Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My favorite movie

I don't know what it is about this movie, but I love it. I can quote it word-for-word, I love the story, the songs....

What is it, you ask?

It's Beauty and the Beast!

It's magical. I'm watching it right now as we speak.

Maybe the reason I like it so much is because I really like Belle's personality. Insatiably curious, intelligent, loves to read, brave, determined. But there's the softer side to her as well.

And of course, the Beast.

He's a bit of a brute, but in the end, he learns to love.

Gaston is the perfect bad guy, the guy who is just too dumb and too good looking for his own good, who can't understand that he can't have everything his way.

Ah, Disney magic.

It's perfect.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Off Your Ass!

I am sick and tired of being lazy, seriously. It's starting to get annoying being home all day with nothing to do, more so this week because of Kiwi.

But seriously, I don't do shit. It's getting old. I went to FitDay.com and re-evaluated my weight loss goals.

It's time to start moving again. For my mental health as well as my physical health.

The fiance promised me we were hitting our FREE gym tomorrow and we're going to be roller blading too.

We're getting hitched in 6 weeks. This time, I'm really doing this.

Fuck being fat.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mother May I?

Wednesday we got our kitties fixed. Oscar was fine. He had a vasectomy (Did you know they do this for animals? I was under the impression they always chopped em off)

Kiwi, not so much. She had six stitches, which she pulled out in three hours. She then had to be rushed back to be stapled, but the vet was about to close so they did a rush job and didn't make sure to staple the sides closed, which lead to....

What they think is either suture reaction or an infection (Went to the 24 hr place for this info, because she was leaking a pus like fluid pretty badly and I didn't want to wait til morning.)

Now she has a cone on her head. The new place (which is expensive, as it was 1 in the morning when I went) took her in the back, gave her a local anesthetic, pulled out the bad staples, cleaned her wound, cut off the dead flesh, then stapled her together properly.

Meanwhile, took Oscar to my Grandma's so he would leave Kiwi alone, I'm sure he's thrilled, he gets to see birds and eat bologna and anything else he wants.

Kiwi on the other hand continues to ooze everywhere, and I can only use warm water to clean it. She is on antibiotics and I've had to double her pain medication because she insists on jumping everywhere.

But she looks up at you (in her cone) and mews like she is asking "Mother, may I take this off yet?"

To which I reply "No, it's your own damn fault you're in it in the first place."

But I'm not heartless, for only a mother can clean a horrible wound with a steady hand even though she's about to bust into tears.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have a bum ankle. Meaning I can't do anything "high impact"

Examples of things I cannot do

Work at a bookstore
Work at a fast food joint
Be a cake decorator (sad face to this one, I love cakes)
Color guard/ flag girl
Marching Band
Balance on one leg
Balance on both legs
Walk a straight line perfectly sober
Dance/walk in time

Examples of things I can do

Use low impact, elliptical machines
Office work
Walk at least an hour with little side effects
Show off my awesome scars

And apparently, I can rollerblade.

How you ask?

Quite simple. You have to really buckle down your skates, and your ankle/foot isn't supposed to be able to wriggle. No wriggling, no straining, fracturing, breaking or aching!

YAY! Also it's something the future hubs loves to do, and I am prepared to look like a fool for him.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ho ho, it is to laugh.

Every one needs a little cheer every once in a while and I thought of a short list of things that always make me laugh.

1) In the Little Mermaid, when Scuttle falls out of his nest with his leg entangled in an anchor

2) When my dad told me of the time he was petting his cat, telling her she was a pretty kitty, and she burped in his face and it was rank (This makes me laugh for hours)

3.) When the fiance told me he was dyslexic and said "My ack bitches"

4.) When the fiance said "Don't worry, I know my north, south, left and right" totally serious and not at all realizing what he said.

5.) When I stayed the night with a friend in middle school and she got a Charlie horse in the middle of the night, woke me up screaming and rolling around on the bed like a loon (which is how I know deal with them)

What are some fail proof things that always make you smile?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That's my horoscope for today...

I have been reading my horoscope every night before bed and reflecting on my day and seeing how well it matches up. Pretty scarily, I might add.

Anyway, got some news today. So I rush over to my horoscope book and look at what it says today...

"You will dissolve some disagreements with friends today. Loved ones are more important to you than ever."

WTF?! Talk about freaking accurate. I made up with a friend from highschool, and a current friend today. Then I realized just how important family was, when my mom sent me a few texts.


It's almost like having a magic 8 ball or a ouji board (minus the voodoo)

I'm going shopping. I think there is a sale at the mall today I want to check out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vague is the new Vogue

I've noticed lately that people are very vague. All of our friends are vague. It occurred to me that if one is vague it means that they are not interested in the conversation or the choices at hand.

