Monday, June 20, 2011


I may get to puppy sit for one of our neighbors. They have a yorkie that barks all the time if they are gone, so I thought I'd be nice and offer to watch the dog while they are out of the house all day. Max loves other dogs, and I know that this puppy is very lonely/bored. Plus I kind of hinted that if he didn't do something about the dog, people were going to end up complaining to the office and he would get in trouble... (people complaining... being me... the dog barks for 6 hours straight. EVERY DAY!) But I don't mind watching another dog, since I already have one :)

It's like kids, once you have one, what's another... or another...?

And that brings me to our next train of thought....

Brian only wants 1 child. I do not only want one child. I either wanted none or 2. Since I have at least 1 now on the way, we are going to have to have 2. I explained this because I am an only child, and I am very spoiled, socially awkward, and extremely possessive. He agreed that these would be bad traits for our child to pick up, so we are able to have another.

The only question is... how long do we wait?

Brian's not really close to his older brother. They are 5 years apart. He's closer to his younger brother, and they are a little over 3 years apart.

Brian was thinking 2 years. Which means.... I'd have to get knocked up again March 2013.
That seems... awfully soon.

Haha. We don't even have a kid yet and we are already planning for kid #2... How funny.

Today has been really productive. I've applied to several places again and I called and followed up on some places I had already applied (the positions were filled, but new openings are in a few weeks) so I hope that I get something soon. I'm sure I will. I'm all Positive Polly instead of being Negative Nancy, which is really so much more fun!

Working outside the home is going to be so much fun! I was kind of worried about child care when the baby comes, but I am sure that I can either finagle my schedule so one of us is always home with the baby while the other is working... or... I could have Brian's mom watch the baby. Which would be a blessing for her in a few ways. I think that she is depressed, but the news of a baby has really perked her up.

This child is going to be so f%^king spoiled. You have no idea.... it's the first grandchild for both of our families.... one of those families had a spoiled daughter... so you know that the baby's going to get way more stuff than I ever did! Haha but it's okay, better than me buying it all!

Now I have to do some laundry because being a house wife is fun! <-- See? Positive Polly.


  1. My brother in law and his wife have two boys that are about 1 1/2 years apart, I suppose b/c they're hoping the boys are closer as they get older. The downside to it (they admit it) is that their hands are friekin FULL. within the span of 8 months, my BIL has almost gone completely gray, and he told me that sometimes he just wants to be miles away without the kids and is so stressed out. They both are.

    It's kind of funny...I took a pregnancy test today, and I was half hoping it would be positive, because I've had incurable "baby fever" ever since my first nephew was born over two years ago. But we're so not ready for all our free time to be taken away, or for the financial strain. However, if I was pregnant (and it somehow turns out that the test was wrong, lol) I'm sure it would work always does for everyone!

    I think three years is a good distance b/t siblings--if they're too close in age, things could get competitive...too far apart, they can't really identify with one's hard to tell really,though. Good luck!

  2. My sister and I are three years apart, and while we always fought and hated each other as kids, we can't be without each other now that we're older. I think a lot of it depends on the sex of your kids - having an older brother might be great if baby #2 was a girl, but you might want to keep them closer if it was a boy. Too bad you can't choose in advance!

  3. I thought 18 months was perfect, until I burst into tears when Miss was 9 months old and sobbed that I couldn't do it. Silly silly JBS.

    Just go with your gut.

    It's likely to remember your pain and your heart. :)

  4. Hm... My older brother has 4 years on me - and we're both adopted from infancy (not biologically related). We never really got along REALLY well,but we are very different people. BUT as adults, we have a strong bond. When the chips are down, I know 120% my big brother will be there for me.
    My Sailor has 4 siblings. He has 3 older sisters and the oldest is about 3 years older than him. His brother is 2 years younger than him. They are all VERY close - despite being VERY different as well. They talk almost daily even though they are spread out around the country.
    I dated a fellow who had 3 kids - two were 10 months apart, and they were practically twins. But as they got older, they grew more apart.
    Your child will have whatever you two cultivate in his house/life. :) No parent is perfect, and I'm sure you guys will do fine - if it's 1 or 1000...
    (Another thought- maybe foster #2 if you're not ready to get preggers? Lots of GREAT kids need homes with loving parents - and realizing we have a 2nd chance at a good life has really given my brother and I a deeper, more respectful relationship with our parents. They weren't 'surprised" by us. They weren't "stuck" with us - they picked us and stuck with us. :) It's a great dynamic.)

  5. Me and my sister were three years apart and were never close until we were adults. My daughters are four years apart and they are close now, but only time will tell. I wish we would have had them two years apart.

  6. thereyago, turn that frown upside down, Polly! I'd love to be a dog walker/dog sitter. :)


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