Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taking a Break

I took a break today. I did absolutely nothing productive, aside from cooking my man breakfast... for dinner. Pancakes and turkey bacon!

I survived the day on sugar toast and tortillas, warmed up in the microwave. I also lounged around in front of the computer for 9 hours

I was not feeling my friendly, chipper self and I needed a break from me, I guess. But no worries, I am feeling really good today and now I am going to do my P90X shoulder work out and push the run back to Thursday, so I won't miss it this week. I may go back to week 1 of C25K and do that over again. I don't know if I can do 90 seconds of jogging.

We will see Thursday. Today its supposed to be near-50 degrees and beautifully sunny out. I think I will take Maxwell on a walk. He needs some of his energy let out.

Early this morning (2 am) I boiled up some chicken breasts and shredded them. I mixed some chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder together and tossed with the chicken. Then I made some instant brown rice, and mixed together with the chicken. I dumped in some salsa (Pace picante) and stirred. Now I have a ready made mixture to slap on some tortillas. I also got refried frijoles negros (black beans) and reduced fat "Mexican blend" cheese.

I will be in heaven for the next 3 or so days. I absolutely love anything in a tortilla. Whether its a taco, a burrito or an enchilada, I am in love with it!

Such a funny conversation I was having with Brian earlier. We were at the store and I told him I needed cheese and he said "we just bought a bunch of groceries. What do we need cheese for?"

"Because we are out of cheese and it makes me feel like we have nothing in the house. Like we are poor."

"THAT'S your indicator? If we have cheese we are doing alright, but if there is no cheese then we aren't?"

"Well even if I make a shitty meal, drowning it in cheese makes it taste better... so yeah."

"Alright, lets get cheese."

I'd like to point out we only went into the store for dog food but we ended up getting dog food, deodorant for him, tortillas, black beans, and cheese for me, ground turkey and sloppy joe mix.

I'm just happy we have cheese, and he's just happy we didn't end up getting anything else.

See you all later, I need to be comatose now. It's 4AM and I haven't slept.


  1. We also love making shredded chicken tacos..I make mine a bit different and you may want to try it! I makes the chicken have a bit more flavor and find it easier. Just take a sheet pan with sides lay foil down. Place your chicken breast on the foil and a small drizzle of EVOO over the chicken and seasonings and rub the chicken. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until 160 degres.If you have a food Temp! Then just let the chicken rest till cool enough to handle and then shred it up..Then you can add salsa if you would like.. My fav is from walmart. It is a green chili kind. If you want the exact just let me know! Then yes in a SMALL tortila,lettuce,onion,tomatoe,chesse,sour cream, salsa and don't forget the cheese!!! YUMOOO!!!

  2. I make shredded chicken enchilladas. (Takes out the refried beans - which in my mind,pretty much destroy the health benifits of whatever you put them on due to the sodium).

    I toss baked, shredded chicken with lemon and lime juice, garlic and onion powder. Then I roll them up in corn tortillas, cover then with a mild/medium verde sauce, and bake! Being a singer, I'm not a big fan of dairy (I should blog about my non-dairy ways someday.) Dairy creates mucus. Mucus back ups lead to post nasal drips, sore throats, ear infections, etc. Since my body has been without for a while, a good plate of nice cheeses will make my sinuses go haywire for a day or two. lol (But oh - how I LOVE a good blue or goat cheese... drool).


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