Saturday, January 21, 2012


...the EASY plan does work, if you manage to chart it all down. For instance, a baby Drake's size should be taking in 18-24 ounces every day. We are still doing half milk/half formula, but Drake managed 22 ounces in the last 24 hours. He also slept 16 hours with an average nap time of 3 hours. Textbook baby? I am thinking he is part TEXTBOOK personality and part ANGEL personality, with a touch of TOUCHY (when he's overstimulated)

(I am also using the Similac baby app that I Like Beer and Babies mentioned, which is great, because it shows it all in trendy little charts.)

....I need to shower more. I kept getting a whiff of something disgusting, like a dirty diaper or something around and could never find the source. It was in every room of the apartment. Apparently, it was me. Gross. I showered and feel a little better.

....Xanax is a life saver. With it, I managed to keep down a bowl of cereal and a popsicle! I know.

....I need more sleep. I've gotten 3 hours over the last 24. Hoping today I can catch up a bit.

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  1. Sleep and showers will work wonders for you. When I'm hungry (and have gone beyond feeling hungry) I get REALLY grumpy and aggitated for no reason (or every reason even tiny ones). Hang in there.


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