Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Officially Disconnected

It's official! I'm disconnected! I boxed up my iPhone, printed off a shipping label, and got it all ready to go for tomorrow! Hurray! It's off to Arizona, where it will be put to use by someone else for at least a while.

Also, I remembered that my dad had a phone through AT&T that he kept, but ended his contract. He went the Tracphone (prepaid) route (much to my mom's delight, I'm sure... one less bill to worry about!) Being the smart girl that I am, I asked my mom if she had the phone still.

See two things happen in our family. 1) We sell anything not nailed to the floor (sometimes we sell that too)  and 2) We tend to hoard electronics. It was a 50/50 shot. She either had it, or she didn't.

Turns out, she had it! And it turns out it was the same phone my husband was wanting to get. No surprise there, because the phone had originally belonged to me. We had matching Sony Ericsson sliders, but we changed providers and then gave one of our phones to my dad to use. The other got sold on eBay. (Sensing a pattern here?) Brian originally wanted to buy the black and orange one he had, but my old blue and silver one is perfect, since he won't have to pay for it.

Which means... drumroll please!... that Brian is letting me sell his phone on eBay. I know!! I'm so proud of him. When I first met him that boy held on to everything... and I mean everything... and he was super organized. Like. he would pack up his XBOX in the original box to take it to his friend's house and stuff. I'm not kidding. Since we've been together, I've broken his "...but we might need it someday" attitude and replaced it with "what other shit can we sell?" So proud.

Picking up the new (old?) phone tomorrow will be a breeze!

Such a busy day though... you have no idea. I have more running around to do before my Presumptive Eligibility meeting on Thursday, I have to mail out a request for Brian to close out his retirement fund from his last job, and I have to mail out my phone. As well as pick up my birth certificate, check out a rocking chair, and get a fireproof safe. Brian also has to call our renter's insurance and inform me that, yes we have moved! All the severe storms we have been having lately is kind of scary, and I don't know if our insurance would cover damage to our building if we didn't tell them we moved (even though we are still paying our monthly premium)

My birth certificate is extremely important. I am a United States citizen but I was born abroad and getting the birth certificate in the first place was a hassle, that means replacing it will easily be twice as hard. So it must be kept safe. This really is upsetting since I have to have copies of it made for a few different government organizations and it's nerve wracking... Bitches best not lose my birth certificate.

My new phone was shipped out today, which is exciting. It's actually an older model that I once again had owned before. I had a Sony Ericsson w300i walkman phone. It was a flip style phone with an mp3 player in it and it's AWESOME. However... as karma would have it... the phone got ruined.
I had spilled some water on a counter when I was living with my parents and didn't clean it up... well my dad's cellphone was plugged in and therefore shorted out when the water hit it. I didn't know that he had plugged in his phone. The next day, I dropped my phone on the street- something I had done on a semi regular basis- and it instantly stopped working. I was so... upset. I spent 3 days trying to repair it, even buying a new screen from China and trying to replace it.

So I bought a new one for $30 on ebay.

Delightfully old school.

This is Brian's new (old) phone: The Sony Ericsson w580i... As you can tell we are huge fans of Sony Ericsson.

Arent they nice?? Drool drool...

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