Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is it sad that I am more sore from a videogame than I am from Curves?
Though to be honest, I feel Curves is more low impact, so I am not really supposed to be sore, especially if I am doing it right...

My thighs have been aching and protesting all weekend from Friday's dancing on EA Active.

At least I know it's working!

I'll try and get in some time with it today and do 50 crunches.

tomorrow's schedule is Curves, and crunches. I can't wait for this new month.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Is it sad the highlight of my day is blogging?
Or how much I really enjoy having a digital diary of sorts.
Weird, how everyone likes a diary, yet we are all worried about privacy
And blogs are diaries that anyone can read.

I sometimes wonder why I like blogging
Here I am baring my soul and my fat rolls for all to see
Yet I know lots of people do the same

Mind-boggling to me, and I even grew up in the computer age!

Anyway, today I am not feeling so hot.
Other than that, I made a calendar in Google Calendar
I put in 3 days of curves, and 2 days of EA Active, as well as doing crunches every other day.

I dont mind have a lot of T&A, I just hate having a tummy.
Hopefully lots of cardio and strength training as well as crunches will get me slimming down in no time.

The weekends are always so long for me, probably because I stay home all week anyway, so its nothing to look forward to. Soon I hope to get my car back so I can go places during the week.


I feel much better now! I had ...something horrible wrong with me hehe I think its because I didnt get any sleep. The soy milk shake I had didn't agree with me. I had to venture out in the cold, I was wearing only capri workout pants and my fur coat over a sweatshirt! It was freezing cold! I ran into the store grabbed a couple bottles of whatever I thought would help, then checked out ran to the car started chugging antacids lol

I was so miserable I couldnt lay down, sit, stand up, I felt constantly ill, hot flashes cold sweats. But my little berry flavoured antacids cured whatever it was

Friday, January 29, 2010

Major Rewards.

I added a nifty little bar on the side of my rewards that I want. It makes me feel more motivated knowing I am rewarding myself on some extras.

Note there are food rewards. While clothes are great, wonderful and dandy, food is a big part of my life. I want to be able to eat somewhere special after sweating my ass off (literally!) My favorite restaurant in the whole world is Flat Top Grille, it's a "create-your-own" stir-fry place.

My uncle took me there on my 18th birthday.
It's where I discovered I liked some unusual foods. (for me anyway)

Besides what's better than loading up your bowl with rice, spinach, noodles, chicken, steak, cheese, eggs, shrimp, potatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and corn??

Raspberry lemonade! lol :)

Coldstone Creamery (is ironically next door, the bastards!) and I love their cake batter ice cream. I load mine up with Reeses. Don't judge. Some people go all fancy. But I like classics.

You gain 10 lbs by walking in the door. LOL

The Major Reward though will be a new Coach bag. I love the one my mom and I share, but it would be neat to have another hehe then we can both be stylish all the time.

I did EA Active today, for 40 minutes, and I burned 250 calories. So even on my day off, I still exercised. Arent you proud of me? I know I am!

Feeling Saucy

Honestly woke up this afternoon (giggle) feeling great!
Went to bed at 4am so waking up at 1pm isnt that bad, right?

Okay, its awful.

Anyway, hubby has to work today
Being a good housewife I asked
What do you want for dinner

Give me a list he said
I list a bunch of things and he decides on Chicken Enchiladas
We had these Wednesday. My mom made them
They were awesome.

So I make them today too.

But since I am on a diet here's what I altered.
Lots more onion and green pepper
Fat free refried beans
Low fat cheese
and lots and lots of chicken!

yummy yummy I got food in my tummy...

I doubt the hubby will notice the low-fat alternatives, I know I wont.

I also got some instant breakfast shake powder and I mixed it with my chocolate silk. Talk about delicious. It comes out as a triple-thick, double chocolatey, tasty treat. With lots of protein, fiber, and vitamins! No matter what time my breakfast is, I know I am covered.

I think I will take a multi-vitamin every night too. :( I hate horsepills, but if it helps...

I didnt go to Curves today because I am SORE YAY
the bottoms of my feet hurt.

