Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat Advisory

There's a heat advisory today.

Heat Advisory - Extreme heat index making it feel hot, typically between 105 and 110 °F (41 and 43 °C) for up to 3 hours during the day and at or above 80 °F (27 °C) at night for two consecutive nights. Specific criteria varies over different county warning areas.

And straight from WANE.COM - Heat index in the range of 97-102. It also warns against those with medical conditions (also includes pregnancy) to be outside for prolonged periods of time. 

Yesterday I was at the zoo for 2 hours, outside. Today, I'm not even risking taking the dog for a walk. 30 minutes outside and I would probably pass out.

I'm pretty much a wimp when it comes to the heat now. Who am I kidding, I'm pretty much a wimp when it comes to everything now. Being pregnant has greatly reduced my tolerance to a lot of things, such as eating, being awake for longer than 4 hours straight, and stairs. 

I was planning on going to the store today to get some nice lotion with a hint of self-tanner in it. Kayla's wedding is coming up after all, and I want to have a little color to my skin. I'm not allowed to go tanning or be out in the sun all day. :( But I can be out some, and I know I'll get tanned from wearing my sexy 1 piece swimsuit pool side, but I'd like to even out the color, so I won't have tanlines. Shoulder strap tanlines on a strapless dress = tacky.

Not like I am the picture perfect example of what it is to be un-tacky. Tackless? Tacknically challenged? That makes me giggle.

Today I am simply going to have to be content to convert m4b files into mp3 files by manipulating iTunes and listening to my favorite audio books. I am quite disappointed that it takes SO long to do, but also excited because I have never done anything like this before and the experience has been extremely rewarding so far. All it takes is a little patience and a lot of blank cd's... then a lot of importing under a different codec... blah blah blah...

It's a nice little exercise to stretch my technical skills. I haven't used them much since I graduated college in 2008 and certainly not since I got married. Brian is more technically advanced than I am and it's so much easier to just let him figure something out for me. But I am proud to say, I not only found the solution myself, but I impressed him with how easy it was actually to do. Once upon a time, I was actually really good with computers, and also art. Those skills seem to have fallen on the back burner but now that I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD I think they are coming up again.

Reading has once again lit my imagination on fire and has stimulated several artworks in my brain, simple sketches doodled on lined notebook paper showing how much I am thinking of them. I'm nowhere near the artist I once was and nowhere near where Brian is, but that doesn't mean that I can't get back there. I am so excited to start drawing again, to layer sketches over one another, to add color to flesh out shapes and form ideas. I feel like.. my old self again. It's weird. Whether any of these will get finished is a mystery, but it's nice to have works started.


  1. Be sure to stay hydrated and cool! I hate being too hot.

  2. I'm excited you're interested in your art again! :D


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