Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Got Baby-Baby Fever!

Okay, since I watched the birth videos, started thinking of baby names, and cry every time I think of the moment where we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time, I'm going to suggest that my baby fever has reached a new high. It's the kind of fever I hope doesn't break!

I've been thinking on and off about my baby shower since I found out I was pregnant, but today I started planning in earnest. I write down every little idea that pops in my head and I started updating the registries we have. We have two. One at Wal-Mart and one at Babies-R-Us/Toys-R-Us (since they are the same company)

I had a checklist printed off for the registries and I went down the list and went to Wal-mart's website, going through each baby category that the website had and checking off things on the check list. Then I went to Babies-R-Us and am doing the same. I have a "must haves" list and there are 4 pages. I have almost 2, but not quite, completed. It's a lot of hard work. But oh so fun.

Next, I started scribbling out ideas. In keeping with tradition, I am not going to host my own baby shower. 1) I lack the physical space required 2) I lack the funds to do so. But that doesn't mean that I can't help out and I have got the best ideas ever.... so I wrote them all down. I'll just type what I wrote, verbatim, so you can see my thinking process! :) Comments/redaction's are in [brackets]

Baby Shower

Date- Oct 15 or 22- want to do on a Saturday so most guests can make it. Also want to do it before bad weather hits. 7 mos preg, so will have time to exchange/return/buy what is needed.
Number of guests- ???? Butt loads. Will have to get names, addresses, phone numbers from Linda [my mother in law] me? want Carissa, Allie, Kayla, mom and gramma there. [my list is so small lol]
Location- ?? [Brian's] Aunt Sheri's???? Or can rent clubhouse. Maybe [apartment complex] clubhouse

{Look for baby shower invite designs- collect these}
{have Brian design/print cardstock }
{can embellish, label and address by hand}
{NEED STAMPS- Registry #'s/online links}

[yep thats how I wrote it out with little squigglies included]

Baby shower cake designs??? google, collect, hoard
maybe ultrasound turned into edible?? 

Zoo theme! 
Girrafe! Monkey! Hippos

Games?? Diaper pin in jar/trivia/???
Snacks!! -> cheese tray (must) [LOL]
-> fruit/veggie tray
-> juices/sodas/water

This is complete with little doodles of cakes and what not all over the page. There's also reminders to talk to my mother in law about things and take her out to lunch, which she has been hinting for me to do since we got married and I havent done yet.... considering she is the closest family to us... it's time to build up that relationship so I can have a baby sitter ;) (kidding... mostly...)

Now I've done as much planning as I can without getting "crazy" and will have to talk to my MIL about the rest and see what she would like to do. I kind of promised her that she could plan it, just because Brian's family is so large (she has 6 siblings I think? who all have kids...etc etc) and because I have no idea how many people are actually going to be there or be involved. I'm really hoping that Aunt Sheri will let us use her lake house (it's the 'get together' spot) and we can go from there. It would be much much cheaper that way.

But I still got another 3 months to get it all planned. I want to be closely involved on a few things, as I really have some suggestions but I won't be heart broken if my suggestions aren't taken.

Anyway, off to read some baby magazines. Hope you all had a great Sunday. Any ideas for showers/games/etc that I should be aware of?


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  1. There's a game my sister's godmother played at her baby shower... You take a paper plate, stick it on top of your head, and attempt to draw a baby. It's harder than it sounds! Lol. But whoever has the closest thing to a baby on their plate wins.


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