Saturday, November 13, 2010

Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction

No this isn't a physics lesson. I suck at physics. But you know what? It's still a lesson, so listen up.

Let's use today as a scenario:

I went to my parent's today. My grandma bought me a grilled chicken sandwich from Dairy Queen (she bought everyone else a fried one, so she's helping lol) for 9 points.

Then I was hungry later. So I had a 1/3 of a pizza sub (19 pts for the whole thing so 6 for a third)

Then I was hungry on the way home. So I stopped at Taco Bell.... seeing a pattern here? Chicken quesadilla= 12 points.

Brian had to work late and no groceries in the house so I ordered pizza. Thin crust, half cheese, half pepperoni. Order of garlic parmasan breadsticks (who invented these? sadistic bastard). I had 4 breadsticks for 11.5 points and 4 slices of cheese pizza 15 slices.

Total damage: 53.5 points for the day.

But I pretracked so it was a conscious decision. I regret only that I didn't hit up the store on the way home for something a little more filling lol

But I tried something new today: Raspberry Iced Tea. That shit is heaven on wheels. I'm not sure what that means.

Good news: I did dance central for an hour with my mom (4 points earned) and then another half an hour when I got home (2 points earned) so that helped some of my damage. I will just have to go to the store tomorrow, stock up on goodies I can make from home and stay far the fuck away from fast food.

BAD CHRISTIE. *slaps wrist*

My first major screw up. And I have already moved on. I felt the need to blog about it because its very telling. I was doing fine without fast food. Perfectly well. But one screw up and I went almost on a fast food binge today. My stomach has been most unkind to me. Probably because I have been most unkind to it.


I'm really tired. But I have an interview tomorrow so I am too excited to sleep. Weee! It's a phone interview, so lets hope my charming personality can woo someone over voice. :) Wish me luck, internet friends!

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  1. LUCK!
    Maybe it was the stress from the interview? Plus, not having Brian home is difficult too. Both things would be problematic.

    I hope that it went well, and that you've centered peacefully by now!


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