Weird. I will do some EA Active today though.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Layout

If you noticed, I have re-organized my layout a bit. My hubby also randomly drew a pic of me, and I thought the colours matched well with my layout so new pic! YAY! It actually mostly looks like me

I have the whole day off so I am boiling chicken for chicken and noodles for dinner, yummy yummy~! I also have to go to Curves today.

It snowed like a mother last night we got a few inches, and it was especially coming down at 1 am. Why do I know this? I was out in it! Brrr!

Major construction going on all the time at my apartment complex, and its not very fun. I can't sleep because I'm basically a 2nd/3rd shifter meaning I'm not up until the late afternoon! So we had jackhammers going, trucks revving engines and backing up with annoying beeping sounds, and all kinds of mess!

They are in the process of widening our road into a 4-lane, and as they do that, the apartment complex will have to do some construction to accommodate. I am so not living here after the summer. LOL Lease is up in October I think? Maybe September.

I woke up with a stuffy nose and I have been sneezing a lot, hope I am not getting sick.

I drank some soy milk today and feel like a hippie. No offense to any hippies out there! I like it, it tastes really good and sweet, but I'm not digging on their whole "the way mother nature intended it" and "nature's perfect protein" yada blah

I do like how it has so many vitamins and such in it. Perfect breaky!

I have to go to the store today to do some grocery shopping things are a little tight money wise but I do have my trusty handy dandy credit card for emergencies! I think groceries count!

And that's it for Thursday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 3!!

I was going to wake up early and go to Curves, but considering I had trouble falling asleep last night thought better of it :(

But I did do one tiny thing, one thing I said I wouldn't do
I hopped on the scale this morning! Oh nooooo

But it's okay, it says I'm down 2lbs from Monday.

Holy crap is it possible?!
Who knows really. But I am excited nonetheless
Seeing any result, no matter what, is a good motivator

I have a busy day so I dont think I will be able to go to Curves today
I can go tomorrow though.

They have this little electronic tag that you can put into the machines and it tells you how hard you are working, how many calories you burn, etc and you get "instant feedback" after your workout

The tag is $25, so I might get it. Not this month. Maybe next month, if I'm good and go three days a week at least.

It's weird. Even though I want to lose so much (75 lbs)
I dont feel that is an unattainable goal really.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 2.

I signed up for Curves yesterday and did a quick circuit, not a full workout.
I was like this is easy, why did I quit before?

Well, did a full workout today, was gasping for air lol
My hands are sore too, from all the machine handles, I guess I need to toughen up my hands or take off my rings...

I was wearing a tank top (lol with a tummy slimmer thing), a long sleeved sporty shirt, and a sporty jacket, I got really hot and took off the jacket half way through.

There's only a bunch of old ladies and middle-aged women, most of them dont pay me any mind. So much for everyone's theory that I will make friends lmao

I am exhausted now. Tired, sweaty. I feel very proud of myself though. Hopefully I will see some results soonish.

Oh yeah, remember how I said I was hoping it wouldnt snow anymore? Well since I opened my big fat mouth, temperature has plummeted 30+ degrees and we got half an inch of snow and ice! YAY

Mind you, it was just 60 degrees out! I'm used to the cold, but not used to the mind games this weather is playing. :)

I am making hamburger helper for dinner, or as my parents called it HBH lol! Hubby thinks its meh but I love it. I even snuck in half a can of v8 veggie juice in there... shhh... Oh wait. I'm the one that cares. Never mind.

Oh I tried soy milk the other day, yum-o! loved it. May have to start buying it. If I make my breakfast shakes with it, they will be extra delicious... mmm!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I joined Curves today!
It was a lot of fun.

I got properly measured and weighed. Let's just say, I'm blob like. I will have them print me out a report every two weeks I think, so I can keep my own records.

I told them I wanted to lose 75lbs by next year, and they thought that was a fine and manageable goal, which makes me happy.

I want to go 4 days a week at least, but this week, we will try with 3.
I remembered all the machines too, so I am excited!!

Yay!!! i have pics to upload, so I'll do that sometime.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Irony meets Ironwill....

