Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've not been getting enough of it. I don't know if I am genuinely tired (probably) or still suffering the effects of depression (likely) but I am seriously lacking sleep.

Drake, on the other hand, has been soaking up sleep like a sponge. My parents and grandma must have really worn him out. He was on a no-napping schedule for awhile, being awake all day, until 9 pm, in which he would sleep until 9am, only waking up to eat and be changed.

Today he took 2 naps, and then fell asleep promptly at 7, almost completely on his own. He slept until 3, before he woke up to eat. He's back down now, at 4. Brian is barely staying awake. It's time for some sleep for him. Me, I'll try to sleep, but it seems like when everyone is sleeping peacefully in the house, thats the time I can't seem to fall asleep myself.

Maybe I'll take half a Xanax.

Anyway, we're doing okay here. Drake is happy and smiling, Brian is finally feeling the benefits of fatherhood, and I am doing alright. I keep trying and that's the important thing.  I'm hoping this depression goes away soon. I miss being happy. The only thing that makes me smile right now is Drake, so hopefully it means things are on the up and up with me.

Ohhhh I miss blogging. I wish I had something to say.


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  1. I hope your week is happier. It's great that your baby is finally sleeping more. I hope that means you get some rest too.


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