Sunday, July 25, 2010


I had switched my non-baby maker medication recently, and I instantly noticed an improvement in my day to day moods. I was snapping like crazy, or yelling at people for the simplest things. I wasn't touchy. I wasn't quite so.... mean. I felt normal. Like for once, everything was going to be okay. I havent felt like that in a while.

I also noticed that my lady-time was more predictable, and it was a little easier to bear this month. But two days ago, I got the worst cramps. I was tired all the time. I just wanted to sleep and make it go away. I think that I had some "cleaning" out to do, as before I wasn't quite as....regular... and that usually caused a few moments of panicking, a pregnancy test, followed by sheer joy when I started the next day, and also disappointment that I spent money on the test. Sigh.

Other months would be quite the opposite.

However despite the craziness over the last few days I feel better as a whole. Its so strange how medications can alter your moods so dramatically.

Also it probably helps I have been eating ice cream and sleeping a lot. :)

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  1. I never took non baby making pills but I remember when my daughter had the shot and she was a different person so yea, you're probably right about it affecting your mood.

    Ice cream has a way of making me happy.... It's too bad we couldn't self medicate with ice cream and not gain a pound.

    Hope you're back to your old self soon.



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