We managed to find a shop open and got the car sorted for a decent price, much cheaper than I expected!

So I still get to sign up for Curves tomorrow, I am so excited and nervous. I remember liking it a lot.

The best part is it's low impact, meaning I dont have to worry about my ankle so much. Like I worry about it! I do, but only when it hurts. Lately it's just been really achy, I think its the weather. Boy I do miss spring. Feels like it today though, it's like 50 degrees out! In January!

though I dont believe it'll last. Sigh.

Usually when this happens, the next couple weeks we get a snow storm hehe let me be wrong pleaaase


I promised no more excuses yesterday
Going to the Gym on monday and signing up!

Well, as it so happened....
Last night on his way home from work, hubby hit a median.
Bent the rim and popped the tire!

I have to cancel all his chiropractor appointments (boohoo, right? he hated going anyway!) and use the money to fix the car.

HOPEFULLY it wont be too much so I can still sign up tomorrow. Thursday at the latest.

that's what I call irony! LOL :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working on those lovely Curves.....

I've been making excuses. Again! Yay!
No just kidding, not yay. but at least I admit them!

I've been saying soon as we get another car...
I'll start working out more
I'll get out of the house
I'll start feeling better about myself

But that's all an excuse. Lies.
See, there is a LOT of time that hubby is not using the car.
Which means I can do all those things.

I can go work out!
I'm starting up a membership Monday at Curves, which is only for women, and I used to go with my mom and grandma, back when I lived at home! I really enjoyed it, plus there are a whole bunch in my new town!

I can feel better about myself!
Yep, you guessed it! Manicures!

I'll get out more!
Which means more people interaction.

Hubby always complains I don't have any friends.
But thats because I like it that way haha!
He doesnt want me to be a hermit so I'll talk to people... if I have to.
I'll even be nice!

I'm going to start working on a blog layout this week. I can do all the work in Photoshop and Flash, but coding it will be a pain. I used to always make the geeky kids do it for me in school! Shame on me! (I do know how to code, mostly. I still have advanced text books too to help out, it just takes me forever.)

Though I do have a question! What should my header image be? After all, its He Took My Last Name but now it's also a fitness(ish) journey (meandering walk) blog!

Any ideas?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I worked out on EA Active today
Thinking I'm all badass I put it on hard difficulty.

Uh, yeah... it's hard.
Within minutes, I am panting.
Wheeze... only 40 minutes to go
Pant...ugh I'm doing this
The trainer is yelling.
Apparently on medium difficulty she likes you
On hard though, she hates everything about you.

Pick it up you suck try harder wtf is that my dog does it better than you

I didnt finish it. I did however do at least 156 calories worth. I will do some more later after I lick my wounds

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Feeling miserable today, Winter's blues maybe?
Also didnt get much sleep last night.
Eating at home is going well.
Last night we had pork chops and macaroni and cheese! Yum!
Tonight we had chicken and homemade stuffing. Also Yum!

I have also got lovely steaks in my freezer, calling out my name...
I am making a big pot of chicken noodles so I can eat that all week too for lunch

The thing I really have to focus on though is exercise, I dont mind cooking but its the getting motivated. I can do it though.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Double Post

Yes, I know this is generally taboo. It's my blog though!

Game plan for this week. Let's take it a week at a time, see how we go, shall we, since I FAILED MISERABLY last week.

This week I'd like to get 4 hours of activity in. I'd call it exercise, but that's not helping.
Also: 1400 calorie limit a day.
I can do this.

Today I did 35 minutes. If I do 30 a day, thats 3.5 hours, so if I do two days of 45 minutes, then I'll get in my 4 hours. I will do 45 minutes tomorrow, and Thursday.

I have also been taking my nerve pills lately, as I've had a very rough couple of days, so I think that has helped put me back in the correct frame of mind. I know I fell off the wagon, but the driver waited up and let me get back on it this time round.

I need to help myself get over the winter blues though, as spring is just round the corner, and I dont want to be a beached whale, I want to be a beach bunny.

Small steps.

