Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crank it up

1) Drake is sick with a cold. This means he hates everything in his tiny little life right now and I do mean EVERYTHING. He doesn't want to be held, put down, fed, or given a bottle (after some persuasion he will drink a bottle) doesn't want his toys, doesn't want to crawl, stand, sleep etc etc etc.... and I am smashing my head against the wall in frustration.

Every nap is a battle. Every bottle is a battle. Every diaper change. You get the idea. I've been pumping him full of liquid ibuprofen every 6 hours (I can't make it 8, that is just too far apart for us) and just have to wait for him to pass out from sheer frustration. Then I promptly do the same.

2) My stationary bike broke. I was using it today, and it started malfunctioning and then it just gave up the ghost. Brian said he will perform surgery on it tonight after he gets home to see if we can salvage it, or if it is destined for the scrap heap. Considering I am the 3rd owner of it, it might be time to let it die.

I still managed 20 minutes (barely) of cycling. I am done with machines for now. I've got plenty of DVDs that I can work out from as well as some free weights.

Right now I am net ZERO calories. My intake and my output are EQUAL. Woot. I am going to get my ass back in gear and count every bite. I've had too much fun drinking over the last couple of weeks, and drinking makes me hungry.

How are all of you doing? Hope everyone has a safe Halloween and that if you have any loved ones on the East Coast that they are safe.

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