Thursday, July 1, 2010

Journaling Helps.

I love my little notebook. I use my different colored gel pens to write about how awesome or not so awesome my day has been. I also put little star stickers next to my daily goals when I complete them! YAY

In fact, todays goal was to take a bike ride then go swimming. I did both! wow! The bike ride sucked, I was just not in the right mind set but I was proud that I still went, even though I didnt want to.

We only went about .5 mile or so before coming home to get changed for the pool. We spent an hour in swimming and goofing around. The Hubster got some awesome goggles and I am jealous lol

Then when we were dried off we watched an episode of Dirty Jobs. My eyes are so tired I can barely keep them open but I am not feeling sleepy over all.

I had some great news last night from my comic guys. One of them saw what I colored and asked "Who did this, really?" He thought Hubba-Bubba did!! Hahahaha but no. It was all me. That is a HUGE compliment and boost to my self esteem! I was so worried that I would be bad at it, but some how got in the groove and it turned out awesome. No one had any criticism either (just how I like it, I don't handle it well lol)

All in all its been a very awesome week so far and I hope it continues. I think it was a good idea for me to reflect on my day, celebrate my small successes and generally learn to stop worrying so much and enjoy my life. Why worry?

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