Not on Track

Okay, I have been off track for a week.
Things came up but not really anything I couldnt handle and I just got lazy
No excuses, just the truth.
I'm holding myself accountable...

...which is why it pains me to say i am UP FOUR POUNDS

UGH evil delivery service!

...No more!


But it helped me get my ass in motion, I did 35 minutes on EA Active, and burned 250 cals. Let's keep this up, shall we?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


So my diet is totally ruined.
There is a delivery service here that will go round and pick up any food at any restaurant for you and bring it to you, my god. it's evil.

I've been using it lots since I am home with sick hubby! No more. Actually went to the store and got a few items to make food at home!

And I haven't been exercising, either, but I will force myself to today. I did do some housework though.

I have noticed I no longer use my hands to help push myself from sitting to standing, I make myself use my abs. I also noticed I am not as sore in the joints or even as tired going upstairs.

My goal is to buy my own exercise bike by next month, if I can afford it. Today I will do my work out, though it probably wont be til late tonight. I shudder to think of my waistline measurement for tomorrow, but I will do it anyway.

That's pretty much it for today, nothing spectacular

Friday, January 15, 2010

Progress Paused?

Since I have been worrying about my hubby's back lately, I haven't really been tracking anything, doing anything except worrying and generally being a wreck.

This morning getting dressed, saw a shirt I love, (button down striped shirts) and last time I tried it on it was too small, wouldn't fit right, which is a shame. On a whim I tried it and helllllloooo skinny me! It fit perfectly.

Apparently I am still doing something right. I'll let you know when Monday rolls around, hopefully get in some exercise time between now and then.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So much for a relaxing day today!
Poor hubby was in a lot of pain yesterday we thought he was just tensed up, but today its much worse, he woke up in so much pain he couldnt move this morning and I called a chiropractor. So we are off to see what's going on in about half an hour.

He doesnt want to spend the money but money is no object for me haha! I dont care what it costs, I just want to know whats wrong so we can fix it! Lucky me they arent that expensive! I think the lady said it was $70? LOL could be x70 like 170 270 1570 i dont know lol

Do not want

I got Gold's Gym for the Wii
Thought it would be a great little game
Full of boxing!

No... I was wrong. It was horrible!
The controls were awkward and the graphics sucked.
I'm a graphics major, so its kind of a big deal!

Anyway, while I was playing, I got a knock at the door
Company! Weee!

...There is no pause button. none.
At all. So I just threw down the wii mote.
Ignoring at while talking to my friend
Then I turned back to it and it said I was doing GREAT!
Even though I was missing every punch. Not trying.

Hrm. The game promptly went back in the mail.

I was going to try out the Jillian Michaels series but they got even worse reviews.
I read though in the second one there is a lava world? Whhaaaat?!
I'm curious about it now!

The good thing of renting all the games is I am spending maybe $30 a month on them, but its way better than spending $40 per game, especially if its something I do not want!

I know it's Wednesday and I was supposed to do my BMI today, I did it Monday and I was out of town all day, so I'll try for tomorrow.

I showed my mom the dancing and volleyball in EA Active, she didn't seem too impressed hehe its not like her beloved Rhythm Kung Fu

:) Oh well, I still love it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid Wii Fit

Oh stupid Wii Fit.

I got on and did the balance test, where it basically figures out where your center of balance is, and whether or not you place more of your weight on one foot or not.

Usually I am pretty balanced, 52% left foot and 48% right or vice versa.
It goes wee you are just a tiny shift away from perfect balance, do this to help blah.

Today, I do it and I am SMACK DAB in the middle, except... Wii Fit says I'm off less than half a percent! It doesnt go wow what an improvement or you have perfect balance! it says... you are a tiny shift away from perfect balance.

Damn thing.

In good news though, BMI is down to 37.21 which is -.11 from yesterday (.7lb)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Measurement Monday

Improvement! YAY Finally!

Second week's results are a little all over the place.
My BMI went up, but like I said this could be because muscle weighs more than Fat and Wii Fit doesnt calculate that....

Here are this week's measurements (I'm so EXCITED!)

