or pissy, or bitchy. I've been relatively happy. Even when I'm driving. I am a much happier person.

I have a $25 gift card to Kohls and I found the cutest dress (in my size even) with a cardigan I can wear over it. Slap on a pair of tights and my boots, and its a fall/winter outfit baby! YAY!

Biggest loser is a lot more intense this season, isn't it? Everyone's angry, bitchy, whiny, mean. Its not as much fun. I miss Ashley and Daris and Michael. Season 11 sucks. I also dont like that red-shirt girl, whatever her name is... Jessica? UGH I keep hoping they will vote her off. VOTE HER OFF!! Its like that other red shirt lady, the one who made her husband eat all the cupcakes. Vindictive, evil women.

Weight Watchers- Week 1 Weigh in

Its my weekly weigh in! Yay for the first week!

My first week, all tracked!

I lost 5.4 lbs my first week. My first goal of 5 lbs lost was reached, and I also am almost half way there to my 5% goal of 11.5 lbs! Talk about a successful week! Look how many activity points I earned! I didn't even use all of my weekly points either. 

As I updated my weight, I lost one daily point, so now I get 29 instead of 30 :( but thats good!  
How cool is that? One week and I lose 5.4 lbs, earn my first star, and had a blast doing it too. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I totally partied like it was my birthday. Because, well it is.

Turns out the instructor is/was a Weight Watchers leader. I'm not sure if she still is or not. But anyway, how cool? And another lady in the class is on WW and theres a girl my age in there too. YAY there were only 4 of us there tonight, so the class was FREE and also only 30 minutes. But I was SWEATING up a storm.

I go back Thursday and this time I will bring a friend! I also get a great rate on it, where its only $25 a month (8 classes a month, thats $3/class)

I was so glad I brought water, I didn't have to completely stop but I was a little less enthusiastic about the dance moves near the end. Then I said to myself "Self, stop wishing it was over, and put your all in it and have fun! its your BIRTHDAY!"

 I have no rhythm or balance, but I didn't fall on my face and once I started counting beats it became a little easier. I did have to watch like a hawk though. I wish I could go back and do it again! Is it Thursday yet?!

Thursday we are going to incorporate some weight training in too, which will be hard and exhausting but I cant wait for it!!

I had an awesome birthday this year. I signed up for WW online, started up Zumba, and got a cool new video game (the Sims 3) 

Tomorrow is my first weigh in, so I will see you all then! I haven't even had all my weekly points and none of my activity points, so I know its a big loss this week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleep Equals Good

Well I mentioned that I have been in a lot of pain since my all day fun at the fair on Saturday. Turns out the best thing for a sore/locked up ankle is sleep. I slept from 5 am to 4 pm today. I know I have such a crazy schedule. Almost 3rd shift... Anyway, I digress. I was so sore yesterday,  every thing from my hips down to my ankles hurt. I could barely shuffle around. It strongly reminded me of my post surgery days and I was determined to not be sidelined.

Its hard to explain this kind of pain unless you have it, or have had it. A broken leg is more akin to how I feel. Just pretend you're in a cast and you can't point your toes. If you cant point your toe then you can't put any pressure on the ball of your foot. Ok.... now walk like that. Oh and while you do that, pretend someone has lodged a knife in your ankle. There. That's my analogy.

Obviously its painful. It still hurts but nowhere near like it did. I have an ACE bandage on it now for a little structural support and I haven't been hobbling around much.

I dont feel sore anymore from my ass down, so sleep really helped with that. I can't wait until tomorrow. For a few reasons. Its my birthday! YAY and then there is also a Zumba class starting up tomorrow night so I will be celebrating by gettin' my groove on. Horribly.

I made a delicious WW recipe last night for dinner- cheesy chicken shells. I made it for one, as hubby had his leftovers from lunch to eat for dinner. It was sooo good but I forgot one critical ingrediant- can you guess? Spinach! I bought spinach especially for this recipe and forgot it! UGH lol

Hubby wants me to make it for him tonight and I am more than happy to oblige. He even kindly reminded me not to forget the spinach. I have some jarred pasta sauce leftover but I think I will split the required amount in half and substitute v8 for the other half. Hubby doesnt really like it straight, which is silly, as he likes veggies. I think it tastes the same.

Wednesday is my first weigh in! I am so nervous and excited. I got a new dvd in the mail via Netflix- Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout, I hope its good.

I bought more honey crisp apples- 4 of them and they weighed 3 lbs total, so each one is about .75 lbs or 12 oz. Huge, incredibly juicy apples. We can't even use our apple corer/slicer as the apples are too big! One slice (1/8th of an apple) is so big I can barely open my mouth wide enough to eat it. Sooo yummy. For reference 12 oz of apple is 3 pts.

I finally realize how out of control my portion sizes were. I had hubby go to Fazoili's to pick us up some pasta, I wanted fettucine alfredo but it was so points heavy that I opted for the kids meal, knowing that Fazoilis portions are out of control, I figured this would be enough. I was right. A kids meal is a normal adult portion. Maybe a little bigger. Hubby got chicken parmesan and it came with 2 breaded chicken breasts, smothered in cheese and sauce, and a half lb of spaghetti noodles. I am not joking. This thing is HUGE

And I have something to confess: I used to eat that whole. Alone. Yep. All in one sitting. So you know now how I gained so much weight so quickly. I was eating that like twice a week and sitting on my butt all day at work while I was going to college full time too.

