Thursday, July 22, 2010


I havent been eating much. Sleeping much. Doing much of anything really. I have a messy kitchen, laundry piling up and I am feeling lethargic. I dont even want to get dressed to go get the mail.

I've been playing a video game lately, its the first one in a long time that I have liked so much. Its an interesting story about space travel, annihilation, etc.

I guess its a good thing that I havent been eating. I havent felt well the last couple of days, things arent going well in the regularity department and I'm having difficulty adjusting. My tummy has been in knots for a few days and I am just trying to ride it out, with lots of fluids and not much else.

Almost like the stomach flu, a constant pain in the stomach.

I have my days and nights mixed up. Working some wacky hours, and then making hubby's lunch. I like to see him off when he leaves for work, but that leaves me up until 7am and then its like the tiredness gets pushed to the side and I am running on E but it feels like I cant sleep.

I havent exercised. I haven't done anything. I got a hair cut today and highlighted my hair, but that was the highlight (*snicker*) of my week.

I keep meaning to visit my mom. I keep meaning to clean. I keep meaning to get moving.

Why am I suffering from summer blues?


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon. Having an upset stomach always makes me want to crawl into a cave. It's like a downward spiral....don't want to eat, don't have the energy to do anything, house gets messy, embarassed to have anyone over, no point in showering today....ha ha. Feel well soon!

  2. You sound incredibly depressed. Maybe just jump on Stella, but don't overdo it. It may help with your tummy issues.

  3. aww dont worry seeing me i am the same way nights days mixed up haha


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