Bust: 41.75" (down .25")
Waist: 41.94" (down .06")
Hips: 49" (down a whole INCH!!)
Upper Arm: 12.5" (Down a whole 1.75")
Thigh: 27.25" (down .25")
Calf: 17.75 (down .75")

Total Inches Lost: 4.06" OMG!! In a week!!!

All the bragging on EA Sports must be paying off!!!
Look at how many I lost on my arms!! That has to be because I am doing so much upper body work!! I'm a little sad I lost more of my bewbies than I did my waist, makes me look even more pear-shaped, but this is just proof I need to up the ante on my crunches and diet, and maybe even hit the elliptical too.

Okay, okay, BMI time... I know it's early... But I'm just that happy.

Last week was 36.99 if you'll remember
Well I checked it throughout the week and it skyrocketed up to 38.00!!! Eeep!!

Pleased to say its now at 37.32! Which is -.68 from 38.00 but up .33 from last week.

Wii Fit has also told me I am down 2lbs... but shh... We arent counting those!

I rented Gold's Gym Cardio Workout for the Wii, I'll let you know how that goes on Wednesday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I already said some of this on my Facebook
I am really disappointed in my progress.

I know it takes a bit of time for results to show
Well results are showing but not in the way I expected

Wii Fit is telling me that I gained 4lbs in the last week!
Its a bit of a pain really, as I dont think its muscle.

I have been well under my calories for the last two days!
I am restricted to a 1400 cal diet and I have been doing an additional 700 in exercise, so my net calories are 700, yet I'm not seeing positive movement.

I was told from my aunt, who has lost a lot of weight on her own, that you can put on muscle really quickly, and that could be why Wii Fit insists I am getting fatter. It also doesnt really take into account body fat percentage or muscle mass, so I shouldnt put too much stock in it.

I really enjoy EA Sports Active though, its great! I can do aerobic dance, and it has a lot of really fun moves, like the lasso, and starting the lawnmower lol
It also has volleyball and tennis, two sports i dont mind playing, even if I have horrid hand-eye coordination.
I keep playing it even though it makes me sweat like a pig, and I am so sore and exhausted but I really love it, the boxing is great too!
I might look into that when I get round to attending a real gym.

I am not going to weigh myself for two weeks, just to keep up my motivation, I will keep going on my current diet for 5 more weeks (6 weeks total) and if I still havent lost any weight then I will reassess, maybe go to my doctor find out what's going on that I am missing.

Good thing though I love chicken as I have been eating lots of it lately grilled, I love it in all forms, its great protein too and keeps me full. Ran out of apples, may have to run to the store and get more, as for snacks I dont have much in the way of them anymore except cottage cheese.

Yesterday's log:

Egg Ham and Cheese casserole (normally its very good, but I botched it this time :P ) 267 calories
Lg apple: 116

Chicken alfredo made with multigrain rotini (also sucked): 467 calories
Arby's crispy chicken bacon and swiss sandwich (I had the calories for it!) 686


EA Sports Active: 494 calories

Budget 1414 (cant make it exactly 1400 on this stupid app)
Food 1545
- Exercise: 494
Net calories 1051
Under 361

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Workout Game! YAY!

I went to bed at 3am this morning. Probably fell asleep at about 4.30ish.
Got up at 7. But still feeling relatively energized. Headed back to bed soon, thats for sure.

We got a blizzard here! Well, more like 4 inches or so, but still, it was enough to make the roads yucky and visibility sucked.

Hubby and I went out last night and bought a bunch of games and such for the Wii. He really wanted Mario Kart (so do I) but they are sold out everywhere! We got the New Super Mario Brothers Wii though.

I also got EA Sports Active. This got a lot better reviews than Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and I can tell you from personal experience, its MUCH better.

I love the light aerobics and low impact of Wii Fit Plus, but EA has a 30 day challenge where you do different exercises every day.
It accurately counts calories burned
The trainer is more responsive with lots of different feedback
You get medals for achieving certain goals
It has a lot of boxing in it, which I love to do for some reason!
The on-screen representation of yourself is more accurate
It comes with resistance bands, and a thigh strap for the nunchuk controller, which actually FITS around my fat thighs! Its like it was made for fat people or something!