I'm glad that I made the choice to join WW, I now know that I needed something like this all along

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello pain. It's been a while

I had an awesome time at the fair mentally. I did okay walking around for the first 2 hours. The other two and a half hours were kind of grating, physically at least. When you look at how much I walk on a daily basis, it's like 200 steps. Pathetically low. I did wear my pedometer and the grand total (drum roll please....)

14,499 steps!

The average length of a mile in the terms of steps is 2,000. Since I am short and understandably have a short stride, I am going to estimate it takes me 2500 to my husbands 2000. Seems like a good estimate.

That being said I probably walked around 5.75 miles. I usually walk .08 of a mile, so that puts me at drum roll please..... 13 activity points. (4 hours of walking a slow pace at less than 3.0 miles an hour= 13pts)

I logged in all my steps on and it told me I only earned 1 point so I think I am not setting that up correctly. Lol I mean, seriously?

I also stuck to my pretracking- half a funnel cake and a lamb gyro. I wanted steak but I went to a lamb one. I'd never had lamb (or a gyro that wasn't from Arby's) and i have to say it was sooo delicious. Yum-o! It was incredibly tempting to say "oh well I do have all these weekly points...." and wanting to indulge in BBQ pulled pork sandwich, or a small order of deep-fried cheddar cheese curds.

But I didn't. I did get hungry for a more satisfying meal about 9 o'clock and we hit Wendy's (hubby's all time fave) and I got a small chili for 4 points.

All in all I ate 40.5 points- 10.5 over my daily. I only dipped into 10 of my weekly! Also, I've earned 19 activity this week. Holy cow! I am amazing :)

Me and my bestie :) She's incredibly tiny- 5ft2 and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet wearing boots- and I've always felt like a cow next to her, but its apparent that I am now. Oh well, its still a good pic, even if I extra cuddly :) I already miss her. Next time you see me Phoebe, I will look so much better. It's a promise.

My ankle has locked up since I walked so much. This hasn't happened in several years. It's incredibly painful to walk right now. Call me Gimpy. Ice and ibuprofen and sleep= awesome. I'll be back to normal by Monday. I'm used to sore. I'm also used to pain but I forgot how angry my ankle gets. The more weight I lose the less torture it will be.

See you Tuesday, with a Zumba update

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another reason for success...

this time I think I found the program for me. And here is my reason #68702612

I stay up late reading success stories and articles and start getting giddy then I can't sleep. Then I wake up physically tired but mentally wide awake.

I used to read success stories and go "yeah, right. Like anyone can lose 100 lbs." or "yeah right, like anyone loves exercise" or "feh, that will never be me."

But when I read them now, tears spring to my eyes. I really feel that I can do this and that this time, it's going to work. I mean, how could it not? Seems so simple. Eat your daily, track your daily. Ta-da!

Its fair day today weee and its rainy :( but that wont stop me any! I will have a good time regardless of the weather. Because it always rains on the last day of the fair. It's true. What can you expect, it's OCTOBER people!

I don't mind that it rains, like I said it does so every year. One year my dad and I were walking around the fair and there was a thunderstorm and lightning struck the tent we were in. It scared the crap out of me. But I ain't scared of no rain. Rain schmain.

3 days til Zumba and 4 days til my first Weigh in!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My first Activity Point!

I think I really found the program for me. For the last two days, getting out of bed was easy (probably bc I slept until 3pm hehe) and I felt so much happier. I've been smiling for almost 48 consecutive hours and my cheeks are sore. I've laughed much more. I look at my dirty kitchen and don't see despair anymore. I just clean it no problem.

I drank all my water yesterday, and then some. I did C25K on Stella, my stationary and I was thirsty! I did 5.67 miles, which is .18 further than last time in the same amount of time! Yay! I added in my activity to see how many points I earned and I was shocked at the value: 6! I earned 6 whole points! Yay! I thought that might be a little high so I did some more reading. I was doing high intensity because I could only talk in short phrases and couldn't sing at all (bummer, I had great tunes!) and it took a while to calm down. I almost felt like puking at one point I was pushing myself so hard. I wanted to be better, faster than last time. Yay! I also pushed through all my desires to quit midway! Double YAY!

I stepped on the scale today, because I was wondering if it was all mental I felt better or if I was actually changing. Two days on plan, and I am down almost 6 lbs! Im at 224.5! thats the littlest I've weighed in months! I guess it really was portion size. I put the scale away though, and I will weigh in on Wednesday. I have the fair tomorrow and I know I will indulge. I have to figure out how many points a fair steak gyro has and how many points are in an elephant ear.

In other exciting news.... Zumba is coming to my apartment's fitness center! On my birthday! Hurray! they are finally starting up fitness classes here and I get to go to Zumba twice a week, for $5 a session. Considering I found one at the Y for $25 a session, I think this is a great deal. I will be partaking. They hinted that they may even do discounted monthly rates! Hurray! Happy bday to me! I'm going to go and I can't wait. Maybe I won't be able to do it the whole time, but I might surprise myself!

I think I finally found the program for me. I no longer feel like I am drowning in a sea of despair. I'm not disgusted with myself anymore. I am not disappointed!

Yay!! Hope everyone's day is great! If it's half as great as mine is, you know you're having a fantastic day!