Thursday, January 7, 2010

Totally Blew It

Yesterday was a horrible day for me.
My cat sprained his paw and had to be rushed to the vet.
He's on a few pain meds now and is doing okay, but it didnt help my diet any
See when I stress, I STRESS.

So I took a nap. Then was starving as I hadnt eaten all day
Kitchen was a mess and I didnt feel like cooking.
So grease-ball burgers from Steak and Shake it was. Yummy.

Then we had company over, and I still didnt feel like entertaining much
Hubby works at a local pizza joint, so its cheap and easy.
Ordered pizza. Guzzled down sodas.

But hey, I still did 50 situps.
Wii Fit was angry at me this morning lol

Today, went to the mall (out in the blizzard yay!) and walked around for a couple hours, at a nice pace, so that was good exercise. I plan on doing more Wii Fit today, maybe some Tae Bo, as it kicks my butt.

One thing I have to keep in mind. The only thing standing between Fat me and Skinny me is my determination. If I keep up with it, there is no way I will fail. However many mistakes I make, or times I stumble, I'll just get up, dust myself off and try again.
I have failed so many times. I feel it as a success this time, it feels right, and thats something that hasnt happened to me before.

I'll let you know how I am doing daily, and we will see the results of my hard work on Monday and Wednesday for sure.


  1. thanks lady, its something my mom taught me. She also told me i had a lot of my dad in me, too...


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