Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The weather is being weird. But it's Indiana, what do you expect? Nothing less. One day it's in the 60's-70's (we had thunderstorms that day, naturally). The day before? 30's. The next it's in the 50's.  Today? 45 degrees.


 It's still nice to curl up under a blanket (or three), have a cup of hot chocolate (or three), and read a book (or three.)

Tonight is Brian's "long night" at work. He works from 4 until about midnight. I'm praying that he makes a lot of money tonight, because so far this month, every one is being stingy with tips. Probably because Christmas is coming up and everyone forgot to buy everyone else a gift. Sigh. So the poor pizza guy gets stiffed. A few people haven't tipped him at all. Someone gave him 3 pennies. Wow. We are rich. Usually their attitudes will change once it snows for the first time and the weather turns nastier... I guess people feel bad for ordering pizza and making people drive out in blizzards for them. So the tips generally are pretty big.

I had a delicious breakfast of egg ham and cheese delight. Which is basically a breakfast casserole. Crack open some eggs, toss in some ham, some cheese, a bit of milk, and a pinch of breadcrumbs/crackers. Bake until set. I had it with a piece of 100% whole wheat toast and a bottle of water.

Today I'm working on Brian's stupid scarf trying to get that finished. Yeah I never finished it, but last night I got into it again and probably added another 3". Unfortunately I still have about a ball and a half of yarn to go through before it's finished so I hope that I can push through and get it done. I have plenty of time to do that today. The scarf is proving frustrating, only because I really have to focus on it to make sure I am getting the correct number of stitches every other row. Sounds easy and it probably should be, but I've had to rip out more than one row. More like, all but one row. More than once.

It's given me something to do since Brian will be at work all night and I don't have much to do today in terms of work or even work around the house. I guess doing a load of dishes every night has really cut back on the amount of dishes to do. Who would have thought? I've been trying to do the same with the laundry. So far.. C minus.

We actually did really well last week at the grocery store and still have about half of the food we had bought! This makes me happy, because it means spending less at the store this week. On the menu this week, we have spaghetti and meatballs (yum), old fashioned chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes (also yum), cheeseburgers (always a favorite here), and of course, breakfast. Which I think will come in the form of sausage links and pumpkin pancakes. The only thing I have to buy is buns for the cheeseburgers, sausage links, and syrup. Plus our staples like cereal, milk, juice.

We found out what is going on with his family (sort of) for Thanksgiving. I guess it's at his parents house (still not sure about that part) and it's at 5. My family's dinner is from 3-6 so we will probably drop by his family's and hang out, but not eat. We also confirmed with his grandparents what time we were meeting in Valparaiso on Saturday. Which is 1 pm their time, 2 pm ours. It's a two hour drive, so it means we will have to leave a little before noon to make it there about 2 pm (or 1 their time). They asked us to bring Max, so of course we shall :) How could I deny them that lol

Since we are celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas with his grandparents I was thinking of what I should bring. Maybe I'll make some sugar cookies and decorate them! Sounds good to me :P Should I even make them in Christmas shapes? I was thinking of making home made frosting, but using a box mix for the cookies (hey- don't judge). I was thinking of making the frosting peppermint flavored. Not only because I love peppermint, but because I know his grandparents love peppermint. Ohh... And some homemade hot chocolate mix. In a gift basket. That's pretty much what everyone is getting this year.


  1. Let me tell ya-my "famous" sugar cookies are premade dough & store bought vanilla frosting. Everyone raves & asks for them every single year. But I'll never tell!

  2. No judgement here. Just picked up a bag of sugar cookie bag mix from CostCo last night.


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