Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aquacise (Week 3- results)

Welllllllll lets just say that eating a big breakfast before hand probably wasnt the best idea.

But it was a good idea because we did a lot of jumping and jumping... did I mention jumping? so there was lots of calories being shed.

We started out running back and forth from wall to wall doing some warm ups then we did some jumping jacks then we did modified jumping jacks then we did frog hops back to jumping jacks then back to frog hops.... For half an hour.

My calves started hurting, and the right one was very tense. I actually had to stop and stretch it out a bit. I didnt mind slowing down because a lot of the people there had to. She really put us through the paces today. (Might have had to do with the fact she was really late, almost 20 minutes)

Then in the last 10 minutes we did dumb-bell work to work our upper body and shoulders, then we got on our noodles and did these weird bicycle kicks, where you lay almost side ways in the water and do a bicycling motion. It spins you around and I had difficulty doing it on the one side. I also still have water in my ears from that haha

Class ran over a bit, so we could get our stretching in after, but it wasnt a big deal. I dont have anything to do except sleep when I get done! And I slept GREAT! I fell asleep and drooled and snored, and woke myself up from it.

So far I have had 1400 calories and I have burned approximately 350 during aquacise. (Based on information I found online, I really have no idea)
Maybe more. We did way more running and jumping than usual.

One woman, who is probably closest to my age, had on weights on her legs and I could tell that even she was having a hard time today, but I could keep up with her so I felt very good... Then I realized she was going slower because she had the weights! Ah well.

I am still liking the class a lot. The worst part is getting out of the very warm water and being cold. Then changing. I think I like my pool better, as I can get out and enjoy the sun and dry off that way hehe

5 more weeks of class. Tomorrow, I am definitely going to Curves, I havent been since last Wednesday and I am sure to get some grief going in, and that will be from my muscles... because it will be a tough work out!

One thing I have noticed an improvement on is my shoulder. My right shoulder usually hurts, and I think its a combination of working so much on the computer and sleeping on my side, and all my dead weight. But it hurts less now. Doesnt ache as much. Today it doesnt even hurt.

I am enjoying all the Non Scale Victories lately, but can I please have a Scale Victory? Am I being greedy?

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