Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weight Watchers- Week 2 Weigh in

Here's a snapshot of my tracker for the week. As you will no doubt notice a few things 1) I very rarely went over my weekly points. 2) I earned no activity points this week, basically because I was Gimpy McGee for the week and 3) there were a few days I didn't eat all of my daily points either. Not by choice! I'm broke!

My daily points are 29.  I stayed under for the most part. I didn't even get to use my weekly points, boo.

I am really excited about this upcoming week- my knee is all better, so I will be able to go to Zumba again! YAY!

Ok, I'm sure you're tired of me blabbering...

Without further ado.....

the results are in!

Even I was shocked!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we have a downward slope!

Which means! I lost again! I am almost out of the 220's, even. I'm at 221.6! that is 8.4 lbs lost in TWO WEEKS

EIGHT POINT FOUR pounds. 8.4! Gone just fwooosh out the window, down the toilet, off my gut weee goodbye thanks for visiting thank god they're gone goodbye

I am soooo close to my 5% goal (11.5 lbs) I can smell it! It smells like victory, a milestone, and a corner stone! It smells like hope, pride, determination, and excellence! It smells like teen spirit me!

What I hope to accomplish this week:

Working out
Journaling again (all 7 days)
Not spending on any food, other than my weekly grocery trip (which is tonight! Yay!)
Eating more fruit/veg. V8 helps a lot (both the veggie juice and fruit juice options) but they are a tad expensive.

In other news: I got my new dress and cardigan from Kohls! Yay! its a white and grey babydoll dress with a long, black open front carigan. It looks great (I'm sure that EIGHT POUNDS helps too)

But when I opened the package, I found a pair of Nike boy's youth size 7 shoes in my order! I wasn't billed for them and it wasn't on my packing slip, and there was no extra slip. But I get to take it back to the store and tell them it was accidentally shipped with my order. Very peculiar!

I have all of the bills paid! YAY! I still have money left over too! I had to pay double on a couple of them to catch back up... but thats ok. I'm all caught up with a bit of savings, everything is coming up daisies here!

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