Monday, March 7, 2011

Move complete

Hey friends! Long time no see. I was totally unplugged for 2 whole days. Sometimes I forget how awesome real life is.

Yesterday was moving day, and Brian and I had gone to bed at 5 am and were promptly awoken at 9 am when Comcast came by to hook up the new internet.

 Noon comes by and Brian's brother and my dad were the only ones who helped us but it wasn't so bad. My mission was to keep my dad from lifting anything too heavy but I kind of...failed... because he kept sneaking away from me to help Brian and his brother. What a great dad!

We started at noon and got all of the furniture moved over by 3:00. Keep in mind we only had one truck and four people, one of whom is retardedly weak (me)

I fell off the whole "not eating out" horse when I noticed we were feeling shaky from not eating. We got pizza hut and all sat in Apartment Beta (the new one) on the floor and nom'ed in peace.

It was drizzling rain all day. It started to snow at 3 when we were done. Thankfully it held off that long.

We called it a night. We took a short nap and then unpacked most of our boxes. I had some how lost all my keys in this mayhem and couldn't find them anywhere.

I took a Xanax to help with the anxiety of moving. Medication + lack of sleep + no caffeine = dead tired and I just didn't care about anything at that point.

Today we went back to Alpha and got some more things: clothes, double checked the closets, etc, and we loaded up our cars with them. We rode our bikes to Beta. It felt great to ride, even though it was short and just across the parking lot.

Still couldn't find my keys. Then I started looking through trash bags-- luckily picking the right one on the first try! I had thrown away my keys!! My husband and I were breaking down our bed when my dad came in and I was desperately trying to hide uhm our adult things (lube and condoms) so dad didn't have to see them, and I stuffed them in my pocket real quick. And considering it was only lube and condoms, I could throw them away, so thats what I did, toss them in the trash. Except my keys went along for the ride.

I'm glad I am paranoid enough to think of that.

Keys in hand, it meant that I was back in the driver's seat. Literally and figuratively. Today we finished up all the stuff to move over and tomorrow we finish off by cleaning. After cleaning we will be taking pics for your viewing pleasure.

Apartment Beta came with a lot of perks. New appliances, better bathrooms, lower ceiling and cabinets in the kitchen (a major plus for this Shorty), one of the walls is freshly painted a nice beige-brown color, and there is new, plush carpeting, not to mention a building full of neighbors in their  late 20's-30's.

Which means as a whole, the building is louder, which means people have lives and aren't snooping around. We have more neighbors now in this building. We had 7 before but we have 9 now.

While at Alpha we ran into our neighbors who are about our age-ish, and they were moving out too. He had gotten a job offer north of Detroit so they were moving. I guess this was all too much for German neighbor to handle, because she was out in the parking lot writing down the license plate numbers of all their moving vehicles.


She also slammed her door in our face as she was trying to nose in our (old) apartment and we caught her looking in.


I'm so glad to be away from her. Thank you, apartment complex!

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