Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Conversation with Dad

Well, we went to pick up the crib today. The lady was a very sweet lady and had everything all ready to go when we got there and the whole lot of it fit in the back of Brian's car. Sweet. It's a real wooden crib. It's got a drop side. Which I didn't know about. But it's cool. I kind of wanted one of those anyway. Who am I kidding, I just wanted a freakin' bed. I was willing to buy just about anything as long as it was sturdy.

So then we get it home and Brian starts putting it together. Men are great at putting things together. He was tossing around wrenches and screwdrivers yelling "DAMMIT!!" at the top of his lungs. Very amusing. It was so hot out today 90 degrees with 100% humidity. I helped carry the crib up the three flights of stairs and I almost passed out. I was not allowed to help. But that's being pregnant in summer, so I put my feet up and tried to Google the model number for assembly instructions. Except I can't find the model number. I found the customer service number.

We decided its best to wait until tomorrow on his day off to tackle this project any further. Brian said I can call them tomorrow and see if they can't help us locate it.
The crib? Looks amazing, even half way put together.

Then we get a call from his dad. He and his mom are out shopping and saw this beautiful, 100% cherry wood convertible crib. They call us. "Do you want this crib?" Uhhhh......

Brian: Sorry we just bought one today.
Dad: Oh, where at?
Brian: Online, some lady in town was selling it.
Dad: Is it a convertible bed?
Brian: No it's just a regular one that has the sliding side.
Dad: ....Those are illegal.
Brian: What?
Dad: Yeah, they've been banned in the United States and it's illegal to sell them even at garage sales....
Brian, to me: He said it's illegal.
Me: What? *Googles it* Damn, it is.
Dad: Do you want us to buy this crib for you anyway?
Brian: No, it's okay. We just won't ever drop the side.
Dad: Yeah there were only like 5 reported incidents in the United States.
Me: It says here that it's not banned from use, just from selling them.
Brian: Yeah we're okay. Thanks anyway though. That sounds like a nice crib
Dad: We can still get it for you and you can have a toddler bed later
Brian: We don't need another crib, we just got one.
Dad: But, as a toddler bed?
Brian: We really appreciate the offer but we don't have the room for 2 cribs, especially since we are only having one baby.
Me: ???
Brian: We love that you guys want to buy us stuff, so I'll send you a link to our baby registry and you guys can look over that if you want.
Dad: Do you need help putting the crib together?
Brian: Not really. I just don't want to mess with it before I go to work. I'll do it tomorrow.
Dad: Oh. You have to work today? If you were off I'd come over. Today's my only day off.
Brian: Yeah we Googled the instructions so we will be fine. (Not exactly...)
Me: ???

I'm just tickled... they offered to buy us a cradle too, but I don't want a cradle. "Where will the baby sleep???" In the crib. "I thought you were having the baby in your room?" Mhm. That's where the crib is going.

It's sweet they are trying to help now. Brian said he'd rather have the cash that they were going to drop on the crib instead of the crib itself. I laughed pretty hard about that! No joke, who doesn't like cash? But we gave them our registry link and they can look over what we still need on there.
I'm not mad, I think it's hilarious they wanted that crib so badly they were trying to persuade us to let them get it. I saw that crib on Craigslist, and it was *not* cheap. So I can see why Brian just preferred cash and I said well let's just let them buy something from our registry. Maybe they'll buy the stroller and the changing table or something. (For reference? The stroller, the changing table, and the baby swing are still less than what they would have paid for that crib.)

All of that fun exhausted me so I just took a nap! I wasn't really meaning to, I turned on Mythbusters and then next thing I knew, I was asleep and it was over.

I dreamed about the crib and how they bought it for us anyway, and that we were going to use it because they were getting all offended we kept refusing it, and that we would sell the other one online (even though it's banned?) and we'd be okay...then we drove off the road into the river... then a plate of fresh, delicious chocolate chips cookies appeared and I ate them all. I woke up wiping my mouth. No cookies. Damn.

Personally, I always liked the drop side. Yeah, there is a risk with them, but there is a risk of something in everything, right? It's impossible to live in a sterile bubble world, and everyone else had drop sides and we all turned out fine. I think.


  1. I'm sure there is a way to affix it so that it won't slide down EVER (put a screw through it or something)?
    I've heard a Changing Table is the #1 thing that people felt was a waste of money, as you just end up changing your baby where ever you can. I thought that was funny because, as a Babysitter, I ALWAYS used one!

  2. Good luck with everything! It's nice that the grandparents want to be involved.

    I didn't even know the drop side was banned. I'm sure you can make it babyproof!


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