I did only 16 minutes last night, and burned 100 calories. Yeah, its that good.

But it doesnt have a scale. :( Its up to you to keep track of that elsewhere. Which is still why I like Wii Fit.

I am sore all over today. Here's to a leaner Mii hehe

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Goal, Oh Yes...

That is ridiculous, that is not a swimsuit!
Courtesy of Victoria Secret

So obviously internet, I have to get that freaking hot so I can own one.

Well, its good to have Goals

Totally Blew It

Yesterday was a horrible day for me.
My cat sprained his paw and had to be rushed to the vet.
He's on a few pain meds now and is doing okay, but it didnt help my diet any
See when I stress, I STRESS.

So I took a nap. Then was starving as I hadnt eaten all day
Kitchen was a mess and I didnt feel like cooking.
So grease-ball burgers from Steak and Shake it was. Yummy.

Then we had company over, and I still didnt feel like entertaining much
Hubby works at a local pizza joint, so its cheap and easy.
Ordered pizza. Guzzled down sodas.

But hey, I still did 50 situps.
Wii Fit was angry at me this morning lol

Today, went to the mall (out in the blizzard yay!) and walked around for a couple hours, at a nice pace, so that was good exercise. I plan on doing more Wii Fit today, maybe some Tae Bo, as it kicks my butt.

One thing I have to keep in mind. The only thing standing between Fat me and Skinny me is my determination. If I keep up with it, there is no way I will fail. However many mistakes I make, or times I stumble, I'll just get up, dust myself off and try again.
I have failed so many times. I feel it as a success this time, it feels right, and thats something that hasnt happened to me before.

I'll let you know how I am doing daily, and we will see the results of my hard work on Monday and Wednesday for sure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday, Week 1!

Yaaay! Wii Fit is impressed I made it a whole week without missing a day! (Technically I have, but I have been logging on everyday!)

Thought I would share some pics of me for my before shots. Can't wait to do the after shots!

Here is me, at my heaviest. On my wedding day. Note the good looking man I married, my big fat arms hiding my Coach bag, and my pale Vampire skin. He deserves a medal.

Here I am, 14 pounds lighter, almost 8 months later.

I bought one of those Balance Body balls last night did some crunches on it, am sore today! YAY! Also finally got some workout pants, and a sport bra what holds all my bewbies in! Double YAY!!

Now for todays results: Last Week, starting BMI was 37.35
This week, BMI: 36.99!!!!!


But I thought it would be a bit lower as I almost totally was in the negative calories! I had a net calorie of 200 yesterday! Sigh.

Oh well. It takes time. Soon the pounds will slough off. This was only week one! I am looking forward to Week 2.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat Better America

Yesterday I didn't work out at ALL
I was entirely too sore.
Consequently, I couldn't sleep well last night and ended up overeating.

Wii Fit yelled at me this morning for that! Haha!

I found a wonderful website, through, called Eat Better America.
( They have lots of yummy traditional recipes with a healthier twist. I just love it!

Some of my favourites too! Like lasagna, stuffed shells, and fettuccine alfredo! (I like my Italian!)
Easy one skillet meals too.
And yes... yummy desserts!

Most recipes feature fewer calories, but not all. Some just have more vitamins, or less sodium, so be careful!

I also looked up how many calories I need to consume to maintain my current weight (which helps me figure out how many I need to cut or burn during exercise to lose weight)

Apparently I have been consuming 2100+ a day! As it stands, thats about... 700 calories I dont want!

Anyway, here's what I have done so far for my food and exercise log. (It's a handy app called "LOSE IT" on the iPhone) According to my app, my daily budget is 1400 cals. I am going to try and get at least in 500 cals of exercise a day, as I didn't realize how easy it can be!

