Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 5- Cheat Day- 30 days of me

Woah woah woah. I know what you are thinking. Lady can't even go a week with out cheating on her diet! What a failure!

But I didn't cheat. Nope. Not on my diet.

See hubby got paid today. And I didn't get to sleep until 6 am. I was tired. I didn't want to get up in 5 hours and make his lunch. Plus he was out of almost everything anyway. He had been so good all week. Eating my homemade lunches of sandwiches, celery and carrots, strawberries, chips and cottage cheese. He hasn't spent any money on soda at work (partially because I bought soda specifically for his lunches and partly because it's really expensive that way)

Today is HIS cheat day. Yep he gets to go to a local fast food joint and eat whatever his little heart desires. He gets this once every two weeks, on payday. The other friday, he gets leftovers from a home cooked meal :) See, everything worked out great. I also got a bit of a cheat day because I got to sleep longer. Mmm sweet, sweet sleep.

And I dreamed about vampires! Squeal! I'm so pumped up for this week's epi of True Blood.

Anyway, so I just got up. I go look in the mirror and I can't stop looking at myself. Last night I was laying on the couch next to hubby and I kept asking him "Do my boobs look smaller?" I kept holding them, they felt lighter. I made him feel (like I had to make him pffft) and I got an "I think so." as an answer.

I'm pretty sure it's my imagination. I don't really think they would shrink noticeably in 5 days. But what the point actually is, is I feel like I am smaller, sexier, great. That's all that matters. Part of me is itching to find the scale ("Let's see how much I weigh now! I bet I've lost 5 lbs!") and the other part, the lazy part and responsible parts, ironically, are both saying "No!" Lazy doesnt want to go find it and the responsible part made a promise to hide the scale for 30 days.
Instant gratification will have to wait.

As I was up so late last night, I started a series of Tweets on Twitter. So here they are, in handy dandy list form, for those of you who like lists.

You Know You Are Fat When:

-You secretly hope for a tapeworm/illness/salmonella to speed up weight loss
-You have to buy a cake mix to justify that can of frosting in your cart, only to eat the frosting in your kitchen with a spoon.
-You scarf down your peanut butter m&ms so fast that they fall in between your tits and you don't notice until much later, but you EAT IT ANYWAY
-The only "buy one, get one free" offers that excite you are for fast food joints (my personal favorite, I chuckle everytime I read it)
-You have to put the brownie down to finish this sentence (courtesy of my mom, who was indeed eating a brownie when I asked her to finish the sentence hehe)

I'd love to hear your ideas! And yes, I have done all of those. :(


  1. Those are awesome tweets! You know, boobs are usually the first place I start to notice weight loss so you might be on to something. ;)

  2. lol yes mom is honest at least hehe you are doing great and love how excited you are


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