Monday, May 24, 2010


Woot! Today was a Curves day and I went. I am going to try very very very hard to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I feel so much better whenever I go. I think it helps for me to get out of the house go for a bit of a drive, and then to spend 30 minutes at the *only* gym/club that I have ever liked. Eff the YMCA thats all I'm saying, with your intimidating machines and dark and scary weight rooms.

And your children. With your wet floors in the changing room that makes it feel like high school all over again. YES MY GRANNY PANTIES HAVE HOLES IN THEM, could you put a shirt on for Chrissakes!

I digress.

I really enjoyed Curves today. Mom went as well and she has fun looking at my CurveSmart display and seeing how many machines we have left. I am really proud of how hard I have been working out lately and that brings us to today's magic number.

I burnt 360 Calories! WOOT WOOT! That may not seem a lot, but hey, in 30 minutes, I worked out every single muscle group in my body. I felt each and every *one* of those calories. My abs still hurt. My thighs? Burning. In my goals to do at least 500 calories of exercise per day, that is more than half. In 30 minutes. Which means to get my other 140 calories, I only have to ride my bike for about 8.5 minutes.

Hallelujah! Hubby told me today my neck is looking thinner, my face as well. He said I look like I did when we first met (in the face, not the tum tum, got another 40lbs to go for that)

I feel muscles in my arms now, still soft and squishy, but much bigger than they were before. I am a lot happier these days.

I still stress on things, on life, on money (mostly money) and not everything always goes my way, some days I am down in the dumps no matter what I do. Some days its really hard to get out of bed or get dressed.

Then I have days like today. Everything is awesome, its all sunshine and rainbows. I know that I pushed myself and gave it my all. Thats such a great feeling. Someday I'm sure my thighs will thank me. I know that I am proud of what I have accomplished today and I can smile a little bigger.

I had a long weekend and didnt feel like getting out of bed, but I am so glad I did. I had a great time today with my mom.

I am going to start up with my measurements and weekly weigh ins again, as I miss the data. LOL

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