Friday, July 30, 2010

Something is Not Right

Something's not right. I havent eaten much in days, but everything that's gone into my mouth has been laden with salt.

I even had a "super smore" at the bonfire, which was delicious, but didn't eat anything else. It was almost like a regular smore except in place of a hersheys chocolate, it was a Reeses. Mm. You'd think, since Reeses are my known weakness, the Kryptonite to my Superman, that I would be inclined to eat more of them.

But no.

I made enchiladas last night. One of my specialties. Hubby loved it, but I took two bites of mine, it tasted like ash in my mouth. Disgusting. I traded him control of the XBOX for my meal, so he ate that.

I've only had ramen and chips for three days. It's all I am craving. Stupid salt.

I am also up 4 lbs from two days ago. Im pretty sure its salt related.

I did ride a mile on Stella today, despite still being sore from the other day, but I had to. I'm going bonkers. I can't stand being in the house anymore. Its been a tough week mentally. You know you are in a tough spot when even chocolate doesnt sound good.

But I will persevere. I know that it doesn't matter NOW what is happening. I just have to keep a stiff upper lip and everything will be okay. I have an exciting weekend to look forward to and I will do my best to keep my mind off things that I cannot change now.

Wishful thinking never got anyone anywhere.


  1. Super smores sound really good right about now. ;) I share your craving for all-things salty. It totally makes you retain water, so don't fret too much about the 4 pounds. They'll fly off when you get balanced.

  2. We had the traditional s'mores on Sunday night, but my wife was frustrated since she meant to pick up some Reeses when we were pre-camping shopping...she had a craving.

    I probably lean to saltier foods in general, but it seems that my sweet tooth has been in high gear. Perhaps it is also because when I eat salty than I want something sweet, than something salty, and back again.

    Yup...I'm having a problem right now.


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