Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working on those lovely Curves.....

I've been making excuses. Again! Yay!
No just kidding, not yay. but at least I admit them!

I've been saying soon as we get another car...
I'll start working out more
I'll get out of the house
I'll start feeling better about myself

But that's all an excuse. Lies.
See, there is a LOT of time that hubby is not using the car.
Which means I can do all those things.

I can go work out!
I'm starting up a membership Monday at Curves, which is only for women, and I used to go with my mom and grandma, back when I lived at home! I really enjoyed it, plus there are a whole bunch in my new town!

I can feel better about myself!
Yep, you guessed it! Manicures!

I'll get out more!
Which means more people interaction.

Hubby always complains I don't have any friends.
But thats because I like it that way haha!
He doesnt want me to be a hermit so I'll talk to people... if I have to.
I'll even be nice!

I'm going to start working on a blog layout this week. I can do all the work in Photoshop and Flash, but coding it will be a pain. I used to always make the geeky kids do it for me in school! Shame on me! (I do know how to code, mostly. I still have advanced text books too to help out, it just takes me forever.)

Though I do have a question! What should my header image be? After all, its He Took My Last Name but now it's also a fitness(ish) journey (meandering walk) blog!

Any ideas?

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