Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taste is No Longer an Excuse

That's V8's slogan for the V-Fusion juice. And I got to say, taste really isn't an excuse anymore. It's even a full serving of fruit!

This stuff is good, they even have a raspberry flavor now! yum.

But did you know they make potato chips with half a serving of veggies?
Did you know Spaghetti-o's have a full serving of veggies?

For someone as picky as I am, these are great alternatives to eating smelly green things that taste funny.

I like potato chips, and if they are ranch flavored AND give me a serving of veggies?! Sign me up

Spaghetti-o's were always my favorite growing up... and now I can get in my veggies too!

And the juice... it's only 8 little ounces. EIGHT ounces. For a complete serving of fruits and veggies! You can just chug it with each meal. Hey, you're done for the day.

The Big Day

Everyone is asking me if I think life will be different after the big day.

Im sure it will change a little. But all in all, I don't think it will. I mean...

We already live together (it's only been a year)
We pay rent
we have credit cards (that we are actively paying off)
we have 2 cats
we've had to budget to fix our cars
we've been through the hardship of losing our jobs

we've had our ups and downs.

But who hasn't?

so... all in all, i don't think it will change much

but i guess it will prolly change a little

if we get in a fight... i still have to look at him.

Good thing he's pretty.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

To party or not to party?

Our "friends" are a strange bunch...

Whenever some event happens in life, their idea is to celebrate it with a party. Examples include but are not limited to:

Virgin boy finally got a girlfriend
Emotional boy finally left his abusive girlfriend
Lazy guy moved to different state to mooch off someone else
Everyone is laid off from the job we all worked at together
The gays lost everything in a fire, let's have a donation party
The girl who lives out of town and never wants to hang out was coaxed into hanging out
It's Friday
It's Saturday
It's Tuesday

All of these things are sent by mass texts to everyone involved.

We told them we were getting married in a couple weeks and no one ....NO ONE has even said "Congratulations" or "How exciting!" or "Let's have a party!"

Im thinking either a)they don't like us anymore 2)they are jealous or iii)maybe it's not something to be celebrated, in their eyes.

Not like it matters, I am super excited about the honeymoon, anyway. I'm thinking that will be way more fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Days Gone By

Less than 5 weeks until the fiance and I tie the knot. The official date is May 15th.

to prep for marriage life we have done the following:

Started referring to each other as "husband" or "wife"
He's signing everything under his new last name
Bought our rings on Walmart.com (I recommend this, they have nice rings that you can personalize for free, for a total of $50+ shipping, and it's loads faster than doing it in the store....ironically)
I bought my sundress and some honeymoon clothes
He's busying himself making us extra money by placing ads for graphic/logo/web design

All in all, a semi productive week.

He even found a job listing for a graphic designer in our area who is HIRING, and called him today, sending him an email with a resume, portfolio, AND was told by the owner to call back next week. Bonus: The job starts after the honeymoon.

Things are looking great!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surviving 2012

I was curious to what all the hubub was about on the 2012 nonsense. Basically, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. No one knows why or anything. So NATURALLY it is to be assumed that the world will end.

Here are some fun ways we could possibly die:

Flu pandemic
WW3/Nuclear war/accident
Religious Apocalypse
Ice Age/ Global Warming
Alien Invasion
Black hole bursting in the center of our galaxy (some believe it caused the Tsunami in 04)
Time Travel Error

Yeah... so I don't know how to prepare for any of those.

Oh well, if the world ends on Dec 21st, I guess I can take back everyone's Christmas gifts!

Another Day....

So this dreary weather seems to have everyone down. It was lovely over Easter but now it's horrid and very blah out.

This means I have no motivation

I sleep a lot
I don't have motivation to cook or clean
I don't have motivation to get dressed
I don't have motivation to do anything really.

It doesn't help I am really trying to buckle down on finances and look for a job. Believe it or not, it's near impossible to find one that I can do because I have a bum ankle.

Luckily, I was able to file for more unemployment.

The fiance (soon to be husband, in 4.5 weeks!) got a freelance job designing a website, so that's awesome.

I shook my money tree last week and everything looks like it will work out for now.

Besides all the blah going on

I watched YES MAN last night, with Jim Carrey and Zoey Deschannel. OMG it was amazing! I laughed my butt off :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe it's just me...

I was on the hunt today to see if I could boil an egg in the microwave, so I asked Chacha and got told some wrong information.

I looked it up myself and I found one answer on a forum that surprised me and made my frontal lobe hurt.

"I boiled an egg in the microwave for 22 minutes and when I tried to peel it, it was brown and exploded all over me. DONT try it, you can't boil an egg in the microwave!"

....This person doesn't seem to realize a microwave cooks things faster than a stove or oven... so

Maybe it's just me, but 22 minutes is about... 18 minutes too long.

As an added bonus, I micro-boiled an egg successfully, and it only took 4 minutes.

Just saying....

Insult me?

We had a solicitor to come to the door (we had 3 actually, all from the same cult)

One was this college age girl, very annoying with a smoker's voice and a perm and a piece of steel shot through her eyebrow. She was all peppy high-5 talking a mile a minute about some contest or another for her communications class where if her team wins she goes to Fiji... whatever.

She asked if I ever was out of the country, so I humored her and said I went to the Bahamas to which she replied...

"Oh I bet you got sunburnt really bad."

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause you're really pale."

"Listen sweetheart, maybe you don't pay attention in class because your head is filled with thoughts of Fiji and good looking local boys and alcohol, but I am pretty damn sure they don't tell you to insult someone you are trying to sell something too. And when I was in school. which was 6 months ago, they had you selling candy bars, not magazines. Thirdly, if you want to go so bad, get a job and save up, it's easier than conning people into magazines they don't want. Also, in case you didn't notice, there are large signs at each entrance saying we dont accept solicitors, so you leave now, or I call the courtesy officer on you."

Kids these days.