Saturday, March 3, 2012


Drake's home from the Grandparents'. Those two days flew by. I didn't do anything except read and sleep while he was gone.

I am on day 4 of my Paxil. I think it's working? but it will probably take a few weeks for full effect. I'm .... ok. I laugh more now. That's always good.

Drake's diaper rash seems to be getting better, or so everyone says. To me it looks worse, but I'd never seen anything like it. Before he had bumps, like acne. Now his skin looks like it's peeling. Maybe that's what it does when it dries out? It's not red or anything. He seems to like it when I rub Vaseline on him. Actually he just likes being changed in general, which is so weird. I always thought babies hated being naked and getting changed, but he lays very still and smiles the whole time. Of course, if I take too long he gets a little squirmy and kicks his legs a lot as if to say "hurry up, woman!" so I try to keep it short.

I don't know what my parents and grandma do to him, but it definitely wears him out. He took a nap after they dropped him off for like an hour, then fell asleep at 7. Poor little tyke was so tired, he was actually rubbing his eyes. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

He sleeps really good in his crib now. I thought we would have a harder transition period than we did. I'm so lucky. Of course, initially he has to be swaddled to fall asleep. If he comes unswaddled in his crib, he's okay. He's not quite to the point where he can put himself to sleep on his own, but if he wakes up, he can drift back off.

I never have anything interesting to talk about any more. Baby butts and nap times. I'm such a ... well, a mom.

It's alright, I like it :)

Brian got a website commission. I am not exactly sure what the guy is paying Brian to do. The guy is supplying his own graphics. I think Brian is going to code the website and also update it? Meh, who cares. It's basically free money. Coding is the easy part. He doesn't even want animations or flash. Just a nice looking, text based website.

I keep thinking about the Hunger Games. God, what a great trilogy that was. I want to re-read it. I want to see the movie.

I got a new book from the library called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Sounds fun.

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  1. If the vaseline isn't clearing the rash up, Flanders Buttocks Ointment is the best stuff on the market, both my daughter and my nephew have really sensative skin and all diapers caused them to get a rash (worse for my nephew) and this was the only thing that would clear it up and worked within a few days.


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