Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy week

This week has been kind of busy.

Saturday- I went to the mall with the intent to buy a pair of boots for fall/winter. There were several options I had found online and wanted to try out in store... but the shoe store was closed (due to a water leak- yuck!)
Instead, I did something else that I had been meaning to do for literally YEARS and just never got around to it.

That's right, kiddos. I finally got my eyebrows waxed. Luckily, my eyebrows are naturally shaped decently enough, so I just pull out the odd hair here or there, but I had not had them shaped in years (since before I met Brian- which was 6 years ago). I have plucked and waxed on my own, with varying degrees of failure, so I just buckled down and paid a nice lady with EXCELLENT eyebrows to do mine. It's sort of this thing I have. A pet peeve of an individual. Like if they have awful eyebrows I can't even look them in the face. It's my thing. The automatic "never in your life" sort of thing that I had when I was dating and it's a small sort of fetish I guess. I like nice eyebrows.

Brian has some unruly eyebrows, FYI. I keep trying to get him to let me at least pluck them to clean them up but he said no. Now I will have to drug him and take him in to get them with it for the rest of my life

My eyebrows look fabulous, by the way.

Also Saturday- The Johnny Appleseed Festival happened and I wanted to go, but Brian didn't, so I went on my own to meet up with some friends. I rarely, if ever, go anywhere by myself so it was quite a challenge and a task and a HUGE reward to go on my own. Yaaay me. I bought caramel corn, a pork sandwich, and a huge caramel apple. Yum yum.

Sunday- My ankle was jacked up from all the walking I did the day before, but you know what? Friends of ours had invited us to go to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and I had already purchased tickets online and they were EXPENSIVE so fuck you ankle, I am going. I wore an ankle support and proceeded to get slightly smashed at Ye Olde Pubbe and suddenly, I felt fine. I ate a giant turkey leg, watched a joust, got kidnapped by a very nice gentleman, and bought The Dark Mark as a necklace. After the 3 hour car ride home, and picking up my son from his grandparents', my ankle seized up and I couldn't walk. Fuck. Me.

Monday- I spent wearing a special boot that I keep for such situations. I was surprised my fat calf fit in it, but hey, it kept my ankle supported and stabilized and all was well in the world. We had hair appointments with Brian's cousin and I cut off all my hair. Again. It looks great, but I can't grow it out for shit. I had a qualification test for a job that I want, and I won't know til Friday what the results are so dear god I am freaking out.

Tuesday- My contacts came in! Hurray! Now I can see in HD!

Wednesday- Nothing happened today.

Friday I will find out the results of the aforementioned test and I also have another interview for a place I've really wanted to work forfuckingever so that will be awesome, though it's likely temporary/seasonal only I don't care, I'll take it thank you very much.

I'm freaking out on this jobs thing because I have posted a deadline on myself for some reason ("Successful people set goals with definitive deadlines") and the deadline happens to be my 26th birthday which is NEXT SATURDAY and I am hustling to get things done.

Hell, maybe I will go balls out and get a manicure too. I haven't had one of those since I got married, in 2009. That's right bitches. I only get manicures and face hair ripped out every half-decade, on average.

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  1. lol I feel you on the manicures. I paint my own nails. I'm stuck with pluck only eyebrows until my allergies (that make my eyelids all peely and puffy) die down... could be MONTHS before I reclaim my forehead.


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