Friday, July 19, 2013

A Picture May Say 1,000 Words

But this one of me appears to be screaming them instead.

This is the only picture that came out of the trip my husband and I took to go to Chicago.  There I am, on the left, Brian, and his brother Justin and his girlfriend Sabina. 

I am absolutely miserable in this picture. I feel fat, bloated, gross, disgusting, ugly, embarrassed, ashamed, guilty. Just to name a few. 

Upon some self-reflection, I did a brave thing and signed up for Weight Watchers meetings as well as the online. So I have both of them now, for $43/month. I think it was worth it. The meeting was packed, full of different types of people, both women and men, young and elderly, bigger and smaller. It was great!

I have my official weigh in from Wednesday: 244.2 lbs. Here's to new beginnings.


  1. Way to go! The meetings are really where the meat of weight watchers is. Everyone needs a wake up call. (Some of us need a few.) I still get nervous when I get on the scale. That 225 number still seems too high... the photos are my "weigh in". You're worth WAY more than $43/month. Now prove it to yourself!

  2. I agree with J. Darling.. You are worth more than $43/month.. But I know how hard the beginning can be, so I wish you all the luck in the world.. Wake up calls are scary, but it's what you do with them that mean the most.. :)


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