Tuesday, March 15, 2011

84 Points

So as you all know I added all of my weekly points to my menu today. I just quick added them in and dubbed it "the weekly experiment" and it brought my total up for the day to be 84 points.

Today was the first day I ate all of my daily points and STOPPED because I have no weeklies left. Today is the first day I have felt hungry... in a while.

Luckily my day is almost over and I am able to go to bed soon.

Also: Married in Minecraft, episode 02 is now up on YouTube. Please go look :)

Tomorrow you get a blog recipe about our delicious dinner we had tonight (YES!! I took pics!!)

I had a really mentally exhausting day and I am ready for bed.

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  1. First: Great job with the tracking!!! :-)

    Second: Why did you go hungry? There are many delicious zero PointsPlus foods, like fruits and vegetables. Also, have you earned any Activity Points? Remember that those are okay to eat, too. In fact, I sometimes have my best losses on weeks that I eat my APs.


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