Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hubby has bloodwork he has to do for his new insurance, and he has to fast today, for at least 12 hrs prior to the test. He said it was going to be a miserable, long day. I decided to fast along with him. I think that it was probably harder for me than it was for him. Here's why:

He hardly ever eats. He goes DAYS without eating. He only eats because I am constantly badgering him. I'm hungry, can we eat soon? Please? Starving here for goodness sakes!!! He is always focused on something else, other than his stomach. I wish I had it so easy!

Plus he is working all day. Doing work related things. I am here, sitting alone, in the house with no one to judge me or see me shove my face full of things. And yet, I haven't yet. I am made of steel today. Also it helps I woke up an hour ago. But I slept through hunger pains, so that counts for something.

Last night I got to thinking, as I often do, that I am the only reason that I am not succeeding at my weight loss in the manner that I am wanting. I realized that I am the only one standing in the way of what I want... there will be a whole blog on that later, but suffice it to say, that after thinking that, I went on to exercise, I did a dance video. It was meh at best, but it got me moving. It was supposed to target abs, but all it did was make my calves hurt. My abs arent even sore today!

Anyway, back to fasting.
Hubby works until 3.30 and then he has to go to the hospital on the north side of town and sit there for who knows how long before he can come home. I planned on going to the store today, and grabbing groceries for the week, but something about going to the store hungry doesnt seem like a good idea. Especially as the store we go to likes to put cakes and snack foods in every aisle. Tricky buttheads.

We dont have anything in the house to make for supper, either. I am going to have to venture out at some point and make the voyage of shopping. Sigh.

As a side note: I didn't go to curves.

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  1. Have you read Prior Fat Girl's Beck Diet Experiments? She does a good job at talking about "fasting"

    Something to consider. If you want to be email buddies about this, let me know!


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