Tuesday Jan 5 2010:

Breakfast (which was at 2.30pm lol)
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's 380 cal

Lunch: (which was at 5.30)
"Healthier Sweet and Sour chicken" 335 cals
-1 cup Uncle Bens Rice 190 cals (I omitted the butter, but didnt bother counting it out)
-1 chicken breast, cubed into 1" pieces 120 cals
-1/4 cup Egg Beaters egg subsitute, 30cals
-2 Tbl. Kikkoman Sweet and Sour sauce, 35 cals
-2 Tbl. Kikkoman Reduced Sod. Soy sauce, 20 cals

Usually I put diced carrot, peas, corn, and onion in there, but I didnt have any, so I flavoured it with garlic and onion powder and ground ginger (Dash each)

Haven't had dinner yet, so on to exercise!

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease:
I categorized this as "light impact dance aerobics" 20mins- 140 cals

Billy Blanks Celebrity Fitness Aerobics:
I put this under "high impact aerobics", as in 5 minutes I was sweaty, gasping for air and ready to quit! But I made it a full 30 mins! which is 317 cals!

Net cals for the day 312ish.

Don't worry! I will probably have a snack (either of yummy cottage cheese or an apple) and dinner. Dinner is usually my biggest meal, so I like to save most my cals for then.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Measurement Monday-Week 1

after a small brain lapse of "where did I put my measuring tape?" I finally found it

Here are this week's results, sad to say...

Hips: 50"
Waist: 42"
Bust: 42"
Arm: 14.25"
Thigh: 27.5"
Calf: 18.5"

WTF I am pear shaped!!! Noooo!

Goals by 6 Months:
Lose 12" off hips
8" off waist
6" off bust (for that perfect hourglass shape hehe)
Arms so they arent flabby anymore... more weights for this
Thighs so they dont rub against each other
Calves, so I can fit in sexy kneehigh boots again!

Obviously I have a lot to work on. Time to get cracking.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So sore...

Okay, yesterday I didn't do my Wii Fit. I know, I know. I wanted to do 30 minutes at least every day. But I was just so stinking sore, I could barely move.
Everything hurt, which is good... I guess. Means it's working. I feel a lot better today though, still a bit sore but I know if I dont make myself do it today, then I will stop doing it all together. And that's not good for business.

I've been eating these high fiber toaster pastries for breakfast, they taste like... crap. Even though the box claims they dont taste like cardboard. Well, they don't. They taste like off brand chocolates. Blech.

I have also been eating apples like they are going out of style. I love the Honeycrisp variety so much, I even eat the skin. I ate 3 apples in a day, of the 4 I bought! Must... buy... more! Apples are really the only fruit I enjoy (they have to be Honeycrisp though!!) and I drink apple juice by the gallon, literally.

Needless to say, I'm well caught up on my Vitamin C.

Working on eating other fruits and veg to help get myself all rounded, I still prefer to hide them. Use my magic bullet to blend them to a creamy pulp and hide them. Or eat canned foods that have a serving of veggies!

It's been bitterly cold here, normal for this time of year I suppose, but its not done much in the way of motivation. I just have to look at my list.

Tomorrow is Measurement Monday. I still need to make my charts. I measured myself a few days ago when I bought the tape measure but neglected to write anything down. However, I mostly remember it all. Will remeasure though.

Oh, and gross! I love Chicken Alfredo, right? LOVE it. Stouffer's makes a single serving and its 440 cals. Not horrible, not great. I decided to look for a lower cal version and found this:

Maybe some of you will like it but for me, it tasted like hot skim milk and mostly melted cheese (that didn't melt all the way) Blech. Worst part is, I made a whole bunch!!! I'll stick with Stouffer's, thanks. If that's my dinner every night, that's not so bad anyway.

See you tomorrow! I'm so nervous! And Excited!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Conquering my people phobia

And other things I want to do!

-Get over my fear of people (thank god for xanax to help me get started)
-Go sky-diving. I'm an adrenaline junkie, so I've always wanted to do this.
-Bungee jump
-Get a bike. I had one... but left it at Mom's and it got sold in a garage sale LOL
-Wear a bikini. :)
-Buy clothes from Victoria Secrets. Not just lingerie. Clothes!

Can't wait until I get to tick these off the list.
I thought of some more benefits to being skinny.

