Monday, May 9, 2011

An Important Change

I have been following WW, but there is no real information for pregnancy on the website. There is stuff for nursing moms but not really for me.

Also, since I am pregnant and will very soon (in 8 months) have another mouth to feed and more importantly, a bottom to cover with diapers, I am going to have to cancel my WW account. The extra $20 a month could buy a couple of packages of diapers.

Part of being a responsible adult means making choices. Part of being a responsible parent means making sacrifices. I'm aiming for somewhere in the middle. I'm giving up a program that I believe works because I need the money to provide for the life growing inside of me.

I'm putting aside my wants and needs for that of my unborn child. I feel like a saint! Hahaha.

Besides- everyone knows the secret to a happy healthy body is eating more fruit/veggies and less blah foods.

The weight gain is a little depressing each week. Even when I track all week and track honestly, I'm still gaining. I think it's definitely pregnancy related and therefore it seems silly to me to pay WW to tell me I gained weight and how to fix it. When I am doing everything according to plan.

So I cancelled my account and I have until 5/27/11 before eTools is no longer available to me. One of the options for leaving was "I'm pregnant" so obviously this is not the first time someone has left WW due to impending baby.

So what is the new plan?

The Pregnancy Plan

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes every day, even if it is just walking the dog. Can be broken into chunks, ie 20 min dog walk, 10 min stationary bike. 
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep every night
  3. Drink 8-8 glasses of water every day
  4. Take my prenatal vitamins, 2 twice daily (4 total)
  5. Aim for 3 servings of fruit this week. Increase incrementally. 
  6. Aim for 5 servings of veggies this week. Increase incrementally.
  7. Count calories on foods. WW meals are still acceptable
  8. Cook more at home. It tastes better anyway

Numbers 5 & 6 are going to be increased by one weekly, until I can force myself to eat more fruit/veggies per day. I think this will be by far the most challenging, but I know I can do it. Just as I summoned my courage last night, I will summon it to tackle the daunting task of learning to eat right.

I guess I will go back to My Fitness Pal or Lose it! ... which do you guys prefer?


  1. good luck with your goals!

  2. Good luck with everything! :)

  3. I LOVE My Fitness Pal. But I have never tried the other one, so my opinion isn't really fair. ;)

    With cooking at home, besides it tasting better, you will in the long run save more money for more diapers, but also be able to monitor the salt and what not since you are the chef... Its a win win. (Duh Winning! As CS would say) I know seeing the numbers slowly increase is probably driving you nuts... but see what happens when you do the dirty!! ;P

  4. Check out It's free and they also have a site for pregnancy as well, it will be on the sign in page. Very easy to use, and is a great stand in to WW, only better because it's free!


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