Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stash-Buster and Thigh-Buster

So I lost a lb this week! Hurray, considering it's shark week and I had previously gained back all my weight. Let's see. We bought bikes and a baby carrier. I was looking up Indiana bike riding laws and shockingly unsurprisingly, Indiana is bass-ackwards when it comes to laws. One of only 13 states that don't require a helmet, have no child/baby carrier laws or regulations, but they require you to have a bell on your bike.


okay, whatever. I'll get some friggin' bells. Also helmets. For all of us. I'm all about protecting my son.

We were going to go for a ride sometime this week, but it's been ungodly hot and tomorrow isn't going to be any better. When you have a child (or Mama) with fragile, porcelain pale skin, you have to think about things like UV index. Also heat index. Dehydration. Etc.

That in mind, I've been working out at home because it's easy to do. I did 30 Day Shred again and almost died- I was so sore I cried every time I had to sit on the toilet. I also just finished a 6.75 ride on my stationary bike while my son slept. I managed a full 30 minutes. My thighs are a-burning, but that is good. Tomorrow I am going to Zumba (so far, anyway- it's going to be 100+ degrees out and I might pussy out be too sore)

I have also been doing some Tae Bo and some 10 Minute Solutions as well. I'm trying to mix in cardio and strength training and I think it is working. While I am only down a lb this week, my fat pants are falling off of me. My skinny pants still don't fit yet, but they will if I keep working on toning up.

The thing I am most displeased with right now are my arms. I am not happy with how large or bat-wing they are. So I am doing all the lifting I can- some times I use Drake as weights because he is so heavy now, I toss him in the air and catch him and it's a real work out.

I have a wedding to go to in August and while I know I won't have my arms "perfect" by them, I can certainly tone them up if I work them out a lot.

I mentioned in my last post that we started shopping at Aldi's. You have to pay for your grocery bags there if you don't bring your own. Not like it's a big deal- paper sacks are $0.06 each and they hold a lot of groceries. You can also do the reusable bags, but I decided to make a crochet market bag and am using up all of my yarn to make one. It will be striped and probably ugly (red, yellow, white, black?) when it's done, but Brian said that I wasn't allowed to purchase more yarn until I used what I already had.

He's going to regret those words when I make him baby blue knee high socks and make him wear them to work. Just saying. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whacked Out

I keep having some whacked out dreams. I know that it is because of my anti-depressant, but they are seriously getting too intense for me lately. I can't sleep at all.

I usually have really erotic dreams. It feels weird typing that because I know everyone has sex dreams and they are normal and all. Usually I am not bothered by them. But lately they have been super erotic. To the point where it is almost shameful to even admit that I had them.

I'm not going to share what I dream about because 1) it's really private and 2) no one wants to hear about it.

Let's just say that they are becoming more and more crazy as days go on.

I also keep dreaming that I can talk to spirits, to dead people. And people will call me on my phone and ask me to be a medium for their departed loved ones. I know that some people will think that that is nonsense or that I have been watching too many Long Island Mediums, but I haven't seen that show in over a month at least, and I am pretty sure that it's just the Paxil.

It makes me pretty crazy when I sleep.

Last night, Brian had a birthday party get together thing. Several friends showed up and we had a few beverages. I have zilch tolerance now for anything. I had two Smirnoff malt beverages and ended up with major heart burn all night and ended up in complete misery. I had to take 300mg of antacid pills and chug some 2% milk (the more milk fat, the better it is at soothing spicy mouth/sour stomach) and then I took some NyQuil on top of that because I kept coughing and almost retching from this lingering cough.

So I was pretty much doped up but I got a few pain free, coughing fit free, hours of sleep.

We started shopping at Aldi's for groceries and I am pretty happy with it. We spend about half of what we used to at Meier and Wal-Mart, especially since there isn't a clothing or electronics department there. The food is really good too, which was a main concern of mine. Not only is it tasty, but a lot of what we get is all natural so it is helping us keep in line with our cleaner eating. I'm really enjoying our attempt at being more frugal.

I am pretty much out of things to say, not a whole lot going on right now. Drake spent the weekend with my parents and I'm told he is being a very good baby. Which is great, means they will want to have him again soon haha :) He's attempting to crawl, but not quite getting it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and not dying in this crazy heat.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sniff Sniff

Okay so it's officially hot out. I really hate summer. I wonder if I would bitch as much about it if we didn't live on the third floor, but hey, thems the breaks.

Drake hates being hot, so we've just be diapering it all day. He gets frustrated too, because I can't rock him to sleep- it's too hot to cuddle- so he has a hard time drifting off. Naps are moved back about two hours from their usual time. Which sucks.