-Not having to have to move chairs/have someone move their chair and suck in my stomach to get past
-Boots! Skinny calves= sexy boots!
-Not having to hoist myself out of the chair or bed...or sofa...

I'll add more as I think of them. Its little motivators like this that will keep me going day to day.
I may even reward myself for little milestones. Like lose 20lbs and buy new clothes! or get my hair done. do my nails. get a massage. dunno. I'll work it out.

Oh, forgot to tell you all

I worked out on the Wii Fit Plus for 43 minutes yesterday, and 38 today. Much better than I thought I could do, but now I am sore.

A good sore. An accomplished-something sore.
Let's keep up this trend. Soon I will be over my phobia of people (at least enough to go running at my fitness center I have at my apartment).

They only have a few weight machines (which i have no idea how to use) and a treadmill, and an elliptical. I can run on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

I also thought I would point out that I am no longer at my heaviest. That was back in May 09. I weighed 237.5 then. Now I am 223.5 so I have lost 14 in 7 months! Ah ha ha... sad really. I was down to 210. :(

Onederland isnt far off. Only 24 lbs.
I'll keep you updated.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

Okay, time to lay out my goals for 2010. It's not a very long list.

1) Get in shape.

Here's the game plan on this one. I am so obsessed about losing pounds, I get easily discouraged. This time, I'm not even going to bother with a scale. I'm all about BMI and inches this time.

I bought a tape measure and made up charts for my progress. I measured everything, arms, bust waist, hips, thighs, calves. I wrote down the starting numbers.
Every Monday is a remeasure for the week. Measurement Monday. (With a blog to match, with all my measurements.)

Wednesday is Weigh in Wednesday (only this time with my BMI instead of weight).
This handy thing will be calculated by my trusty Wii Fit Plus.

Work out every day. 30 minutes on Wii Fit Plus at least for the first few weeks, then I'll add in gym time as I go on.

2.) Pay off Hubby's Dead Car and Get Him a New One

This one is well underway. It gets paid off in January. Hopefully a new car in February, early March.

This also helps me, because not having my own car anymore, I never get out of the house. I dont like walking in snow. So, if I had a car, theoretically, I can go to the gym or the mall and walk for hours and hours.

3.) Pay off the credit cards.

this is just for financial security, really. Not anything to do with weight loss.

Here's the secret to goal 1.
I want to lose 73 pounds. So I will be updating it monthly, on how much I lose.
I would like to be down those 73 in 6-9 months.
Let's make 50 lbs in 6 months my goal. Thats less than 10 a month.

Lets look at a list of positives I have now, for motivation.

-I have a wonderful loving extremely supportive husband (and family)
-I am 22. Its now or never
-I have a good home
-I love to cook

So lets see how I can apply these to my weight loss

-Hubby will exercise with me, if I ask nicely
-I am 22 so it will be easier for me than if I waited til I was 30+
-I can use my housewife chores as exercise. Just add a little dance music and bump up the elbow grease.
-Start using healthy recipes.

Okay. So a long and difficult road ahead. No more excuses.
I do have a bum ankle so I can't just go running, like I hear some of you screaming at your monitors. I need low impact. EFX, swimming, etc.

Things I Would Like to Do:
-Be able to swim everyday
-Bend over to tie my shoes
-Go upstairs without panting like a wounded animal
-Feel sexy instead of a beached whale.
-Brush my teeth without my tummy jiggling.
-Eat my veggies, and learn to love fruit.
-Fit into my skinny jeans again. They are a size 13 Junior.
I'll have my butt into them some day again. I swear.

Yes these are embarrassing. But if I dont get over it and throw it all behind me, it will haunt me forever.

-My bum ankle and knees wont hurt as much.
-I'll be able to do the things I like for longer periods of time
-I will be happy and healthy
-Self confidence booster... If I think I can, then why can't I?
-Hubby deserves it. He married me at my heaviest, and under a lot of criticism for taking my last name. So I should at least be super lava hot for him, right? (not to mention it would shut up all the naysayers)

Sorry for the long blog, but this is helping me get it all out there. Calories, weightloss plans and skinny jeans and all.