Monday, November 28, 2011

Nursery Update

Here I took some pics on my fancy iPad 2 and uploaded them for you guys to see. Our nursery is completely done now. 

No, we actually can't fit anything else on that changing table.

Crib is all decked out.

The bench seat lifts up, the bench is hollow and perfect for storage.

Gliding rocker, nursing pillow all ready to go.

We have 500 diapers and lots and lots of wipes. The crib will be emptied of all the stuffed animals and blankies when the baby comes. I was even told by a few people they thought I should remove the bumpers as well because the baby might get stuck in them... so what is the point of bedding? Might as well swaddle the baby up and lay them on the floor with all of the warnings and what not.

The only thing we don't have right now is a night light. That's next on my list. Of course we also don't have a play yard but I am not worried about that... I don't think we need one just yet. We also don't have any baby monitors either... uhm.. because we live in an apartment. And the crib is up against the wall that we share with our bedroom. So I thought, again, that was unnecessary. (Plus, you all secretly know that when I start freaking out about the baby being in a different room, Brian will end up moving the crib into the bedroom anyway.)

Brian's mom was upset we weren't painting the walls/decorating. We are moving in 4 months. I don't want to have to paint the walls back when we are trying to move, with a 3 month old in tow. That sounds like WAY too much effort. Plus, as Brian pointed out, the baby isn't going to remember his room was white. Meh. I'm worn out from decorating. I was going to do Winnie the Pooh style borders on the walls and such, but we decided to wait.

I'm so glad that it's done with and we can start focusing on packing for the hospital. I have the cutest! going home outfit and receiving blanket for the baby already to go. I will make that an entirely different post, because I could gush about it for hours want to do a hospital bag post.

I'm so glad it's Monday. The last day I worked was last Tuesday, so it's nice being back to work and getting on with the week. I'm completely worn out from this holiday weekend and happy to start normal life again. Or, what is my new normal. Hard to believe in just 3-5 weeks my normal will change once again!


  1. Just tuck your bumper in and it will be fine! You might also want to get a white noise machine-I swear by ours.

    I thought of one thing you might want for your hospital bag. A rice sock they can heat in the microwave. If you have back labor you will be sooo glad to have it. And after baby comes you can lay him on it if he has gas. (Sorry for the unsolicited advise-but those are two things I wish people had told me!)

  2. Looking good! Must be getting excited!


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