Friday, December 9, 2011


Yes it's totally noticeable that the baby has dropped. My profile looks different now! Also... I waddle.

But just because I've dropped doesn't mean I am going into labor any time soon. Could be anywhere from oh say now to four weeks from now. Welcome to the waiting game folks.

My belly feels different now. I feel... flatter. Flabbier. In fact, I can pinch skin I haven't been able to pinch for the last 4 months. So I am battling a sort of distorted mentality. "God, I just look fat now! Not pregnant!" but that is quickly stopped, as I tell myself to shut up, I am still obviously pregnant.

I can breathe easier. I feel more stable, on the contrary to what other moms to be feel. I have a shitty sense of balance any way, so the lower the belly is the better. It keeps my center of gravity low. I can get up and down easier (again, thanks to the lower center of gravity) and I don't need to sleep with my pregnancy wedge! I can even *roll over.* Uh, yeah. I'm thrilled about that one.

On the other hand, it's much more uncomfortable to sit and walk. It feels like the baby is really wedged between my pelvis (uh, isn't that what it is?)

I've been reading up on the last chapter of pregnancy in What to Expect When You're Expecting because, well, it's time! The only thing left to load up still is my iPad!

Brian is getting very anxious... he's almost getting to the point of annoyance and frustration. It's interesting to see him acting this way because he is normally so laid back and doesn't get annoyed by much. I think he is really eager to meet his child. He came home from work today, dropped to his knees, and kissed my belly, telling the baby he was home for the day. I laughed and laughed... it's funny and cute and a little awkward (uhm, hello to you too?) then he started talking into my belly button in case it made the baby hear him better.



It's sweet, if a little odd.

Monday is the official appointment day. I hope that I get an exam, but I don't know if I will or not. I wasn't scheduled for one this week, but since I ended up in the hospital and dilating... well I might get checked just in case.

Twenty days to go. Hopefully less than that. I'm not really much for the duck waddle I've got going on. And my freezer isn't going to stay stocked for 20 days!

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  1. ROFL If your belly button poked out, I'd expect him to tap it and ask if this thing was on. lol Very sweet, but, yes, understandably awkward. They teach the guys when they come back from deployment, even if a baby was born while they were gone, say hi to the wife FIRST and THEN address anything else. ;) They should probably just give every father-to-be that speech (but then we'd miss out on cute moments like that). lol


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