Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sore Calves

Despite stretching multiple times yesterday AND getting a massage from my lovely live in masseuse, I still am very sore today. It hurts to walk. My calves are aching like crazy.

Other than that though, I feel great. I have some soreness in my chest, along my collar bones and shoulders from doing some of the dumbbell work but over all its good. I also have a little bit of soreness in my abs. Woot.

I didnt go to Curves today, I havent slept very well lately and I needed to get some work done for this comic book thing. It takes up a lot of my spare time but I think its good for me. I dont have a lot of time to sit around and be lonely, or think about how bored I am. Maybe being busy will help with the eating? Who knows.

Right now I am sitting on the couch, in my usual spot, with the recliner up, and an ice pack under my calves. Its very cold. I am only icing it for about 15 minutes and see if that will help any.

I still have a lot to do today, I have to take a shower, go to the bank, and get ready for the comic meeting tonight. Its a lot of work to get this thing running and off the ground but I am also out of practice coloring. I know that its a lot of work for hubby too and we have both been working like crazy. We havent even started a story yet. We are still working on the characters.

It sucks because this comic was almost done. Had a handful of pages left to do, then the artist bailed, for reasons unbeknown to us. Now hubby has to redraw the entire thing, and I have to color it. But the boss wants to recreate the characters because he never did like how they looked, and thats okay. I dont mind.

Its just I am so out of practice its taken a while to get my groove back but I think that I will be able to get it all sorted.

Its been storming off and on here like crazy, can't ever tell what the weather is supposed to be like and its also incredibly hot and humid. Even when its raining, we dont get any relief. The humidity is hovering around 75-90 per cent, and the temp hasnt fallen under 70 in a few days.

Is this 15 minutes up yet? Goodness. I find it really hard to block out cold sensations and I have noticed that I am more likely to get cold than I used to be. Its 78 degrees in our apartment and I sleep with two comforters on and am still cold.

I thought I was sick but nope, regular temp, and I am fine. So I must have less fat to keep me warm. Less blubber.

OOh there goes my timer. Wow my leg is cold. Gonna stretch it out again and hope to feel better.

Its gonna be a long night for me, and hopefully Ill be able to get some quality sleep in soon.


  1. I hope the art goes well. And your calves feel better soon too.

  2. hope u feeling better soon. hugs from gramma


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