Friday, August 12, 2011

That's Hot

So last night, Brian had some friends over. I was trying this new thing with my hair doing soft curls. One of his friends looks at me and says "Wow, nice sex hair." I smile and say thanks, and tell him it's not sex hair. "Either way, it looks hot."

Hahaha. Okay...

I've been wanting a "clamp-less" curling iron. They come with a fancy pants glove for your hand, and you just wrap it around the barrel, but it's $40, so I decided to be smart and save some money and try out a new technique.

You see, I got a heat resistant glove from Sally Beauty Supply ($7) and I use my curling iron in a way it was not intended. Instead of clamping my hair and rolling it around the barrel, I wrap the hair around the barrel using my fingers. It ends up looking a little bit like 

mixed with a little bit of 

and it takes about the same amount of time as it does to regularly curl it. 

So I like it. 

And yeah, it kind of looks like sex hair/bed head... but that just means it looks effortless, right? 

It's not quite like this though... 

I'll need a little more practice to get it to look THAT good. :)


  1. I loooveee the soft curls look. Thankfully my hair sort of naturally does that.

    I just take a curling iron to it the same way you do (i.e. the unintended way) to fix the pieces that want to rebel and be straight. Takes like 5 minutes.

    If I get in the pool, if I shower without washing it, or go in the ocean... it comes out even better. Apparently grime is good for natural curliness.


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