Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feelin' the Burn

I've decided that I am going to do Weight Watcher meetings as well as be an online subscriber. I think the social interaction and the accountability will be great for me. I love driving the car and going places now, so I think it will be some great "me" time to do it. I will have to wait until I can get paid to join up, but meh, I'm feeling very patient lately.

I started this squat challenge I found on Pinterest. One of my friends was doing it, so I decided to pin it and eventually give it a shot. I think she is on day 13 and Wednesday was my Day 1. What can I say, I want to do it at the start of the month :)

Anyway, here is the image, if you would like to join me on this challenge. I've decided that I am going to do half of the squats standard, and the other half are going to be wide-stance squats, to work the inner thighs more. Oh, I love the self-inflicted punishments.

I have another routine that I am going to start today (because I forgot to yesterday when I went to the gym) and that is Prevention's Shrink a Size in 14 days. Average participants lost 12 lbs and 22 inches off of their bodies, just by following the workouts and a sensible diet. What diet? Whatever yours is, as there isn't one listed or recommended. However since I follow WW, I'm just going to stick with that.

I bought a new scale, kitchen scale, and a new set of measuring cups and spoons. I got the official Biggest Loser kitchen scale, and I like it so far. It definitely makes it easier to weigh out pasta and protein, since WW counts fruits and veggies as "free".

The bathroom scale is pretty high tech too. It records your BMI, bone density, hydration levels, and body fat percentage. My hydration was crazy low. It is supposed to be in the range of 50-55% of my body weight, and I was registering at 38.5%, so I've made drinking water a priority.

I stayed under my points today, which is always great! In addition to eating right and drinking lots of water, I worked out pretty hard core too. I am definitely feeling the burn. My legs are very jiggly and like jelly.

I did:

50 squats
45 tricep extensions (15 per arm, then 15 two handed extension)
25 minutes on the elliptical at a 3.5-4.0 pace
100 each hip adduction and hip abduction at 130 lbs (or as I like to call them, the gyno machines.)
12 minute ab circuit.

Now, I am officially going to pass out for a few hours. It's currently almost 2:30 AM right now and I have to wake up at 5 to make Brian's breakfast and lunch. Although I did most of the prep work already. We are having a healthier version of french toast. He's also eating leftovers for lunch! Booyah!!

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  1. nicely done! I'm doing my C25K app (Week 3 Day 3) today, and I just joined a Planking challenge and I'm 1 day behind! So hubby and I will be planking tonight for 50 seconds in 2 sets (20 and then 30).
    The goal is to build up to a THREE MINUTE PLANK! I currently crap out around 40 seconds, so this should get interesting!


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