Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weight Loss Goals

Yes its New Years
Yes its a typical resolution

But I've been going on about it for months now and I think its finally time.

Check out my fancy ticker:

I also bought a Wii and Wii Fit+ today. Did 20 minutes!
I may also go to my gym and go for a run on the elliptical machine.

I found someone who succeeded in their goal. They were about the same height and weight as I am, and they achieved their goal. I can too.

Happy New Years. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here You Go Princess

Being an only child I am often called Princess
Half sarcasm at least.
Anyway my gramma gave me a Wal-Mart gift card this year
Princess it says.
Its pink

What shall Princess buy with her gift card you ask?
Why, I decided I would be a fairy princess
With a Magic Wand

I have my own castle to clean now, after all.

Instant Gratification Girl vs Denial Man Interlude

It's Christmas Eve.
Nothing is open save a 24-hr CVS convenience store.
Hungry, we head there in search of food.
Soon as I enter I see a Slider Griddle (think George Foreman but for tiny hamburgers)

My mom wanted one! I turn to hubby, can we buy? Ohh I want to buy!
He said no. I told him too bad. He carries it around the store.

We settle on spaghetti for dinner.
Walking past the cooler for the bottled soda and milk I see a bottle of chocolate syrup.

Ohhhh! I am daydreaming of making chocolate milk.
Squirting it in my mouth
Covering my body in it!
Outlandish daydreams

Denial man wins this round. No.
IGG comes back with a ...can I buy a little chocolate milk then?
Yes, is the verdict.

So I buy a half gallon and guzzle it all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Instant Gratification Girl vs Denial Man part 2

The holiday season is upon us, and that's my biggest flaw as Instant Gratification Girl.

See, im not all selfish. Actually, I am. But I like to give gifts and bestow those I love with material things that will make them happy and ultimately, adore me.

Case in point: Remember last week's epic battle of who will have the game system of their dreams? Let's take a look on how the results turned out....

IGG: I've decided to put off getting a wii.
DM: *eyes light up* really?! what made you change your mind?
IGG: *goes on about being responsible blah blah blah, doesnt really mean it*
DM: I'm so happy (he's really just happy about the ps3)
IGG: Let's go get a ps3 right now!

And here's the results: I still won. I got to buy something really expensive on an impulse. hahaha
(ps, I'm totally getting a wii. He just doesn't know it yet. One day he will be coming home and there I'll be, playing it!)

Does Denial Man ever win you ask?

Find out next week.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Instant Gratification Girl vs Denial Man

This week, two superheroes battle it out to see who is the financial victor
Our contenders Instant Gratification Girl, a bubbly blonde who only lives for self satisfaction
Versus her opponent, Denial Man, who is the so-called Voice of Common Sense.

Lets join in on the action!

Instant Gratification Girl: I want a wii for Christmas
Denial Man: You sold our wii because we didnt use it
IGG: I promise to use it every day!
Suddenly, she uses her wily charms, pulling out her famous "eye batting" move! CAN HE RESIST?
DM: We'll see.


What's this? Denial Man looking longingly at a ps3?
Instant Grat Girl catches him in the act!
We can get one of those too!

Denial man is hesitant.
You only want a wii for a few games
he says, triumphant, surely this will sway her

But Instant Grat Girl has cunning. You only want the ps3 for one game, she fires back

Who will win this battle of wits and coin?
Find out, next week!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pale and Pasty

Ever since I got laid off from cubeville last January,
I was determined to get in shape
Start tanning
Look awesome. Hot. Sexy.

Where am I one year later?
I've lost 11.5 lbs.
(Actually, I've lost 30 but gained back the rest)

And I'm still pale and pasty.
Even though there are two tanning salons within a mile radius
Ones in my apartment fitness center.

This goes to show, nothing major changed this year.

At least physically.

Oh well. There's always 2010, right?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grocery Shopping

As you know I love to cook
I also love to shop
Stands to reason I love grocery shopping.
We have no food in the house. Time to go shopping
I had all these meals in my head.
This week, however, I didnt take a list.

Here is what I ended up buying:
Tator tots
Cream of potato soup
Chili mix

And somehow, that came to $45.

Not sure what happened there.