Vague is so vogue right now, it seems to be catching on like wildfire. Well I try not to be vague, and if I don't want to do something, I usually say so.

Take that, Vogue.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am like my mom in a lot of ways. I have her good looks, her sarcasm, her sense of humor, and her great laugh. I also have similar health problems and mental road blocks.

One such block we share is commitment. Not the relationship type, she's been married for almost 24 years and I have been in a long standing relationship and am engaged. We just can't commit to anything... that won't affect us in the long run.

Here are some examples of things we can't commit to:

Shopping (grocery or clothes/etc)
Dr/Dentist/Hair appointments
Dinner plans

I guess it's not the best thing. Things like laundry and dishes get out of control very quickly and trash can accumulate if all you do is grab McDonalds.

But I also like to think that is what makes us fun. We cant plan but we sure as hell are spontaneous. And when we want to go, we want to go NOW because if we wait around for you to shower and comb your hair... it's no longer spontaneity, but a plan.

And we can't commit.

If you want a girl who will cook and clean and keep house smooth as clockwork, you're in the wrong place.

If you want a girl who will always go out on Tuesdays and eat dinner and have a few drinks... you're talking to the wrong girl.

If you want a girl who will randomly do things... you found her.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weird coincedences.

I have an aggressive sweet tooth.
Diets like the Atkins diet and the Kimkins diet appeal greatly to me.
I hate to exercise because it makes me feel ugly and out of place, and it's really boring.
I want to do more hands on art stuff, and libraries and books make me really happy.
My lower back has two pinched discs.

In my astrology guide for Libras (which I am) it said....

Libras are known for having a sweet tooth.
Dr Atkins was a libra, and libras do well on diets similar to the Atkins.
Libras need to exercise in either a gym that is aesthetically pleasing, or with people or instructors that are beautiful.
The best careers for libras are something in the arts or education.
The weakest parts of the body on libras are their kidneys and lower backs.

I'm just saying... when you have that much stuff that is exactly you... it gets a little creepy.

My horoscope today said "You will receive a large amount of money, spend wisely." And my fiance got his tax return today. We promptly paid off two credit cards.

It sure was an interesting day. Tomorrow I plan to start exercising with the Fiance (since he's pretty) and go shopping for my Kimkins/Atkins diet. I also want to buy a tanning package, because I think I would feel better a little browner.

I'm going to go cleanse my kidneys with lots of water now and use a back massager. Take a nice hot shower with my awesome new shower gel.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stuff and other stuff.

Oscar, our black and white kitten who almost died when we brought him home, has gotten lots bigger. He is almost the same size as Kiwi, and they adore each other. He sneezes constantly though, so I think he has allergies. But I haven't seen any sores or anything on him, I'm not going to worry.

We've undergone a project where we are mosaic-ing for the first time and we decided on our coffee table and end table as the first subjects. The coffee table is almost done and I took pics every step of the way. It looks awesome.

The government has blessed us! In addition to the extra $25 a week on unemployment, we each get back more than we thought we would for our tax returns. This is exciting because now we can pay off 3 of our 4 credit cards. Hahah... It's such a good feeling.

I went to the dollar store today and picked up a bunch of blank cards and decided I would write my granny on a more regular basis. I really want to go visit her this summer. Maybe late spring.

I don't know if my dad will want to come or if I should go with the fiance? Hmm.

Speaking of fiance, we are looking to get married soon. Much to his parents' dismay (and my parents' pleasure) he will be taking my last name. There are 11,900 people in the US with his name and when you are a budding concept artist, you want to get noticed. There are only 300 people in the US with his first name and my last.

There's less than 100 of me, and like 15,000 if I take his name.... Easy choice!

I researched it and it doesn't cost much to get the license. The biggest thing is some stupid exam I have to take. Yeah, it's totally dumb because it's a test only WOMEN have to take. Maybe it's a "Are you fertile" test they had in Ye Olde Times. Maybe it's to see if we would have freakish octopus babies? Maybe it's to say whether or not we are carriers of some horrid disease.

Dunno. But then of course, the rings. And since we are just starting out, we will do it in Ye Olde Poor fashion and buy cheap rings and upgrade later.

My friend is having a birthday this week and she asked me to make her a cake (haha which she didn't have to because I make EVERYone cakes for their birthdays.)

She wants an ice cream cake (She's from Alaska so cold is good?) so this is going to be an experience. I made a boob cake for a friend and now I am going to make a penis cake.... because she wants one. Time to look up ice cream cake recipes, but I already have something in mind. With lots and lots of chocolatey-peanut buttery goodness.

I'm going to write my granny now. Take care, internet