Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Typical Day vs A Day on Plan

As you know I haven't been journaling for quite some time. I think this is why I am not losing weight. Just to see how many calories I consume on any given day, I logged what I ate, but I ate what I wanted and did not bother to count calories. I didnt eat myself stupid, or sick. Just what I normally eat.

Top left is how many calories I am allotted for the day, then it goes across as to how many calories are consumed, how many are burnt through exercise, net calories and whether or not you are under or over.

My resting metabolic rate said to maintain my weight, I'd have to consume 2397 calories. As you can see, I'm way over that, by 200 calories. Not to mention I am not monitoring salt, fat, or carb intakes.

While I felt a twinge of guilt logging it all and eating it too, I knew I had to to get my head back in the game.

Yesterday and today I ate much better and while I ate out yesterday on a date, I didn't have any nutritional information available, so it was not a good example. But today was.

Note that I stayed under my allotted budget of calories AND I exercised, bringing my net calories down to just over 400.

Also note my choices, while not perfect, but lots better. You will also see I didn't eat breakfast, which is normally the case when one wakes up past noon. Lunch is breakfast.

I "saved" most of my calories for a chicken grilled sandwich and a frosty from wendys for dinner. I also ate dinner after 9 and didnt end up pigging out on any snacks.

After Wendy's we went to Walmart and I got a notebook with a cute looking puppy dog on it (a lab) and some gel pens in different colors and some star stickers.

I wanted to start a feelings journal... or diary for those of you who wish to call it that. I am going to write down everything. My feelings. My cravings. My accomplishments. My goals. My failures. Everything.

I will do daily goals and as I accomplish them I will put a sticker next to them to show myself that I CAN do anything that I put my mind to. I just have to have faith in myself and believe that it will happen.

Now it is 4 am and I need sleepies. I have to go to Curves, after all. I will have some yogurt for breakfast. Mmmm


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