Still waking up in the middle of the night with sniffles.

It seems he did catch a cold from my parents, but he just picked up the sniffles and a cough, and gave the rest to me. And by the rest, I mean, horrible lung-hacking cough. Coughing so much and so often that you almost vomit coughing.

Fun stuff.

I know its not whooping cough because 1) i got a booster when he was born. 2) my parents had the exact same thing.

Apparently my immune system is weaker than a baby's though. Sigh. I need to beef it up.

We've been eating like shit lately. Brian has gained more weight and I have stayed the same. We are both miserable.

I think I'm over my cold though, I haven't coughed much today, and I didn't have to down a gallon of cough syrup either.

My parents are having a garage sale the last weekend in June so not this weekend, but the next, and I have to go through all of our shit to find stuff for it. Means a lot of baby clothes/ maternity clothes/ clothes that are too small/ etc. I think we are also going to get rid of brian's roller blades? who knows.

Big project.

Brian decided he is going to do 30 day shred with me. Hahah we will see.

So thats the update. Aren't you glad I don't blog any more? haha

Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Sleep

Ugh so I don't know what is going on with Drake lately.

Maybe he's teething.

Or maybe he's just a jerk.

But he only sleeps an hour or two at a time at night, waking up for an hour or two, then repeat.

Last night he woke up at around 2:30 am and then was up until 9 am!!

I still am suffering from lack of sleep. I let Brian get lots of sleep because today is his Father's day, so I was only able to get about 2-3 hours of sleep. it sucks.

He isn't sick, thank god. He only had a minor snuffly reaction to his shots, which only affected him for a couple of days.

Despite all of us being sleep deprived, he is a happy baby. I'm not losing it, I am just longing for a few hours solid sleep.

My parents each have a cold and my mom and grandma both have pink eye, so I am still apprehensive, hoping he doesn't get it this week. It takes 10 days I guess, and it's only been about a week, so I have to still keep an eye out. Lots of hand washing.

Brian asks me- "How do you deal with him on no sleep?!" the answer is simple. I down Diet Dew after Diet Dew.

Anyway. That's what's going on today.

Brian is getting a bicycle for Father's Day, so he is going to go get one today. My to-do list? Taking a shower and falling asleep.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Happening

We are going to a wedding the first weekend of August.

It's going to be freaking hot. I do not want to be the woman who has to wear sleeves because her bat wings will be flapping in the breeze, spraying everyone with sweat droplets as I try not to pass out from heat exhaustion. Lovely imagery, isn't it? It made me laugh.

I've got a little under two months to get in some sort of decent shape (round is not a shape) and try and look good for this little event.

Drake is 5 months old but he is wearing clothes in the range of 6-9-12 months, depending on where we get them. He is going through clothes fast. Tomorrow we are going to get him some shots because I finally have some cash to do it and he is going to hate me for it.

He spent the weekend with my parents and they wore him out completely. He went to bed last night around 10:30 and woke up at 8:30 this morning, went down for a nap at 10:30 and woke up at 12:30, fell back asleep at 1:00 and woke up at 3:15. He stayed awake for a whole two hours, then went back to sleep at 5:30 and woke up at 6:30, he then stayed awake until 7:30 and he's been down ever since.

I learned how to drive the stick shift last night. I did really well until I got home, the last traffic light before our apartment. I stalled out SO MANY TIMES because I saw a police car and I got all flustered. I couldn't get the car to start up, so I kept getting more and more flustered. I kept thinking the cop was surely going to come up to the car and tell me to move it off the road, but he ended up doing a u-turn and driving the other direction. I guess he didn't want to deal with some dumb broad haha!

But we made it and it was fun driving it. I even did it with Drake in the car, so of course that added to the pressure of the situation, but I did fine.

We've been eating all natural ingredients for about a week now and I do have to say I feel better about what I am eating although I have yet to notice any difference on the scale. We made home made spaghetti sauce from scratch last night and it was a decent first attempt. I think my tomatoes were a little under ripe though, as the sauce turned out an orange instead of a red color. I roasted the tomatoes before hand, so I think that had helped the flavors but it was still pretty... bland.

Brian gave me permission to try again, so that is what I will do.

He is all excited about his first Father's Day. Of course he works Sunday, but he has Saturday off. He wants a bicycle (again) so he is going to go pick out one on Saturday.

He has no idea still that I am planning anything exciting for his birthday so that's good. Now that I can drive the car, I can go out and get all the things I need :) See what I did there? I learned to drive stick shift to plan my husband's birthday party. I know, I know, pretty bad ass right? He thinks I did it because he's been pestering me to learn. Hehehe sneaky wife is sneaky.