Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolutions of my own...

1. Get thin

As I have no way to get rich, getting thin will just have to work. I'm pretty sure once I am thin, people will say "Oh you beautiful thing, here's a million dollars" anyway. So I guess I'm good.

2. Finish getting all the stuff I need for the kitchen.

I've lived here for almost 6 months now and I'm a little sad I barely have enough silverware for 4 people.

3. Get a bookshelf.

Mine were apprehended to house games and movies... damn it, my books need a place too!

4. Make fudge successfully.

I cannot for the life of me master fudge. I should send all my failed batches to my mom. Send her all the successful ones too, for that matter... oh my master plan....

5. Save some cash.

I hope we get on Overtime at the Company, so I can have a little extra padding in case Fiance finds a job and is magically whisked away to a new company. Or in case the cars break. Or they cut hours again. Or in case the Brother can't pay rent because the Best Friend (aka His Woman) runs his phone bill to over $300 again.

6. Buy lots of clothes. And accessories. Also, get tan.

Let's just make this a subset of the first resolution.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Things A Mother Does

This little beast is the cause of much worrying. As you see he is a little on the tiny side. This little guy is the most adorable little guy you'll ever meet. Except for two things.

A) He has fleas. I freaking HATE fleas. I get itchy thinking about them.
2) He has roundworm. Which is why he is sooooo skinny but has a pot belly. These fuckers would have killed him, had my mom not seen him and went teary eyed at his woes and footed the bill (which I thank her for everytime I look at him.)

As his primary caregiver, I have certain responsibilities for him and my darling Kiwi. I feed them and change the litter box and buy them all sorts of toys..... 

Today Oscar has diarrhea. And this is normal. He had his wormer shot and he can puke, poo, or both either in a normal manner or projectily, which he did today. His body is ridding itself of the worms. Which is great, except he mucked poo (the projectile diarrhea kind) all over the litterbox, himself, and any surface unfortunate enough in his way (floors, couch, etc)

Being the mom I am (which is my mother, essentially) I gag, dry heave and almost lose my lunch at the site, but still I pick up the little furball and make the Fiance hold him by the scruff of the neck while I get out a washcloth and soap and make sure the water is a little on the warm side, but not hot. Then I clean his paws, his butt, his ...junk...his stomach and he doesn't fidget much. I completely stuff his lower half under the steady stream of water and make sure to rinse out the soap well then I get a towel and dry him off and set him down. 

Next is the fun bits. I have to now clean and disinfect the litterbox. While the worms are mostly dead, or dead, whatever, and the cats share a litter box, I HAVE to keep it clean. Why bother deworming one when you'd have to turn around and do the other?

So despite my small gags and the bile rising in my throat (it smelled awful. Imagine the time you had the stomach flu or food poisoning or anything of that nature and had diarrhea. Remember how YOU smelt?)  I managed to clean the litterbox and dispose of the litter ('Here, hun, run this down to the dumpster') 

I had to move all the dishes out of the side with the garbage disposal. Our Butler (aka Fiance's brother) had neglected to clean it since oh.... Tuesday.... and there were bits of food that had soaked in water, grease, whathaveyou for several days and I nearly lost my lunch this time. 

I hattttttte the smell of rotten food. Hate it. I hate cold, dirty dishwater even more. I hhhhhaaaateeeee it. I'd rather clean shit for the rest of my life.

But I managed to clean the litterbox and now I look at the thing--doing his kitten like activities--and I am disgusted. I can't get the smell of ammonia off my hands, save for bleaching them.... and you NEVER mix bleach and ammonia. 

Sigh. Back to reading. Fiance gets round 2.

My Christmas

As petty as it seems, I am choosing to relay my gifts for all the interwebs to see.

From my dad, I got a lovely gift. A wonderful gold and diamond necklace. It's very pretty, and I'm not sure whether he actually picked it out or my mom or grandma did, but it doesn't matter. It's beautiful and I love it.

My grandma gave me $50 and a bracelet (happens to match the necklace almost perfectly, hence why I think my dad may have had a little help)

My mother bought me probably something more treasured than the jewelry if you can believe it, she bought me a whole set of books. I love to read and since yesterday, in the course of 24 hrs I have knocked out 3 of the 5 books I hadn't read. She also paid for my cats to get taken care of, for which I am really grateful and a wonderful faux-fur coat that looks and feels real. It's my baby. 

My granny gave me $100 which promptly went to cover bills that unexpectedly came up. Yay real life! I still need to send her out a thank you card. This is on my to-do list. Maybe I will send her a picture of me and the Fiance and our babies (the kittens).

My uncle and his gf gave me $100 for ballroom dancing, which went to my mom's gift. Hahah. Shh. (The woman got a Kindle if you can believe it, spoiled rotten she is. But at least she hadn't bought one herself, that I know of. I'm going to find out soon enough though....)

The Fiance and I got a second kitten for our first, to have as a playmate. Little did we know the beautiful bastard had fleas and roundworm and would have died if mom hadn't footed the bill. He still needs his second shot, but I am really grateful she paid for him. He wouldn't have made it til we were settled in again financially. Slow work load sucks. They send you home and your pay suffers.

He also bought me mixing bowls, pans, knives, and more dinnerware. Just the thing I wanted. He got lots of games and gaming accessories, just what HE wanted.

It was a great haul this Christmas, and despite the fact we were running low on money, I still managed to scrape together over $160 to give to our friends who had their apartment burn. They lost everything, including about 5k worth of expensive designer bags (Coach, Dooney, MK, you name it, it burnt) and over $20k in assorted possessions. Not to mention the priceless antiques they had. 

....suddenly $160 doesn't seem like much ;_; But I know they are grateful for all the help. Our apartment has become a soup kitchen and safe house for most of our friends. They have either been laid off or displaced from fires, and ice storms, or both.

I believe this is why I am struggling financially. But its a good heart warming struggle, and although I work through the nose for my job and all I have (with the occasional treat from my parents) I certainly can't stand by when my friends and family need me most. Plus, it always comes full circle. I believe that for sure. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday and I'm sorry I rambled on. I need to email my mom some pictures and work up the gumption to get dressed and return her tupperware. I also have my dad's gift to drop off. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

About Me?

I'm an only child, rather spoiled really.

But not the bad spoiled. I have my own job, I make my own money, and I have my own apartment filled with my own things. I have a fiance and a butler, who is said fiance's brother. He lives with us too and cleans and pays his share of rent.

I work a 40-hr work week and make as much or more than my dad, fresh out of college as I am. My mom works all the time and makes a whole bunch more money than I do. But it's cool, because I get lots of neat gifts.

My fiance is an artist, a 3d modeler and animator, and he can do just about anything art related. His dream job is working for some game company somewhere and I know he'll find the one he wants, because I drive him to put together an awesome portfolio and resume.

We have a lot of friends we hang out with on weekends and our apartment is usually the crash-pad. Maybe it's because I make everyone awesome food.

For example, tonight is my "graduation party" and I am making a loaded baked potato bar (complete with sour cream, butter, bacon bits, broccoli, liquid cheese, shredded cheese and ground beef) two cheesecakes (one strawberry and the other raspberry) and an ice cream mud pie.

Did I mention they love my food?! lol.

I'm a curvaceous girl. I have a large chest and a big ass and a bit of a tummy.

The tummy bothers me so my mother and I entered a little "friendly" contest. Whoever loses the weight first, has to wear the other person's fat clothes. Hahah. My mom is the only person I can ever actively compete against because she's the only person I consider worth it to prove wrong.

So, it's on....bitch.