Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Operation: Hour a Day

Hasn't even got off the ground.

Not surprising really, considering I have been LAZY

But thats all changing tonight. Operation: Hour A Day will commence. And yes, I will do some form of exercise for an hour each day. Whether its walking, swimming, Stella, or a work out dvd, I am doing an hour a day. It's no fun being lazy. I feel like a slug. I look like one too.

I just want to get out and *move* a little more.

I also have some news on the weight loss front, I'm down .5lb! Huzzah! I really want to get to 220. I know its only 5 lbs away from where I am, but its 5 lbs I have been struggling with a lot. In fact, every time I try to lose weight, eat on plan, exercise, I gain two or three lbs, get discouraged and then stop. But then I drop the two or three pounds and I am back at 225 again.

Now I have been wanting to get under 200 for a while now. In fact, 199 has been my first "milestone" that I wanted to hit by the end of the summer. It has not been in my favour and I know why.

I am not focusing on the *now.* I can't even manage to lose 5 lbs let alone 26! I am going to do it 5 lbs at a time. I have done pretty well maintaining my weight within a 5-lb difference for 7 months now. I am pretty sure that *if* I can lose the weight, it will stay off. If I can manage to keep 10-15 lbs off for 7 months, then I think once I get down to 20-25 it will be easier.

Hour a day to keep the pounds away.

I went grocery shopping with hubby last night and we got some good stuff for his lunches. A bag of clementines and these little veggie packs, with grape tomatoes, celery, and carrots with a small container of light ranch. They were on sale, in a good size portion that packs easily. Today he had a turkey breast sandwich with Muenster cheese on a mini sub bun, with a veggie snackable, and 2 clementines. He also got a wild cherry Pepsi too.

Today I had pop tarts, took a nap, woke up 6 hours later because I was starving, shaky with low blood sugar so I made two hamburgers and ate them. Plain.


Anyway, I'm off. I got to make hubby his dinner now that he is home and still got some exercisin' to do. I'll report back in tomorrow, letting you know how I am doing.

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  1. I think that breaking it down into 5lb goals is a great idea. I may have borrow that one...ha!


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