Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being a Mom

Holy shit guys, it happened. No, it really happened. I am a mom now. Sure that might have been obvious when they had to forcibly extract my child from my body.... but it's different now being home without the help of the nurses.

Yesterday was an awful, awful day. Drake would not stop crying. I fed him, I changed his diaper, I rocked him... I did everything I could. All of his basic needs were being met (or so I thought) and I broke down and started sobbing along with him.

My grandma came to the rescue and came over with a much needed fresh pair of hands. Brian was working ALL night, which I didn't know, and it was just a relief to have her come over. Thank you Grandma and God bless grandmothers in general :)

We finally figured out Drake is a Hobbit.

Yes, a Hobbit.

He is a big piggie baby and wants to eat a lot all at once. None of that 2-3 ounces every 2-4 hours bull shit for my kid. No, he wants 4-8 ounces every 2-3 hours. Once we figured out that he is just a very demanding eater, things went great. I got a little nap in, the kid zonked out and Grandma got a whole bunch of pictures and cuddle time with her first great-grandson.

I mean, Drake was up from 10 am to 6:30 pm screaming his fool head off the whole time. We didn't get a break.

My milk still hasn't come in so we are still on formula right now. Thank god the nurse gave us so much because I had no idea that my baby would be exactly like me.

It turns out I was the same way as a baby, I would eat until I puked and then wanted more. Drake doesn't puke, but he certainly demands a feast. Each feeding is a marathon feeding session.

It seems today we caught up on feedings, because he is eating 4 ounces at a time every 4 hours now, and sleeps in between. We already had a little bit of alert/awake time in which I regaled him with tales of fat rabbits eating carrots as tall as trees (improv at its finest). He also has the hiccups a LOT but what else is new? He had them lots during pregnancy so I didn't expect that to change.

It's so much cuter now though, since I can actually hear them.

I now know why women say they miss being pregnant: caring for a baby is HARD work. Not because babies are demanding (well, they are) but because you don't know what the hell they want! All they can do is cry and sometimes they cry for no reason.....

Today is a much better day though. We've been happy and having a lot of fun. Brian's off work today and has a short meeting with a friend for a website commission, but other than that, the happy trio are going to have a great day together.

No one would ever know we had a bad day yesterday from this happy face


  1. He is gorgeous... sometimes fresh hands are just what the doctor ordered - don't be afraid to ask for help! Congrats again!

  2. The first couple of weeks is the hardest. the three of you are figuring stuff out for the very first time. But soon enough you'll know what each cry means and you'll be changing diapers at 2 in the morning with your eye's closed cause you'll be a pro, lol.

  3. I'm with Sarah, the first week or so is hard. Especially as a 1st time mom. Sounds like you are doing great now! Keep us posted & if you need anything we are all here in blogland. =)

  4. good advice everyone and call grandmas if u need us any time it will get easier really it will love u guys :>)

  5. Aww...so sweet. And when you mentioned Drake as a Hobbit, of course I expected you to say he had hairy feet, but sure the eating make sense too!

  6. I'm with Kyle - lol I was expecting hairy feet! He's just making up for lost time. sounds like you guys are getting the hang of it. :)

  7. sounds like little Drake had his first growth spurt. Why does no one warn new moms about these? I thought my child had been possessed. Didn't learn what was causing it until like the third spurt. I about lost my damn mind. Here is more info: http://www.whattoexpect.com/first-year/ask-heidi/baby-growth-spurts.aspx. Good luck. Another is coming in a few weeks. :)


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