Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stupidly Sore

So you would think after working out for an hour I'd feel great.

you'd be sort of right.

After a few weeks of mostly inactivity, I am stupidly sore today. My everything hurts. I got up to stretch and every single bone in my body popped and cracked. From my spine to my ankles, snap crackle pop! Elbows, shoulders, knees, hips.... it felt great and horrible at the same time and gave the cats quite the scare. It must suck having great hearing, you'd freak at every little thing. I digress.

My thigh muscles hurt from doing squats. My forearms and shoulder muscles hurt from lifting my weights. It's amazing how much less I can do now, its only been a few weeks! UGH.

Also, my bad ankle is swollen and its got me hobbling around like ...well... a hobbit? I don't know. A gimp. Just call me Gimpy McGee. Not something I am unfamiliar with, but I thought I was in better shape than I was.

Still, I have to keep up the activity level. I have to lose weight. For so many reasons, sure the blood pressure, the cholesterol levels, oh did you know cancer cells feed on fat? Thats what they told hubby on his blood work...why they are telling him I have no clue... He's perfectly healthy.... maybe they knew his fat wife would be reading it... LOL! I also have to lose weight because my ankle cant support me anymore. I dont want to become wheel chair bound.

Sigh. This blog just got cut way short, because my stupid cat threw up. Bastard. I swear he waits until hubby is gone or asleep just so I have to clean it up.


  1. Sorry for your sore, but you at the courage to get out there after a haven't given up. That is what counts.

    Cats do suck at times...we haven't had one for the last few years...think we'll keep ourselves pet free for now.


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